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Professional Status

Assistant Baker

Personal Status



Unnamed Father (Jakkai)

Unnamed Mother (Human)


St. Curtis

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #516 [HQTS]

Toby is a young Hukai, a Mixling born by a human mother, sired by a Jakkai father, and a resident of St. Curtis.


Toby is short (though whether this is because he's still a kid or his Jakkai blood is unknown), he has a peach-tan complexion (or a thin coat of peach-colored fur), blue eyes, Jakkai-characteristic brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, with matching colored fur on his forearms and feet; both of which are paw-like. He wears a white shirt under a single-strap green overall pants, the strap overlapping his left shoulder and fastened at the right hip, with the knees patched up with a blue square and circle on the right and left knee respectively, and he has an animalistic nose.

As he's only half Jakkai (and because his human blood is dominant), he lacks a tail, and his ears are not as large as a full-blooded Jakkai.


So far, Toby seems to be a little timid, shown when he was nervous about the way Rhea gawked at him, and a little freaked out upon learning Buwaro is a Demon. He has an inquisitive side, as he was curious and interested in Crunky, a golden wyvern, though he's not above a snarky comment, as he asked why she's so fat. Even so, he can offer a positive suggestion, as when he politely suggested Kieri name her new pet Sunny even though it was turned down.

Toby appears to have a crush on Sammy, as when he first arrived, he asked her uncle where she was, and returned later as she was holding his hand (which he was obviously happy about given his smile and blush), and he seems to prefer calling her Samantha. His apparent crush seems to compulse Toby into going along with whatever Sammy decides, as seen when he was riding a baby earth dragon Sammy had freed, although freaked out as he held onto Sammy.

Due to his appearance, tourists or those not familiar with him may comment on his appearance. However, as far as things go, pretty much everyone who's lived in St. Curtis knows him enough to where they don't seem to do the same; which to him he's found his life to be normal as far as being a kid is concerned.[1] He's very well loved by both his Human and Jakkai families and relatives and he loves being able to help at his parent's bakery.[2]


The Flower Festival

Day 1

During the Flower Festival, he is introduced to Rhea, Buwaro, and Kieri by Cliff (which was met with mixed results). Toby is surprised by Buwaro, a Demon, and asks to see Sammy who he is apparently friends with. Cliff tells hims that she isn't there at the time so he leaves.

Toby Sammy Holding Hands SD523

He's got it bad!

He returns with Sammy (the look on his face all but confirming he has a crush on her as she holds his hand) and gives Cliff the lunch Miranda prepared but Cliff wonders why there's only honey popcorn balls and Toby sheepishly admits Sammy gave most of the food away.

Cliff asked to who, and Toby explained Sammy gave the food to a baby earth dragon in a cage. When Cliff put his hand in his face, muttering that he didn't want to know, Toby said to Sammy that her uncle reacted just as she said he would.

He is impressed and wowed by Kieri having a golden baby Wright Wyvern (though he asks why it's so fat). When Kieri asks for help in naming her pet, Toby suggests Sunny but the Wyvern gives a positive response to Buwaro's suggestion of naming her Crunky.

Day 2

Recently, it appears Toby had (likely reluctantly) aided Sammy in freeing a baby earth dragon and rode it with her through the marketplace.


  • Toby's introduction in the story answers the question of interbreeding being possible in Medius.
  • Toby holds the honor of being the first (and so far only) Mixling to be introduced in the story. It is also mentioned in a Q&A that there are others like him living in St. Curtis.
  • In his second reappearance, when he returns with Sammy, it is highly implied that Toby has a crush on Sammy, due to his blushing smile at her holding his hand. He also calls her Samantha rather than Sammy and seems to go along with whatever she decides, albeit reluctantly at times.
  • Given his age and because his human heritage is dominant, Toby will likely be taller than adult Jakkai when he himself reaches adulthood.


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