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Slightly Damned #117 [HQTS] (Mentioned)

Slightly Damned #149 [HQTS] (Flashback, Human form)

Slightly Damned #150 [HQTS] (Narration, Rabbit form)

Toski the Rabbit is one of the Twelve Guardians of Medius created by the gods to watch over Medius in their place. She is one of the Water Element Guardians and takes the form of an oversized Snow Bunny. She can also disguise herself as a Human female.

Toski fought in the Great War, one of only four Guardians to do so, choosing to fight on the side of Hell.


Toski's natural form is that of a large snow rabbit. As a snow rabbit she is mostly gray with the white highlights on the underside of her paws, the tips of her tail and ears.

Toski's disguise form is a human female with icy-white hair and pale blue-grey eyes. She is slightly shorter than average, wearing a sleeveless red shirt with dark red edges at the bottom and collar. Both her forearms are wrapped in blue cloth tied with string. Her trousers are white with pockets sown on the outside of the left and right sides and there is a light-blue jagged wave pattern at the bottom of both legs which are also tied with string. She has brown laceless boots.

In both forms, she has the mark of the Water element on the upper-half of her right arm which is a white fur pattern in her rabbit form and a blue tattoo in her human form.


Toski appears to be something of a bad-natured prankster. She derives amusement from playing unpleasant tricks on people, such as committing petty theft just because she can.

Toski is particularly spiteful toward Angels, as demonstrated by how she quickly cursed Kieri Suizahn after encountering her. She describes angels as being "self-righteous punks" but it isn't known what soured Toski against Angels and Heaven in the first place.



When Medius was created, the gods (Gaia, Syndel and Death) created Toski along with the other eleven Guardians to watch over the world in their place. After Hell violated the non-interference pact on Medius, thereby beginning the Great War between Heaven and Hell, Toski elected to side with Hell during the ensuing battles.

Snow Angels

Meeting Kieri

Toski Human Front SD149

Toski after cursing Kieri

Some time before being captured by Lazuli and Talus, Kieri Suizahn was walking around the human village of Farun. She saw Toski running away, in human form, after stealing from a shop. Kieri attempted to interfere with Toski's escape which drew her attention when she revealed her Angel wings. Toski reacted badly to seeing an Angel, having not seen one for years since she fought them in the war. Toski cursed her, turning Kieri into a snow rabbit; however because of the natural high magical resistance that Angels had the curse was not fully effective, resulting in Kieri being able to switch between rabbit and Angel form with sufficient concentration.

Powers and Abilities

Guardian Curse - Snow Rabbit: Toski (as well as the other Guardians) has the ability to bestow a curse on anyone she wants. In Toski's case, the victim is forcibly transformed into a snow rabbit. The curse can only normally be removed by Toski, assuming other Guardians either can't break it or will simply choose not to out of respect for each other.

Disguise Form: As a Guardian, Toski has the ability to disguise herself as one of the mortal races of Medius in order to move around without drawing too much attention. Toski's disguise form is a Human female.

Immense Magic Power: As a Water Guardian of Medius, Toski possesses immense power over her element, though the extent of her powers is unexplored.

Immortality: Toski (along with the other Guardians) has existed as a demi-god since Medius was created. She is inherently ageless due to her nature and will live as long as Medius exists. It is likely that she is also practically indestructible by anything less than the power of the gods that created her in the first place. Whether it is possible for her to be injured or incapacitated, if only temporarily, isn't known.




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