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Hell's Army

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Slightly Damned #634 [TS]

Triska is a Fire Demon who is a part of Hell's Army and is currently taking part of a special operation in St. Curtis involving the capture of Angels.


As a Fire Demon, Triska has a mammal-like appearance, which in her case, is similar to a Hyena. She has mostly yellow fur with orange patches of fur on her hands, across her face, the back of her long tail, and the ends of her feet; while her belly has a cream-color to it. She has round ears, orange eyes and pony-tail hair, and two orange horns that have two points each. She wears a brown hat, a black open vest and a small gray sleeveless shirt that goes just above her brown shorts. Like many Fire Demons she can extend her claws as she pleases.


Triska appears to be as blood-thirsty and wild as most Fire Demons seen so far as when she and her friends began their attack on St. Curtis she excitingly shouted for things to burn. However, much like her teammates she doesn't seem to be very bright as she continually mispronounced the name of Rainbow Reverie.


The Spring Flower Festival

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

After Moonshade killed Melli the Fire Bee and seemingly drove off Meeros the Mortori Bird, the signal was given for all the Demons in the city to begin their operation. Triska was among them as she expressed her excitement for things to burn.

Triska joined Abyset and Haury in going after the Rainbow Reverie the Sinclair Family possessed. They demanded the entire set over or else he would kill them all. Miranda agreed to hand it over but would have to get it from the wagon. Haury decided to allow it and after forcing Buwaro in with her they waited to make sure she got it.

Abyset entered the wagon shortly after to see what was taking so long. Haury was shocked to see him be punched right out the wagon. Triska asked if they could kill them and he replied to do so, prompting them to fight Miranda and her husband.

Incapacitation of Triska

Miranda incapacitates Triska

As Haury fought Cliff, Triska fought Miranda. She exchanged attacks, both taking some light damage, until she eventually got a major hit on her opponent. However Miranda wraps her arms around her back and squeezes hard, snapping her spine, before performing a suplex to her that mashed her head into the ground and promptly leaves her unconscious. Shortly after Miranda threw her into Haury who was trying to kill Cliff. As she laid unconscious, Haury tried to get up but looks horrified at Miranda holding her wagon home above her head, who then proceeds to smash the entire wagon on them; however she and her allies would end up escaping while no one is looking.

Powers and Abilities

Fire Magic: As a Fire Demon, Triska mainly specializes in this school of magic. She seems to specialize in mixed combat as she was seen using it both close-ranged and from a distance.

  • Fire Breath: A common ability for all Fire Demons she can send out a breath of fire from a distance.

Expert Hand-to-hand Combatant: Triska is shown to be quite skilled in how she battles. She is agile enough to be able to dodge an oncoming blade through back-flipping and is able to take damage while still inflicting some herself.




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