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Hell's Army (Team Dakos)

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Choppy (Demon Axe)



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Slightly Damned #123 [HQTS]

Talus was an Earth Demon, and was the partner in crime of Lazuli.


Talus is very tall, as with many Earth Demons, and looks very much like a Minotaur. He is covered with coffee-brown fur with darker brown markings and hair, black horns, large hooves, he wears gray pants and has a belt worn from his right hip across his chest to his left shoulder, which he uses to hold his double-headed axe.

Talus has a scarred left eye (from a fight with Kieri Suizahn) while his right eye is purple and he wears a nose-ring typical of a bull.


Talus was the muscle in his partnership with Lazuli who was the brains. He was a bully and had no qualms with killing or torturing. He wasn't very smart, typical of earth demons, falling for Rhea's taunts and insults, (especially the ones towards his mother) and his lack of intelligence cost him his life as he drowned in a frozen lake. He appeared to have a habit of talking to his axe, which he named "Choppy", who he felt was the only one who understood his problems.[1]


Snow Angels

Talus and Lazuli were originally operating in Farun under the leadership of a red fire demon (later revealed to be Dakos). The Fire Demon provided a distraction whilst Lazuli and Talus grabbed Kieri who had lagged behind her brother and his friend. Lazuli restrained Kieri using magic braces that blocked her spell casting and rendered her mute. After capturing Kieri, Lazuli and Talus retreated into Fuzen'ro Forest where they camped on the ground. They may have been waiting for the Fire Demon to rejoin them but he never did so Kazai may have killed him. After sunset, Lazuli amused herself by beating up Kieri before the two Demons fell asleep.

Battle in Fuzen'ro Forest

Kieri transformed into her snow bunny form and escaped whilst Lazuli and Talus were sleeping but didn't get far before succumbing to the cold; however, she was found by Buwaro and Rhea who took her with them. Lazuli discovered Kieri was missing in the morning and ended up spending the day looking for her, while Talus tried to follow as best as possible.

Eventually Talus rejoined them and temporarily ended the argument that was going on at the time by pushing Buwaro off the cliff. At that point, Lazuli starts planning to hurt Kieri some more but Buwaro climbs back up the cliff prompting her to decide to just kill both of them. Kieri bites Lazuli who is surprised and releases her, she then made a run for it with Buwaro.

Kieri and Buwaro bump back into Rhea and the three of them run to a frozen lake where a battle ensued after Lazuli surrounded everyone with an icicle wall. While Lazuli battled against Kieri, Talus battled both Rhea and Buwaro. Eventually he would end up falling into the water, along with Lazuli and ultimately drown.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Strength: Being an Earth Demon his strength is much greater than Demons of other elemental affinities. He is able to wield a large two-handed axe with relative ease and cut through solid ice with it.


Choppy: Talus was seen carrying a large axe on his back, which he named "Choppy". It appeared to be a double-bladed axe with a long dark-purple hilt. Given its size and how easily he could handle it, he is able to easily cut through Lazuli's wall of icicles in one swipe. At one point he had drawn a face on one side of the axe for him to talk to.[1]

Other Appearances

The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time

GhostTalus SoT63

No one remembers Talus!

Talus makes a short appearance as one of the illusions of Meg. Though part of the set of illusions created by Meg, he had his own personality that appeared to be based off his Slightly Damned counterpart. Here he complained that no one remembers him after his death and was swiftly killed by an arrow to the throat by Kieri, who commented that something about him made her hate him.



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