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Hell's Army

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Heaven's Army

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Holy Earth Hammer

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Angelic, Lingo

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Slightly Damned #554 [HQTS]

Verammi is a Seraph-Ranked Earth Angel from the Verammi Angel clan who was seen in St. Curtis as among many Angels and was thought to be their ally, when in reality she was working with the Demons of Hell's Army.


She wears silver-plated shoulder-pads, with yellow edges, that are connected to her chest-plate. On her chest-plate is a brown sash that holds her three Angel Emblems. She wears a pair of vambraces on her arms with the same plating as her shoulder-pads. Underneath her armor she wears the traditional Earth Angel attire, minus the tabard. She wears a yellow and white head-band on her head.

She has orange eyes and yellow hair with white bangs over her ears, in the style of a short ponytail set at the top of her head instead of the back. There's a scar under her eyes that goes across her nose and she has a small tear on her right ear.


Verammi seems to be highly confident with her abilities as a Seraph as she had no trouble in forcing Tsavo, a well-experienced Demon, to retreat just from mentioning her rank. Unlike most Angels who are rather hostile to Demons (especially for a Seraph like herself), she seems to show kindness to Demons like Buwaro, who was being very friendly while with Kieri, possibly as a sign of high tolerance for their coexistence.

In truth, the reason she was tolerant of Kieri and Buwaro's coupling was because of her allegiance with Hell's Army and that she was merely fighting on the winning side, though she was unaware that Angels like Kieri may not be on her side despite aligning themselves with the Demons. In fact it would appear she finds the idea of such a coupling to be laughable, showing a more sinister side to her personality. While having following the standards and expectancy set by Heaven by battling Demons and protecting Medians, she found it better to fight alongside Hell as she no longer had to follow their rules; having realized this after fighting Hakka and Nikkei which garnered each other's respect, she even found them to be "cool" while treating them as friends. However based on how she looked at them after explaining her reasons of betrayal, she may like to be involved in a Demonic romance after all as not even Rhea was fooled by her words and her apparent gaze.[1]

Verammi has a distinct hatred for Heaven given her statement about not wanting to follow their rules anymore. This is due to how strict they are and how they decide how they are to live. More-so is that she believes they only ever followed them because of Mother Gaia, who she believes abandoned them so there was never any reason to listen to her or even fight for someone who was never around and the elite Angels were corrupting the system. She is even willing to sacrifice Angels just to support Father Syndel and his cause.

Verammi seems to have a habit of over-exaggerating details as while she described her battle with Hakka and Nikkei to be "epic", Hakka doubted that it ended the way that Verammi described it. This is especially noted when she was younger, she would add sound effects to her attacks whenever they connected.[2]

Verammi appears to be a heavy drinker as while at the Coiled Cobra Bar she was shown to be tipsy and act in a somewhat goofy manner. The more she drank the more obvious it got. She was introduced to the idea of drinking from Hakka and Nikkei.



At some point, Verammi was brought down to Medius by way of a Counterreaction. Almost immediately after arriving she would meet and fight Hakka and Nikkei, fighting all day and all night. Eventually they all ran out of strength and the fight ended in a draw. According to her, they all came to a mutual understanding and respect for each other, and she then came to realize that now she didn't have to follow Heaven's orders anymore. With this she would defect from Heaven's Army in order to side with Hell.

The Flower Festival

Day 2

Verammi first appeared when Cliff was being harassed by Tsavo. As two other Angels were trying to stop him, Verammi appeared to further aid them, telling the Demon to surrender, unless he wanted to start a fight with a Seraph like her; which of course caused him to retreat.

Shortly after that she was seen getting praise from the two Angels she helped. After Cliff left to check on Miranda and the baby, Verammi noticed Buwaro and Kieri holding hands. While Verammi didn't seem to mind, she noticed the male Earth Angel she was with had an astonished look on his face. For whatever reason she decided to leave just as the Angel made his way to confront Buwaro.

Current Arc

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

Just after Kieri, Kazai and Sanjulo finished their most recent fight, she approached the three, asking what was going on. After being informed of their fight she tells them that they must join up with the Angels gathered in the north-eastern part of the city. Kieri expressed her concern about her friends, which caused Verammi to remember her from earlier, though she happily pats her on the back saying she would have no problem taking her orders. A nearby human then ran up to her asking for help, in which Verammi tells the three that she'll handle things and they just go meet up with the other Angels.

Later on, shortly after Azurai killed off Sanjulo in rage, Verammi arrived just as Iratu was about to confront Kieri and Kazai. She told them she would handle this and proceeded to use a spell, though it was directed at Kazai instead. Iratu decided she could handle things while Kazai questions why she would be helping the enemy. She then tells him to ask his sister as she was seemingly on her side as well for being a Demon-lover. Verammi complimented Kieri for keeping up the act despite losing one but otherwise still getting one alive. After Kieri told her she wouldn't betray her brother Verammi struck them both, knocking Kieri down and telling her that if she wasn't with them she was against them.

From out of nowhere, Crunky flies at the traitor and flapped dirt into her eyes, giving Kieri a chance to fly away. Verammi tried to give chase only to realize that the young water Angel had frozen her feet to the ground, a tactic she considered sneaky.

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2

After giving up the chase for Kieri, she would eventually return to the Coiled Cobra Bar with the rest of her comrades. There she would be seen sitting next to Nikkei and Dakos while drinking some brew. Once Iratu noticed Buwaro and started talking about him, Verammi told him that he was in in a relationship with Kieri while Tsavo added the two were seen kissing. As everyone started making fun of Kieri for this, Rhea berated her for judging them like that when she was with Demons herself. Verammi countered by saying it was different because she found them cool, much to Rhea's doubts. She continued on, saying that after arriving in Medius she fought Hakka and Nikkei into an even draw, that she realized she no longer had to follow Heaven's orders and that she joined Hell's Army for a worthy cause.

She elaborated how Heaven has always followed a strict set of rules to conform to their lifestyle, including who they are to love, and that the elite have corrupted the system in Gaia's name since her absence. She has since decided to fight for Father Syndel, finding his cause to be worth fighting for and if weak Angels were to be sacrificed to do it she wouldn't care less. She reassured herself that she still finds the idea of Angels and Demons making out gross, but starts to gaze at Hakka and Nikkei (who started to make-out) in a way that makes Rhea doubt her last statement.

Overtime, Buwaro would inform Iratu of how Sakido brought him and Rhea to Medius and she was killed with an arrow, which Iratu soon reveals was done by an Angel who worked with them in Hell, giving Dakos a reason to show his distrust in him and Verammi, much to her annoyance. Eventually Tsavo grew angry at Buwaro for letting Sakido be killed and blasted him into Dakos, and Verammi watched as he threw a mug at Tsavo and causing a free-for-all. Staying out of the fight, she once again gazed in bewilderment as Hakka and Nikkei started making out again.

Powers and Abilities

Earth Magic: A natural ability for all Earth Angels, Verammi has displayed use of this magic and by having all three Angel Emblems her skill in it would further increase.

  • Earth Bind: By stomping her foot on the ground, she causes the ground to crack in a line toward a target and encase them in a rocky shell that immobilizes them in place. (unnamed)

Hand-to-hand Combatant: When she was younger, Verammi was shown training on practice dummy's by kicking the head off with a jump kick. It can be assumed that as part of her training she would learn how to defend herself or utilize martial arts even as a Seraph Angel. Because she is sometimes seen without her weapon, she can likely fight unarmed and with magic.

Overall Abilities: As a Seraph, Verammi is considerably stronger than the average Warrior Angel, as she is able to overpower two moderately experienced Angels with little effort and without a weapon. She is able to fight two seasoned-Demons on equal footing for an entire day, only stopping just as they would.

Multilingual: In addition to her native language, Verammi is also capable of speaking Lingo.

  • Lingo: While Warrior Angels are typically poor at Lingo, Verammi is able to speak Lingo rather fluently versus someone like Kazai who can barely speak it at all. She isn't perfect though, as her accent still shows and tends to have bad grammar. She can still maintain a good enough conversation even while drunk.


Holy Earth Hammer: Verammi possesses a battle hammer that she carries on her back. The pole is long and yellow while the white well-rounded stone has the Earth emblem on the sides.

Sun Emblem: By wearing this pendant, wings will appear on her back and she can fly if needed.

  • Flight: The Angel Wings that come from wearing the pendant are large enough where she can fly and be able to carry one person. With the Moon Emblem she maybe able to carry more.

Star Emblem: By wearing this pendant, her magic power increases while also improving her concentration. A halo is said to appear while active.

Moon Emblem: By wearing this pendant, her overall strength and durability will increase beyond the normal capabilities of any Angel.


  • Verammi is the second Angel seen in the series to be revealed as a member of Hell's Army, though is the first that was named while one who has been shown before has yet to be officially named by this point.
    • She is also the first Angel so far to be aware of the disappearance of at least one of their Gods. She knows Gaia is gone but may not be aware that Syndel is missing.
  • Verammi is the first known Angel to consume alcoholic beverages as no food or drink seems to exist in Heaven, despite Hell being able to have such things.
  • Verammi bears some similarities to Hugo Auttenberg from Furthia High. Both come off as kind and accepting to others on the outside, but hold dark secrets on the inside. Both are part of a secret conspiracy and hold contempt for their fellows involving what they have become over time while also being merciless in a fight.


  • (to Tsavo) "Yes, do surrender now. We have you surrounded. Besides, you don't want to start a fight with a Seraph like me, do you? Heh heh."[3][4]
  • (to Rhea) "Mother Gaia doesn't care anymore. She abandoned us. ALL of us. The Angel elite corrupted Heaven in her name. The system is broken and now there is only 'one' god left worth fighting for. Father Syndel! And if a few weaklings need to be sacrificed for that cause, well... Those're no feathers off my wings."[1]



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