Unnamed Angel from Hell




Professional Status

Hell's Army

Previous Affiliation

Heaven's Army



Previous Occupation

Warrior Angel (Seraph)

Personal Status


Weapons and Effects

Bow and Arrow

Angel Emblems

SunEmblem Icon StarEmblem Icon MoonEmblemHalf Icon

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #91 [HQTS]

A currently unnamed Angel who was seen as part of the army of Demons from Hell. He was responsible for Sakido's death, having shot her with a Holy Arrow whilst she was trying to reach an active Ascension portal.


He has only been partially revealed but he appears to be a normal Angel, though only the bottom quarter of his face is uncovered and visible. He seems to wear an unusual uniform of black leather with spikes on the shoulders instead of the more typical uniform based on elemental affinity. There is some sort of pattern across the torso of his clothes but it isn't clear what it is. He also sports a black cape.

He appears to be a former Seraph rank Angel as he has a Star Emblem around his neck, a Sun Emblem on the buckle of his belt and a seemingly broken Moon Emblem on his left wrist.


He has not featured enough to get any firm grasp of his personality but he appears calm and unflappable. After witnessing Sakido's rampage through various other Demons, he calmly notches an arrow and shoots her, even smiling as he does so.



At this time, nothing about his exact history is really known, however in recent events he's hinted to be much more important than just being a Seraph. His identity was more than enough reason for Syndel to recruit him for his plans, that are currently being carried out by Iratu and his group.[2] Whatever reasons he may have to joining Hell's Army he was able to achieve a high-ranking position with them to where certain Demons refer to him as "sir".

To Hell and BackEdit

The Ascension IncidentEdit

He was present at the location where the Ascension was going on in Hell, at the same time as when Rhea, Buwaro and Sakido (who entered into her Berserk State out of desperation at the time) were escaping into the light. After assuring his fellow soldier that Sakido wouldn't leave alive he proceeded to shoot her with a Holy Arrow, killing her just before she entered the light.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master Marksmanship: He has claimed to "never miss" with his bow and was able to bulls-eye Sakido who was flying pretty fast and at a significant distance away.

Overall Abilities: While having only appeared once so far, it can be assumed that he has a lot of power to be able to lead Demons in an army of them, and he possesses all three Angel Emblems thus giving him the same kind of strength and authority as a normal Seraph. His identity, while yet known, was enough for Syndel to recruit him and even put trust in him to help carry out his plans. As far as magical abilities or what element he is affiliated with (including his racial element, being Holy), that remains to be seen.


Bow: His weapon of choice, it's unclear what it looks like but it was capable of firing a Holy Arrow with great precision.

  • Holy Arrow: In combination with the bow, by firing the arrow at a Demon it seems to cause incredible damage to whoever it hits. Evident by when he hit Sakido in the abdomen, seemingly causing a small magic explosion leaving her flesh burnt and torn.

Sun Emblem: By wearing this pendant, wings will appear on his back and he can fly if needed.

Star Emblem: While it can increase his magic capabilities, he has yet to display use of magic of any kind. It's also unknown if a halo appears above his head when active.

Moon Emblem: While normally the pendant would greatly increase his overall strength, the one he possesses appears to be broken, with only a quarter of it actually worn. Thus it's currently unknown if he receives only a partial benefit or if it's purely decorative.


  • Aside from Darius, who had initially appeared as Death and the one silhouette of him during one of Sakido's flashbacks, this Angel is the first of his kind to be shown in the ongoing storyline; as well as the first possible Seraph Angel to appear in the story.

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