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First Appearance

Slightly Damned #470 [HQTS]

Tobel and Rowan are two Angels who were stranded in Medius, along with many other Angels, that wound up getting involved with the razing of St. Curtis.


Tobel and Rowan have the standard appearance for male Angels, having mostly white hair while only dying their hair bangs to their respective elements; in their case, gold-brown and green. Though in terms of hairstyle, Tobel has four protruding strands of hair that start on top and go toward the bottom, while only has three in similar fashion.

While both wear their clan's respective tabards, Tobel has a yellow sash that holds his two emblems.


Tobel, who seemingly looked to be a Warrior Angel given his appearance but isn't, has some sense of duty when it comes to protecting Medians from Demons. However, this also comes with him believing that all Demons were evil and thus needed to be rid of; though with how he first handled Buwaro, he had no malicious intent on killing him. During the invasion, after losing Rowan to Lazuli he was very frightened at what Buwaro would do, but learned he only wanted to help him. Once reunited with Rowan he was even willing to help watch over Buwaro's friends in repayment.

Rowan is more level-headed and restrained than Tobel, knowing that they shouldn't cause or get into trouble, knowing that neither of them can actually fight. And though initially afraid of Demons, he at least acknowledged Buwaro's effort to save him by asking someone to help him back. He even took to watching over a family of Demons for another.

The two Angels are very affectionate to each other and in Tobel's case, he would disregard his own life if it meant helping Rowan. Since being rescued, both Angels have displayed a more friendlier attitude toward Demons they know are kind.


The Flower Festival

Pre-Festival Events

Both Angels were first seen walking together shortly after Rhea's group arrived in St. Curtis. This lead them to believe that the city were open to having Angels and Demons within their home.

Day 2

As Rhea and her friends were being harassed by Tsavo for wanting the Rainbow Reverie, Tobel approached the wind Demon, demanding to leave them alone. Before a fight can ensue, they are approached by Verammi, a Seraph Angel whose presence seemingly caused him to flee. While admiring Verammi for scaring the Demon away, he noticed she was looking at Buwaro and Kieri holding hands. He went over to him, grabbed his pendent and believed that Buwaro had some hold over them; especially after Kieri attacked him and believed she was not right. Once she violently beat him up, he was able to convince them he only meant to put Buwaro to sleep with a spell. The two Angels were then allowed to leave.

Oops! All Demons

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

During the invasion, Rowan was taken by Lazuli, leaving Tobel alone and frightened. He was submissive when Buwaro and his friends found him but Buwaro only offered to help him. Tobel quickly begged for them to save Rowan as neither of them are actually warriors. Rhea told Jake to watch over him while she and Buwaro look for his friend. They would soon find Rowan being taken by Lazuli, who recognized the two and immediately attacked them. Rowan flew away, but not wanting to leave them like this, found someone to help them out.

Current Arc

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2

Rowan eventually found his way back to Tobel, who started kissing him upon arrival. After hearing of what Sahne wanted to do, the two Angels offered to watch over her family.


After several days, the fires burning St. Curtis would dissipate, and at some point Tobel, Rowan and many other survivors took refuge inside the Tree of Peace. One day, after Buwaro had his talk with Kieri, they approached him and Lakritz after hearing about a commotion from the survivors. They expressed their gratitude for what they did and how they tried telling the others that they were kind Angels.

Powers and Abilities

Holy Magic: The very natural magical ability for all Angels, Holy Magic uses light to damage their enemies (especially on Demons) and even heal. While Tobel is the only one of the two who displayed any sort of magic, it can be presumed that Rowan knows it as well.

  • Sleep: Tobel is able to place a target (and presumably multiple targets through the Star Emblem) into a deep sleep, which he could then dispel as the spell seems to a permanent effect otherwise. Though he was stopped before he could succeed in casting it.

Overall Abilities: Despite Tobel having two emblems and a bit of valor, neither of them are considered skilled warriors and have no actual fighting capabilities.

Multilingual: Both Angels are capable of speaking Lingo, in addition to their native language. They seem to speak fluently with no issues.


Sun Emblem: By wearing this pendant, wings will appear on their backs and they can fly if needed.

  • Flight: The Angel Wings that come from wearing the pendant are large enough where they can fly and be able to carry one person.

Star Emblem: By wearing this pendant, Tobel's magic power increases while also improving his concentration.[1]

  • Enhanced Concentration: While active a halo will appear over his head which will allow him to perform high-level spells.


  • Coinciding with the theme of naming characters introduced in St. Curtis after candy, when combined their names are a play off the name "Toblerone", which is a Swiss candy bar.


  1. Slightly Damned #162 [HQTS]


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