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Zahariah Sanjulo

Angel (Fire)




16 (First appearance: 15)

Professional Status

Heaven's Army (Team Kazai)

Fire Element Sanjulo Clan


Warrior Angel

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Weapons and Effects

Holy Fire Daggers

Angel Emblems

SunEmblem Icon StarEmblem Icon


Angelic, Lingo (Presumably basic)

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #174 [HQTS] (Flashback)

Slightly Damned #636 [TS] (actual)

Zahariah Sanjulo, often referred to as just "Sanjulo" given the name of his clan, was a Fire Angel and best friend of Kazai Suizahn, Kieri Suizahn's twin. He was stranded on Medius alongside Kazai, Kieri and an unnamed Median when a Counterreaction portal opened unexpectedly under them in Heaven.


Sanjulo looked like most Angels, however his hair had a more noticeable light shade of red on top of the elemental red color of his bangs. His most notable trait was purple eyes with 'sharp' corners. He appeared to be slightly taller than Kazai. As a Fire Angel, he wore a red uniform with the Fire element symbol on his chest and a pale pink shirt underneath. Around his head was a headband that matched his hair colors. He also wore a light red sash across his chest, with both the Sun and Star Emblems on it just like Kazai had on his.


During Kieri's first recollection of him, he seemed to have a very cheerful personality. When he eventually made his appearance he was shown to be quite similar to Kazai behavior-wise and shared the same belief about Demons as Kazai. Like Darius Elexion, it appears that Sanjulo had a preference for men given how he acted with Kazai during the Spring Flower Festival. At first, like Darius, his sexuality was not directly stated within the comic but was confirmed by Chu[1], though eventually Kazai would confess his love for him within the comic. Because of how Heaven is set to force Angels to follow certain customs, including that they must only love those of their respective element, this would likely be the first time he went against their teachings if it meant being with the one he loved. While it's unknown how deep their love would have gone as neither of them were shown to have treated each other the way other characters in relationships have (inside and outside the main story), Kazai did show major grief toward him after Sanjulo was slain.


Snow Angels

Arriving in Medius

One day, Sanjulo along with Kieri, Kazai and a Human were pulled into a strange portal that was part of the Counterreaction and ended up in Medius, at the graveyard outside of Farun. There they buried the human and proceeded to head to Farun in order to figure out their next course of action.

Eventually the three encountered a Fire Demon while walking around town and they gave chase after it. Kieri, being slower than the two, ended up falling behind and getting caught by Lazuli and Talus, two Demons who were with the other one. It's unclear what sort of action he and Kazai took afterward as most of their history is unknown. They would end up leaving Farun and started heading eastward where they would end up in Weyville before heading to St. Curtis.

The Flower Festival

Pre-Festival Events

Recently, it was revealed that Sanjulo and Kazai caused the rockslide that blocked the western pass of Blossom Valley (for unexplained reasons), which was the same rockslide that had forced Rhea, Kieri and Buwaro to travel to St. Curtis via Weyville instead. Kazai and Sanjulo were placed under arrest in St. Curtis for it but were released after they were forced to clean it up and fix the road. They were gone before Kieri arrived.

Current Arc

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

With Melli dead and Meeros gone, the signal was given for all the Demons in the city to begin their operation. Sanjulo showed up to where Kieri and Kazai were and happily greeted Kieri before talking to Kazai about flying off on his own, while holding Kazai's hands in a manner that confuses Kieri. They both readied their weapons and attacked the snake, who had reverted back into a Jakkai, before Tsavo arrived to aid his partner.

At first Sanjulo tried fighting the Demon, only for his magic to be ineffective. He would later attack the Jakkai in a similar manner, remarking how Demons don't help others, only for the Demon to toss him onto his friends and zap them with magic. The Demon then grabbed his partner and flew away.

The three recollected themselves and Kazai walked off to keep control of his curse form. Just then Verammi arrived, and orders the three to go join with the other Angels in the northwestern part of the city. While Kazai and Sanjulo comply, Kieri, worried about her friends, saying that she should help them. Verammi replied by saying that it should be fine given her orders and the three take flight.

While in flight, Kazai started to feel pain in his right wing and they set down on a roof so Kieri could apply her magic to it. Sanjulo scolded him for running off and says that he'll keep a closer eye on him, which Kazai is more than fine with. He then says that he wants him to see him kill the next Demon they see, prompting Kieri to want to talk with him in private. While he insisted Sanjulo should listen too, she threatens to reveal Kazai's curse, and he quickly goes along with her. During their conversation, Sanjulo could barely see what is going on and notices there is a "dog" with Kieri now.

Afterwards, Kazai went back to Sanjulo. The two then took flight, resuming their mission to help the other Angels.

They were then ambushed by Azurai who used the still living body of Denevol as bait. The group of Angels consisting of Kieri, Kazai and Sanjulo fought him. They proved to be no match for the Fire Demon, who seemed to have been holding back since the beginning of the fight, as when Kazai made him mad by cutting off his right horn, he easily disarmed Sanjulo with a single swipe of his claws. Sanjulo's hands were slashed, and when he tried to heal them, the fire demon slashed at his throat with a second swipe As he fell, Kazai called out to him but was stopped by Iratu Elexion. It would then be confirmed by Verammi that Sanjulo had perished, given how she praised Kieri for seemingly helping out.

Powers and Abilities

Fire Magic: As a Fire Angel, Sanjulo mainly specialized in this school of magic. He is sufficiently skilled enough to where he can channel spells through both of his weapons.

  • Fireball: Sanjulo was capable of casting at least two fireballs at once by channeling through his weapons. However they could easily be deflected by a swipe from Tsavo's claws.
  • Magic Bubble: Sanjulo was able to conjure up a barrier that was able to withstand a lightning attack from a Wind Demon.

Holy Magic: Natural to all Angels, Sanjulo was capable of using this school of Magic. He was shown attempting to heal himself after his hands were cut, but was unable to do so successfully as his throat was slashed the moment he tried.

Dual-Weapon Specialist: Sanjulo seemed to be proficient in wielding two weapons at once, where as most Angels generally use only one. While his skills were never fully shown, given that he possessed two Angel Emblems, he was likely very skilled.

Overall Abilities: Sanjulo appeared to be similar to Kazai in skill, having also acquired two Angel Emblems prior to the age of 15 and having significant fighting capabilities. While he was able to overpower a weakened Moonshade after using a powerful transformation ability, he would be overwhelmed (and eventually killed) by a much more experienced Demon like Tsavo or Azurai, even while being in a team with Kazai.


Holy Fire Daggers: Sanjulo possessed two daggers, designed seemingly based on the Elemental Affinity Symbol for 'Fire'. They had three narrow blades sticking upward from a red guard that curved downward. The hilt was covered in bandages while the bottom was red. They could be used to channel Fire Magic spells.

Sun Emblem: By wearing this pendant, wings would appear on his back and he could fly if needed.

  • Flight: The Angel Wings granted to him from the pendent were large enough to carry himself and one other person while in flight.

Star Emblem: By wearing this pendant, his magic power increased, while also improving his concentration.

  • Enhanced Concentration: While active, a halo appeared over his head which allowed him to perform high-level spells.




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