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The Tamis Family refers to a family comprised of two Angels and two Demons, who have joined together despite their differences in race.


There is currently no indicator of who runs the family as a whole, given one of the adult members is a Caretaker Angel from Heaven while the other adults were Demon soldiers in Hell's Army turned traitor just to be with the Angel and her child. As such it can be assumed that Kinako, the sole adult Angel of the family, mostly tends to her biological son, Tirol. Her new spouses, Lakritz and Sahne, also provide care to Tirol and most likely act as their protectors given their previous fighting experience; though it can be assumed that Kinako provides them with basic necessities for living.

Family Capabilities

As a family, the group is likely against fighting due to having a child in the group, plus Kinako, being an Angel, might not want her spouses to get involved in any sort of violent activity. Despite Sahne and Lakritz being former soldiers, they know their limits and can only do so much before having to keep focus on the youngest family member, Tirol. Lakritz appears to have experience with weapons as he owns a trident that he unfortunately did not have on him and was pretty adamant about forgetting it ever again. Otherwise, as it stands their group has access to the following magic schools:


  • The family is considered to be a polyamory family by word of the creator.
  • Each family member is named after a food product. Kinako is named after a kind of toasted soybean powder, Tirol is the name of a cheap chocolate brand in Japan, Sahne's name means "cream" in German, and Lakritz is named after a kind of licorice.[1]


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Tamis Family
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