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Sinclair Wagon (destroyed)



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Slightly Damned #177 [HQTS]

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Rhea Snaketail

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End the Great War

Team Rhea is an unnamed group consisting of the three main characters of Slightly Damned and their companions. They are currently seeking to put a stop to the Great War peacefully.


The group was formed during the three's stay in Farun. Buwaro wanted to help Kieri find her brother, but Rhea objected to the idea as they had little information on where they were. Rhea then decided to flip a coin to decide whether to help Kieri or to do nothing about it. While the coin landed on Heads which would mean they do nothing, she decides to help her out anyway.

Team Capabilities

As a traveling group the team is somewhat balanced in how they are able to go about Fragaria even with limited resources. Rhea and Kieri have shown to be capable fighters, however Kieri is a primary source of protection given her training as a Warrior Angel, allowing her to handle even Demons and having accessibility to two different magic schools; while Rhea is only capable of using Earth Magic and only has so much strength a Jakkai can have. Buwaro, prior to his resolve to become stronger and learn Fire Magic, has very little experience in fighting and is essentially the weakest of the team. Jake and Crunky, having just recently joined, have yet to actually take part in any sort of combat; however Crunky is able to use Wind Magic which can be useful; while Jake is capable of using Fire Magic,[1] based off his previous experiences with it he may not have good control over it. As it stands their group has access to the following magic schools:

Rhea acts as the team's leader, making a majority of the decisions (whether for better or worse) and usually taking the initiative in playing out any plans she has. As a Jakkai she also has natural-born hunting senses that allow her to track anyone or anything which can be helpful if they need to hunt for food, though so far they have not needed to do so. However she is able to track people this way, such as Kieri after she had flown away after a fight with Rhea and Jake who was sleeping under the Sinclair Wagon.

Goals and Accomplishments

Locate and Reunite with Kazai Suizahn

With Rhea's approval, the group went out to catch up with Kazai and reunite him with Kieri. This would involve traveling across Fragaria trying to catch up with him and rescuing him from the Gathering.

Status: Success

Rescue Kieri from The Gathering

Rhea convinces Buwaro to assist her in going after Kieri and protecting her from the ritual needed for the Ascension.

Status: Success

Rescue a Wind Angel

Buwaro was asked by an Earth Angel to save his friend from the Demons who took him and Rhea agreed to help.

Status: Success

Stop the Great War

Because of the frustration of seeing Angels and Demons constantly fight each other, Buwaro wishes to end the Great War peacefully; which Rhea and Kieri agreed to help with doing.

Status: On-going



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