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Fragaria (St. Curtis)

Slightly Damned #466 [HQTS] Slightly Damned #836 [TS] (old village)

The Tree of Peace served as the home village of the beekeeping Jakkai that lived close to a human village hundreds of years ago, before it burned down from a large fire whose cause was a mystery. The tree itself now acts as a symbol of unity for the two races that went to form their new home while the remains of the old village are consumed by nature.



The tree is considerably massive, one of the largest seen in the story, which seems comparable in size to the mountains that surround the valley it is situated in. Its roots, which now act as archways and bridges for the city, were considerably large and expand for miles on end, and branches that also to expand across the city and cover it in its mass of green leaves. The tree can also produce flowers that drop from the sky and signalling the sign of Spring, prompting a yearly festival for many and all for residents and visitors. Noticeable are small holes that resemble windows.

TreeOfPeace SD919

The entrance to the temple.

At the base of the tree is a massive entry-way that also serves as a temple, devoted to worshiping all the known gods of Medius. The doorway being of considerate size but dwarfed by the intricate patterns that resemble a large gate, with stars, bows and arrows. Above that are carvings of the four natural magical elements and one symbol representing harmony between the three Gods of Medius. Above those are two stained glass windows with leaf-like designs on them.

Just below the door are two sets of stairs and a zig-zagged ramp for accessibility. The long-wide pathway has stone tiles laid out in an arc-like pattern that fans toward the tree. Along the sides of the pathway are large statues of the Twelve Guardians, each with their eyes colored and their symbols matching their respective elements. Presently, a massive gathering of people who have lost their homes in the recent fire have set up camp at the base of these statues and many are seen on top of them. Three of the statues, one for Meeros, one for Melli and one for Moku, have been vandalized with paint due to them being the cause for the city's destruction.


Temple symbol

The temple's main symbol, representing harmony between the three Gods of Medius.

Most of the tree's interior appears to be hollow, but is comprised of many branches that are large enough to walk on and reach different areas of the tree. One such area is the temple that was possibly built after the city was founded, made mostly out of the same wood as the tree. The temple, naturally, has a cathedral where people gather and sit on wide wooden benches; while in front of them sits massive statues of Mother Gaia and Father Syndel, holding hands to symbolize their unity in creating the world; while above them are stain glass windows that feature Death, Drazil and Cerberus. Above the main hall is a single walkway for those to traverse to other areas of the temple.

Apart from the cathedral, the temple features a storage room that acts as another point of entry from the inside of the tree. There's also a residential area of sorts that has single-room apartments for those visiting or possibly living there. Currently, this area is being occupied by Angels who were saved during the Demon invasion.


TreeOfPeace SD836

The remains of the village.

Within the boughs of the tree was the home village of the Jakkai who lived there. While long abandoned after they left to live with the humans, the architecture appears mostly intact. As with most Jakkai villages, they would build their homes inside the wooden structures, which resemble trees even here. However, from the appearance of ladders and wooden pathways along the upper sections of the branches, this village was more complex than the one in Fuzen'ro Forest and arguably could have been a town in its own right. Due to time, the area has been overgrown with moss, while some of the wooden planks appear to have broken off and the ladders all but broken apart.


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At present, the old village serves as a refuge area for survivors of the invasion that occurred recently; in particular those who at present are not native here like Angels, Demons and their respective company.




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