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Slightly Damned #251 [HQTS] (Eve in Jar)

Slightly Damned #258 [HQTS] (Willow, Eve)

Willow and Eve are two Fairy sisters. Eve was captured by a Jakkai black-market fairy trader who lived in Riverside before being rescued by Rhea Snaketail after Sammy's initial attempt was unintentionally foiled by Kieri. Willow and Eve travelled with Sammy and her family to the Southern Woods where the two fairies returned home.


Both fairies appear to take after butterflies, with Willow having a more green color-scheme in terms of wing, antennae, eye and hair color, while Eve has a more blue color-scheme. They both wear sleeve-less robes; Willow wearing light-blue and Eve wearing light-green. They both have long ears, white fur, and emit a glow of light that matches their dominant color-scheme.


Willow appears to be the more assertive of the pair, being the one who confronted Duster most of the time. Eve seemed somewhat more passive in comparison.

Eve appeared to have developed a crush on Rhea by the time she had to say goodbye to the group.


Journey with the SinclairsEdit

While Willow was searching for Eve after she had been captured by the shady shopkeeper, she encountered Sammy who agreed to try and rescue Eve from the shopkeeper. Sammy tried to steal Eve from him, but unfortunately for her, she ran past Kieri whilst trying to escape. Kieri thought she was a common thief and stopped her from escaping. Kieri immediately regretted this upon seeing that the jar contained a live Fairy but didn't know what to do.

Later that day, Rhea came to the shop to try and buy Eve through haggling. When that failed, Rhea knocked the shopkeeper out and stole her back. Rhea joined up with her friends and Sammy, who had returned to try and get Eve back, and they all ran away from the shopkeeper after he regained consciousness.

After losing the shopkeeper, Rhea opened the jar to see if what everyone said was true. Eve emerged from the jar, surprising Rhea especially, while Willow emerged from Sammy's hat and the two tearfully hugged each other. Rhea noted that Eve looked similar to Kieri appearance-wise; Buwaro even thinking that but much smaller.

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So many girls!

Willow and Eve would end up staying with Sammy and her family after explaining to Miranda what happened and that they would stop by the Southern Woods on the way to St. Curtis since that was where their home was. When Duster first saw the two he was infatuated by them; though Willow was not amused.

The two remained with the group as they made their journey to the Southern Woods. For the most part they would not take part in any of the major activities going on at the time and often Duster would try and hit on them.

The Weyville IncidentEdit

On the night after arriving outside of Weyville, the group discussed their next course of action. Sammy said that she, Willow and Eve would go into town and help Kieri find her brother.

During the day they hung around while Sammy explained to Kieri why no one could see well inside the jar Eve was in before. Eve noticed how upset Kieri was and told Sammy to ask her if it was because Buwaro might not have liked her anymore. Once Buwaro arrived to try and talk to Kieri, Sammy remembered there was someone in town that might be trouble for him, and pulled her hat down to hide the Fairies; where they would remain out of sight for most of the events that followed.

Journey to St. CurtisEdit

Two days later, Willow and Eve were shocked when they heard the scream of Buwaro waking up from his slumber. That night the two would witness Kieri in her Snow Bunny form, due to her curse.

Willow and Eve resumed their journey with the group and not doing anything major. They would enjoy a picnic while Buwaro tried to learn Magic from Cliff and also heard the wonderful melody song by Kieri.

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Eventually the group arrived at the Southern Woods, where they started to say their good byes to the Fairies. While Willow and Eve tried to cheer up Sammy for everything she's done, Willow shouted at Duster, in Lingo that apparently Cliff taught her, for trying to hit on them again. Eve in the meantime applied a Fairy Kiss to Buwaro, Kieri and especially Rhea; as a way of thanks and to protect them from the Fairy Queen should they ever meet her.

Then, in Lingo, they both said good bye one last time before flying toward the forest. They would later tell the Fairy Queen about what had happened which would later cause her to seek revenge on the shopkeeper who kidnapped Eve before.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fairy Kiss: Willow and Eve have the ability to mark people with a sort of invisible protection charm by kissing them on the nose. It prevents the Fairy Queen from killing them (at least not right away) as the Fairies show trust in whoever they kiss and possibly would not want them killed.

Flight: Willow and Eve have the ability to fly using the large wings on their backs.

Multilingual: Willow and Eve are capable of speaking in both their natural language and some Lingo.

  • Basic Lingo: Willow and Eve both know basic Lingo, though have only really spoke it during their last few appearances. They knew how to say good bye, while Willow apparently learned how to insult Duster in a specific way, thanks to Cliff.



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