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Lingo, Angelic

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Slightly Damned #388 [HQTS]

Tsavo is a Wind Demon affiliated with Iratu, Azurai, and Moonshade. He acts as the group's aerial scout as well as handyman, brewing potions, modifying Iratu's Moon Emblem clasp, and so forth.


Tsavo is a Wind Demon with a dragon-like appearance, bearing characteristics of both medieval and oriental dragons. His skin is scaly, colored pale green with black stripes and markings. Similarly, his wings are green, with a black interior, and are torn near the ends. He has light gray vertical slit eyes, beneath which are upside-down black triangles. He has two lime-green lightning-bolt-shaped horns on top of his head, black hair tied near the ends, and three spikes at the end of his tail. He wears gray pants and a blue oriental shirt.

His body shape and general appearance is advantageous in his role as a scout on Medius. If he is seen flying overhead during the day, he will often be mistaken for a Wright Wyvern from the ground.

As a child, he had very short horns and wore a plain white shirt. He appeared to be the same height as Sakido when she was a child.


Tsavo is a stoic, all-business character. He focuses on completing his objectives without hesitation or meandering. He strictly adheres to protocol and while may become annoyed, rarely loses his cool. He frequently clashes with his fellow teammate, Azurai, who is generally careless and disrespectful. In contrast, Tsavo greatly respects Iratu and always formally refers to him as "General Iratu". This coming from childhood where he and Sakido protected him from being bullied, hence why despite Iratu's faults he would still fight for him while seeing Sakido as the superior fighter. Lazuli has even noted that he is very loyal to Iratu to where he would defend him from detractors if necessary.

Tsavo is easily annoyed by people who don't appreciate his work, which often sparks his conflicts with Azurai. Iratu, however, displays mutual respect and shows significant appreciation for everything Tsavo does for him. Tsavo also dislikes being interrupted whilst thinking or scheming. He growls at Crunky when she keeps squawking at him whilst he is thinking aloud.

As a running gag, his obsession with wanting the Rainbow Reverie has caused characters to either mispronounce its name, display ignorance, or interrupt him when he says they need to get it when it's in their reach.

Unlike most Demons, Tsavo does not actively seek trouble. Tsavo stays within his limits, as he didn't dare fight Verammi, a Seraph-ranked Angel, by himself. Of course, said Angel was also on his side, so he wouldn't have wanted to expose either of them; while he shares the same dislike for Angels as other demons, he is willing to join forces with one if they are willing to serve with them.

Despite his usual behavior, Tsavo does care for his comrades since despite his annoyance with Azurai, Tsavo still ensures that Azurai doesn't die to his own devices, indicated by when Tsavo pulled away Azurai's drink before he could set it ablaze. Tsavo also became angry upon learning that Sakido was killed and accused Buwaro of lying about her death before having to be calmed down by his superior.



15 Years Ago

Tsavo was orphaned as a child, because of the ongoing war between Angels and Demons, and due to not being strong he was often picked on by the other orphans to the point of being beaten up. Things changed for him when he met Iratu and Sakido, who acted differently from the other children and went out of their way to watch out for him. This would lead to him greatly respecting the two, becoming part of Iratu's squad while idolizing Sakido for the kind of soldier she became.[1]

Forgive Me

The Weyville Incident

Tsavo was first seen spying on Rhea. He was keeping watch for Azurai and Moonshade, both of whom were inside Trader Moe's interrogating its occupants for Mokurynn's egg. He informed Moonshade of sighting a long-tailed Jakkai but Moonshade brushed this information aside. Tsavo, along with Iratu and Azurai, would later destroy Weyville.

Journey to St. Curtis

The group then traveled to St. Curtis to meet for a scheduled "gathering" of Demons. The group stopped at a cave while Moonshade scouted for a less-traveled route to the city and Tsavo surveyed the surrounding area from the sky. They intended to travel at night without anyone noticing. After Tsavo returned from reconnaissance, he scolded Azurai for being impatient and wanting to go out in plain sight and massacre everyone.

The Flower Festival

Pre-Festival Events

After arriving in St. Curtis, Tsavo continued his scouting duties. He noticed that Sahne, a fellow Demon, was "cavorting" with Kinako, an Angel, and her son, Tirol, while Lakritz was enjoying himself out in the open. Upon spotting Buwaro, he felt a strong sense of déjà vu which was quickly replaced by disgust when he saw Buwaro kiss Kieri. He wasn't able to dwell on this for long as the cries from a small yellow wright wyvern kept interrupting his train of thought. Tsavo's shout of frustration scared Crunky away and he presumably had to relocate since he had partially exposed himself.

Later, Tsavo was seen at the group's base in the Coiled Cobra Bar, where Azurai had killed the couple who ran the bar instead of capturing them. Tsavo believed they may have been useful so he made several attempts to revive or reanimate their bodies with his potions, but to no avail. When Azurai mocked him for failing, Tsavo retorted by zapping him with magic, only to then be interrupted by Iratu. Based off of Tsavo and Moonshade's reports, Iratu decided that they should walk around openly and enjoy themselves during the festival until their gathering would begin.

Day 2

CliffAndTsavo SD552

Tsavo confronting Cliff over the Rainbow Reverie.

On the second day of the festival, Tsavo was hit by Buwaro and Kieri's stray Water Bubble filled with fire, scorching the right side of his hair. Enraged, he confronted Rhea, Buwaro, and Kieri. He was disgusted that a demon and angel would fraternize in such a way but his attention swiftly shifted to the Rainbow Reverie set that the stand the three were overseeing had for sale, and was shocked to see such an invaluable set of potions. When questioning the Reverie's authenticity, the stand-owner, Cliff, confirmed, stating the potions were indeed authentic. Tsavo then demanded the entire set. However, Cliff was only willing to give it to Tsavo if he had the money, of which Tsavo had none. The demon threatened to take it from him but Cliff stood his ground. Suddenly, a couple of Angels arrived to defuse the situation. Annoyed by their presence, Tsavo remarked with an insult in Angelic. He then heard another Angel, Verammi, behind him telling him to surrender. Upon noticing the Angel was a Seraph, he decided to retreat but not before telling Cliff that "this isn't over."

AzuraiAndTsavo SD556

He took flight and made his way to Azurai, who had apparently killed a Median for their hat and chicken drumstick. Tsavo expressed interest in studying the Rainbow Reverie in hopes it can help them somehow, before asking where Iratu was. Azurai pointed him toward a stand where Iratu was about to purchase some mead. Tsavo was worried at first but realized he didn't have money either and that he wouldn't break his own promise not to kill anyone, until Iratu pulled out money he scavenged from the dead owners of the Coiled Cobra Bar. Tsavo restrained him before he could begin drinking and reminded him of the promise he made to not drink while on the job. At first Iratu was willing to comply, but proceeded to drink anyway; asking for another bottle afterwards, causing Tsavo to yell at him.

Current Arc

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

After Moonshade killed Melli the Fire Bee and seemingly drove off Meeros the Mortori Bird, the signal was given for all the Demons in the city to begin their operation. On Iratu's orders to cause havoc, Tsavo complied to take action. Using his magic, Tsavo arrived to provide back-up for Moonshade after the latter had exhausted his Guardian powers. He then engaged the two Angels while also protecting Moonshade. Eventually he decided to retreat, retrieving Moonshade and escaping with a smokescreen.

Not long after Kieri and the others left the area they were in, Tsavo reminded Moonshade that they needed them alive while being told about the consequences of Guardians dying and how they affect Medius. He then called Haury over to have him seek out the Rainbow Reverie.

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2

He later returned to the Coiled Cobra Bar with the rest of her comrades for the Gathering. There, as Rhea arrived with Buwaro and Kieri, he was seen looking over a sleeping Moonshade in the corner. He made notice of the new arrivals as he remembered them from the other day. Verammi started to make fun of Buwaro by saying he was in a relationship with Kieri and Tsavo added that the two were kissing at one point. While he tried to bring up the Rainbow Reverie, Iratu interrupted with a reaction of disgust for Buwaro kissing an Angel, much to Tsavo's annoyance. As things escalated, Tsavo grabbed the bottle of alcohol that Azurai was trying to drink.

As Buwaro told his tale on how he came to Medius, Tsavo was surprised to hear Sakido's name brought up and believed she was here, only to learn that she had died to an arrow. Upset, he angrily accused him of lying but Iratu calmed him down, claiming Buwaro was "too stupid" to lie. Sometime after Iratu confirmed that the one who killed her was one of their own Angels, he still took it out on Buwaro for letting her die. He attacked him with magic, blasting him into Dakos who retaliated, but then by deflecting his attack it caused a chain reaction that resulted in a free-for-all. Tsavo later assisted everyone in getting the Angels into wagons for transport.

Before the last wagon went out, Rhea and Buwaro came out to try and save Kieri. Tsavo told Lazuli to hurry to the ritual site while he stayed behind with Iratu and Azurai (with Moonshade in tow). He was ordered by Iratu to stand down while he handled things, which resulted in Iratu attacking Rhea and Buwaro. Buwaro ended up grabbing a vial of the Red Potion from Rhea and while Tsavo yelled for him not to drink it, it was too late as he started to drink it. Buwaro entered a Berserk State but chose not to fight Iratu and just go after Kieri with Rhea. Tsavo was relieved to see that there was some residue of the potion left. He believed he could use it to allow Demons to utilize the Berserk State effectively and just needed something to collect it.

Powers and Abilities

Wind Magic: Tsavo is a Wind Demon so he is less physically strong and durable compared to Azurai or Iratu, but has a powerful command of Magic instead. He effortlessly inflicted a painful (though non-lethal) electric zap on Azurai.

  • Lightning: Tsavo is capable of casting a bolt of lightning with one hand. It was first used against Sanjulo, who was barely able to keep it up with a Magic Bubble.
  • Lightning Warp: Much like a bolt of lightning, Tsavo can strike the ground and appear at the impact. Tsavo used this to blink behind Moonshade in order to save him from being attacked.

Alchemist: Tsavo seems to be a capable potion brewer. Though Azurai mocked Tsavo's ability, reanimating a corpse is presumably rather difficult which makes it hard to grasp Tsavo's overall ability.

Skilled Inventor: As well as being an Alchemist, Tsavo seems to be capable of creating an assortment of items that benefit his group and possibly the entire army. He was responsible for devising Iratu's clasp that accommodates his Angel Emblem, as well as the magic-sealing bracers used to imprison Angels.

Flight: As a Wind Demon, Tsavo has large natural wings that enable him to fly.

Overall Abilities: As far as Wind Demons go, Tsavo is shown to be a very competent fighter, who was able to take on three Angels (two of them having only two Angel Emblems) at once while only having little difficulty in defeating them; and while only having to use as little Magic as possible even though he excels greatly at using it. As an inventor he is knowledgeable on what can make the effects of Iratu's Moon Emblem work with his harness, and while he hasn't shown much in the way of alchemy he appears capable and confident that he can use Median-made potions, such as from the Rainbow Reverie to be used for them.

Multilingual: Tsavo is fluent in both Lingo and Angelic.

  • Angelic Language: Despite being a Demon, Tsavo has shown that he can speak in Angelic fluently. Apparently, most Demons sent to a Medius from Hell are supposed to have this ability in order to carry out their mission.


Iratu's Harness: Because Iratu's Moon Emblem can only activate while on him, Tsavo created a harness that would allow Iratu to control the effects of the emblem in order to alter his size accordingly. It is large enough to fit Iratu's large body, though when small it will feel loose.

Magic Restraining Braces: Tsavo appears to be the original creator of the braces used on Kieri early in the comic, which seemingly silences the wearer and prevents any Magic. The restraints could not be removed even if the wearer were to shapeshift into another form. The only way to remove them is to say the victim's full name.

Reanimation Potion (unnamed): Tsavo attempted to use an unidentified potion by pouring it on the skin of some dead bodies. Whether it is a super-strength healing potion, a zombification potion, or something else entirely isn't clear. The potion's intended effect was unsuccessful in any case. It seems unlikely that a potion could literally revive a body that had been dead for more than a few minutes, since the body's soul would have been claimed by Death.

Other Appearances

The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time

Tsavo SoT106

Tsavo as he appears in Soprano in Time.

Tsavo takes on the role of Mutoh, the boss of a group of carpenters (represented by Khamega) who were trying to repair the bridge until his men ran off. He asks Kieri and her friends to retrieve them.


  • Tsavo's name is Kikamba for "place of slaughter", referencing the Maneating Lions of Tsavo.
  • A doodle by Chu from 2004 shows a Wind Demon, similar to Sakido, who was named Tsavo after a Crobat she named in Pokemon Ruby. It's possible that this was the original design of Tsavo long before his introduction. [2]
  • Although Tsavo's first appearance was on Page 388, he was mentioned by name as early as Page 49 . (Page 49 was published in 2005, and 388 was published five years later in 2010)
  • Tsavo's reaction to Sakido's death has been questioned by fans as him possibly being in love with her at one point. However, Chu has stated that he, along with Rhea and Sakido, were aromantic and that it was a case of a deep friendship without having to be in a romance.
    • It was joked that he was the founder of the "Bring Sakido Back" club as his reaction is similar to how most fans reacted to her death.[3]



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