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Ring of the Slightly Damned

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Slightly Damned #19 [HQTS]

Thadius was Buwaro's pet rock. He originally found her in the Ring of the Slightly Damned where "she" was Buwaro's only company for years, other than the occasional visit from "Death". Buwaro considered her to be his best friend before he met Rhea Snaketail and Kieri Suizahn and he still considered her to be important but Kieri seems to have largely replaced Thadius emotionally.


Her general appearance was that of an ordinary rock, that's brown in color and about a foot tall, and big enough to where Buwaro can hold her in both of his hands. Her structure is rather smooth on all corners while a slight indent can be seen in the middle of her.

Given Buwaro's imagination, she seems to have other bodily features that only he can see, such as how he subtly asked if her "breasts" were bigger than Rhea's.[1]


Most of what 'she' says is generally voiced by Buwaro himself, since she is in fact a rock and cannot speak or act out any emotion. Based on what Buwaro says she seems to say things that are either rude or mean. She is typically an outlet for whatever thought comes to Buwaro whenever he says things but doesn't want to take responsibility for.

Sometimes Rhea will unintentionally talk to her and one time while she went to retrieve her after Buwaro left her with the map, it seemed like Thadius was speaking what was on Rhea's mind. This could also show that like Rhea, Thadius is somewhat impatient with Buwaro's antics.



It's not known when exactly Buwaro came to create Thadius, though he had her as long as before receiving his black coat from Sakido, according to a flashback Seymour Sinclair had when remembering him.

Adventures with Buwaro

As Thadius lacked an actual personality or the ability to move, Thadius was mostly kept around with Buwaro during his entire lifetime. While she was mostly kept along with his rock collection, he would often take her out to play with her, often throwing her up into the air which would result in him or someone getting really hurt. As he was most attached to her in terms of an imaginary friend, he would take her with him into Medius at the same time as Rhea and Sakido.

While in Medius, Thadius was carried around, often by Buwaro and sometimes by Rhea through her tail. After Kieri joined the group, Buwaro would spend less time with her in favor of his new friend. Thadius would still be used in case of emergency, having been used as a projectile against Lazuli when she and Talus attacked the group.

As time went on, Thadius would mostly be seen nearby but not involved with her owner's activities. Buwaro would once offer her to Cliff as a valuable treasure to teach him magic, but he declined the offer just to teach him anyway. Even after mention of her name was diminished throughout the comic, Buwaro would still take her with him even after having to leave the Sinclairs.



Lazuli kills Thadius.

Her adventures with Buwaro eventually came to an end when Hell's Army invaded St. Curtis and started attacking everyone. Thadius was once again used for self-defense against Lazuli, but this time she enhanced her strength with magic to rip Thadius in two, effectively destroying her.

Impact on Buwaro

Thadius' name is a mispronunciation of Darius. Buwaro appears to have unknowingly named her after Darius Elexion, his foster father, from vague childhood memories. Buwaro does not really remember Darius but vague details seem to have stuck with him and shaped his feelings around Thadius. Thadius can be seen as a surrogate friend and parent.

Buwaro's attachment to Thadius had reduced as his character matured. He was willing to trade her away in Slightly Damned #395 [HQTS] to Cliff Sinclair in exchange for training in fire Magic. Buwaro was feeling self-conscious at the time, believing he was inadequate to look after Kieri. Mr. Sinclair took pity on Buwaro and let him keep Thadius whilst still trying to teach him magic. She was often seen in the background and more recently even acting as a perch for Crunky to sit on. With her 'passing', Buwaro will likely no longer need to rely on her for his problems.

Other Appearances

The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time

Thadinade SoT39

These bosses are getting ridiculous.

Thadius appears as part of a running gag with the various bosses of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, where part of the boss would be or at least feature Thadius in some shape or form. Often times this would bother Kieri and Rhea for fighting lame looking bosses, while at one point Rhea got excited to fight Volthadia.


  • Thadius appears to always be viewed from the same angle every time she appears.
  • Thadius is the first pet character to die in the series.


  1. Slightly Damned #89 [HQTS]


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