The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time
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Parody; Comedy; Adventure; Low Fantasy; Gag-a-day


~120 strips


April 2011 — ongoing


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The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time is a spin-off parody comic based on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time video game, with characters from Slightly Damned taking the roles of the original cast. The comic parodies game mechanics, plot points and set pieces of the game, as well as character attributes (Navi's infamous "Hey Listen!") and decisions. Some jokes may require familiarity with the base material to 'get'. It also acts as a platform for Slightly Damned related fan service; like Buwaro appearing in his Berserker form without the usual insanity that requires. Due to its nature, the strip has a light-hearted tone and is primarily comedy driven, including larger amounts of slapstick and innuendo than the main strip.

Soprano of Time has a gag-a-day format with an overarching plot that mirrors a typical play-through of the game. It was published roughly weekly as a voting incentive for Slightly Damned on the Top Web Comics list. From September to November of 2013 it was posted on Wednesdays as part of of the incentive to a Kickstarter project for creating plushies for an array of characters. The series is currently on hiatus while the creator is attending school and real-life obligations.

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Most if not all characters use their canonical names from Slightly Damned, aside from slight alterations. References to their appropriate character are noted as well.

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After every five comics, Chu collects them into a set and releases them on her DeviantArt account (as long as the TWC rating remains high). The compilations can be read here:

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