The Forgotten Lands refer to an unknown region of Medius that seems to lie southwest of Fragaria and west of the Dragon Island Archipelago.


At this time, nothing is really known about the actual geography of this region, other than it sharing the southern mountain region that borders most of Fragaria. How far it goes down into the region isn't certain as the map blanks out whatever areas that might be present. The only known landmark that would be right on the borderline between regions is Shadow Peak. [1]


  • Like the majority of places in Fragaria, The Forgotten Lands have yet to be visited, let alone be mentioned within the comic. However unlike those places, it is treated like how Nirveus and the Dragon Island Archipelago are on the updated Fragarian Map where no details are shown for those respective regions but arrows point to where they would go.
    • Given how it is worded on the map, it may actually be a placeholder for in case the region receives an actual name or is close enough to the Archipelago to where it can be detailed within the same map as it. Otherwise it may just be a region that adds to the world of Medius but is left to the imagination of the readers what lies there.



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