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First Appearance: Slightly Damned #246 [HQTS]

Wright Wyverns are a variety of Wyvern found on Medius. Like all Wyverns, Wright Wyverns are magical feathered serpents that come in a variety of colors.

Trained Wright Wyverns form the core of the postal service on Medius, they carry small letters and packages between towns quickly. They are not strong enough to carry large packages which have to be taken by road instead.[1]

Given their name, Wright Wyverns may be the best fliers of the various Wyvern varieties.

Golden Wright Wyverns

Crunky SD518

Wright Wyverns that are gold-colored are very rare and valuable, especially on the black market.[2] Their scales are practically like real gold for most intents and purposes, so can be used to make coins or jewelry. Golden Wright Wyverns are the most magically powerful variety according to Cliff.[3] This is demonstrated by Crunky who has undersized wings and isn't particularly aerodynamic but can still fly anyway.[4]

Named Wright Wyverns


  • Wright Wyverns function similarly to carrier pigeons.
  • Their name likely comes from the famous Wright Brothers.


Wright Wyvern
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