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Tirol Tamis

Angel (Wind)


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Professional Status

Wind Element Kinako Family

Personal Status



Unnamed Biological Father (unknown)

Kinako Tamis (mother)

Sahne Tamis (step-mother)

Lakritz Tamis (step-father)

Weapons and Effects

Angelic, Lingo (basic)

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #474 [HQTS]

Tirol Tamis is Kinako’s biological son, while also considered like an adoptive son to the Demons, Sahne and Lakritz. He is a very young Wind Angel, appearing around 3.


As an Angel child he is about the same size as Rhea. He has white short hair with bangs hanging in front of his ears and has green eyes like Kinako. He wears a white long-sleeve shirt with a green wavy-line pattern near the ends of both of his sleeves; while wearing pants with a similar design but with the colors swapped and light-green shoes.


He has not spoken and Kieri suspected he may only understand Angelic, but based on how most of the time his parents spoke in Lingo he may have some basic understanding of it.[1] It's revealed in a Q&A that Tirol has always been mute and thus the only way he could communicate is through Sign Lingo. Though not deaf as he can still make noises when he laughs or cries, Kinako believes that it's either because it's difficult for him to speak (physically or mentally) or that this was just how he is but is still fine regardless of reason.[2]

Kinako notes that Tirol is usually afraid of Demons, with the exception of Sahne and Lakritz who he has grown to love like they were his own parents. This is especially noted when he awoke from a nap crying and grabbed Sahne by her claw in a grouchy manner, or when Lakritz was heavily injured and was crying at his side. He enjoys playing with them though thus far has been shown having fun with Lakritz the most. He seems to have grown attached to Buwaro despite having only met him once and even desired to have the hand-puppet of him to play with.

As with most children, Tirol is very playful and outside the comic he is shown to like drawing. Being so young however, his art skills are very limited seems interested in wanting to do more the more he draws.



Sometime ago, Tirol and his mother Kinako were sent down to Medius through the Counterreaction as part of a ritual that has yet to be fully explained. According to her it's apparently a horrible ritual to even explain. They would later run into Sahne and Lakritz and eventually became a family.

The Flower FestivalEdit

Pre-Festival EventsEdit

He was encountered briefly in St. Curtis where he started tugging on Buwaro's tail after sneaking up behind him. He had seemingly escaped from his mother to wander around on his own. His mother eventually found him, telling the group he doesn't normally like other Demons, when suddenly Sahne showed up to greet them. Tirol dozed off to sleep as Kinako and Sahne talked with Kieri and her friends but eventually woke up and started crying; signalling to them that it was time to head home.

Current ArcEdit

Day 3Edit

KinakoAndGroup SD593

Too short to be seen.

Tirol was present with his mother, Sahne and even Lakritz when they went to see Buwaro and Kieri. He noticed the Buwaro Hand-Puppet on the table and urged his mother to buy it for him.

Demon Invasion - The GatheringEdit

Later that day, Moonshade speaks the code phrase “Welcome to Hell,” which was the signal for the Demons under his employ and General Iratu’s command to cause mayhem and hunt Angels. Lakritz grabbed Tirol’s shoulder with eyes glowing, as Tirol likewise turns toward him in fear.

While what followed is currently unknown, it can be assumed that Lakritz had no intention on capturing Tirol, as he would later be seen with Sahne, both very injured while Tirol was crying on Lakritz. After Rhea used her vial of green potion to heal him, the three warmly embraced each other in relief. After discussing what happened and what everything meant, Buwaro asked for their help but Sahne and Lakritz had to refuse, hugging Tirol while saying that their former companions already know about their betrayal and there was no way they could fight back after that. Their only option was to protect Tirol.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Multilingual: While he doesn't speak either Angelic or Lingo, he has enough of an understanding of it to where he can listen to the things Kinako, Sahne or Lakritz say to him. While most of the time they speak to him in Lingo, it can be assumed that he does know Angelic given his place of birth.

  • Sign Lingo: Tirol uses this method of communication given how he has yet to or is unable to proactively speak. He seems to have a basic enough understanding of this method to perform the necessary hand signs to relay his thoughts to his parents.


  • According to Chu, "Tirol" is the name of a cheap chocolate brand in Japan.[3]
  • Because of the relationship between his mother, Sahne and Lakritz, he is considered part of a polyamory family by word of the creator.
  • Given what was shown during a Q&A, and with one of the tags used in the post, Tirol seems to have the symptoms of "Selective Mutism", where while he is normally capable of some speech, he tends to not speak in certain situations or only to certain people.[2]



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