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Slightly Damned #518 [HQTS]

A currently unnamed Khamega who tried to purchase Crunky from Kieri Suizahn while she and her friends were helping Cliff selling merchandise, before attempting to steal her from them.


He appears to be about the average size of any Khamega. His scales are mostly purple with light-green scales on the tip of his ears and nose and form swirl patterns on his forearms and legs. His shell is brown with light-green spikes running up the middle, and there are also two spikes at the end of his tail. He has a small scar on the left side of his face with stitch marks under his eye; his eyes are light-green. He wears an orange bandanna around his neck which is faded to yellow at the end, and two black spiked-wristbands.


He initially acts intimidating and imposing in the face of the somewhat scrawny Buwaro and small, delicate seeming Kieri; however, he crumbles quickly once Kieri reveals her magic ability and sword.[1][2] He appears to be arrogant and greedy, believing he could make far better use of Crunky's abilities then Kieri, he uses Water Magic on Kieri and her friends to distract them before trying to steal Crunky. He makes a token "payment" but it doesn't really count as such since she wasn't for sale.[1] He seems to be superstitious as he is stunned by Kieri's wings when she reveals herself to be an Angel, he also realises that Buwaro is a real Demon as well, and starts praying aloud in the middle of the street, begging Gaia for forgiveness.[2]


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From a distance, the Khamega noticed Crunky sitting on Cliff's merchant table. Knowing what she was, he immediately came over and attempted to buy her. Cliff directed him to Kieri who said "he" wasn't for sale, to which the Khamega corrected her by pointing out Crunky was female.[1] He then yelled at Kieri for not knowing what it was and offered two silvers for it. Kieri denied his offer and started a sappy story about how she was a gift from Buwaro. Perhaps interpreting Kieri's unassertive nature as weakness, he decided to just steal Crunky by blasting them with water and running off with her.[3]

He discovered his mistake almost instantly, Kieri entered her combat 'mode' and froze him in place with her magic before drawing her sword and revealing her wings.[4] She approached and shouted at him in Angelic whilst threatening him with her sword. This combination of factors made it obvious that she was a real Angel and his tough demeanour evaporated; he surrendered Crunky without any resistance. He then started praying to Mother Gaia to forgive him, declaring that he would change his ways, before running off in fear.[2]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Water Magic: He has shown some proficiency in Water Magic, though it's unclear to what extent. It's noted that Khamega are, on average, better with Magic than Jakkai but not as good as Humans.[5].

  • Water Jet: By holding out his hand, he is able to unleash a stream of water that can be used for various needs. He was able to drench Kieri, Rhea and Buwaro in seconds with this, knocking them out of their seats.[3]


  • Chu based the design on Bowser.


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