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Professional Status

Hell (Hell's Army)


Ruler of Hell

Leader of Hell's Army

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Weapons and Effects

Bow and Arrow

Angel Emblems

SunEmblem Icon StarEmblem Icon MoonEmblemHalf Icon

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #91 [HQTS] (partial-appearance)

Slightly Damned #945 [TS] (full-appearance)

For the original Syndel that was believed to exist before, see Father Syndel.

"Syndel" is an Angel claiming to be "the" Father of Creation and God of Chaos himself, and is currently acting as the leader of Hell's Army and the ruler of Hell. Because of his actions, including directly killing Sakido, his desire to take over Medius by sacrificing the lives of Angels and how it ties to nearly every action taken by Hell's Army, he could be considered the main antagonist of Slightly Damned.


"Syndel" appears to have the standard appearance of any male Angels, having short white hair but lacking any color dye to indicate any elemental affinity he belongs to. This is furthered by him wearing a black uniform, with some arrow-like symbol on the tabard, which does not match the known elemental symbols; as well as a pair of black gauntlets with sharp nails and black shoulder pads with three white curved spikes each. He also wears a black ornamental crown, fashioned to match the symbol on his tabard with a pair of horns, to symbolize his status as leader. The most unusual aspect of him is that he has sharp fangs and red eyes that appear to glow; giving him a slight demonic appearance.

He appears to be a former Seraph-rank Angel, or that he might have taken the pendents somehow, as he has a Star Emblem around his neck, a Sun Emblem on the buckle of his belt and a seemingly broken Moon Emblem, whose halves are on both of his wrists.


While the integrity of his claims remain in doubt, he shows a tremendous disdain toward Medius and Heaven, given that Hell has to host the souls of what he considers "trash". He shares many Demons' desire to leave and take revenge on those worlds, showing a lot of the same malice that most Demons in Slightly Damned have shown throughout the series. He even comes off as rather maniacal, given how he enjoyed the pain inflicted on him when Demons attempted to kill him during his earlier encounters with him; and, according to Lakritz, when that happened he would merely cackle the whole time.

It seems that "Syndel" might have contempt for Death, as he blames him for the Angel body that he currently has.



Several years ago, during the time that Gaia and Syndel were missing, "Syndel" appeared in Hell along with many other Angels that came down to fight. Out of all them, he was the only survivor but was unable to be killed. Every attack he received would not kill him and he appeared to enjoy it. Eventually, after they had stopped trying, he told them that he was Syndel, that Death was responsible for his appearance, and soon they had no other choice but to accept it. Given his seemingly immortal body and mastery over all but one type of magic, he was by definition the strongest being in Hell and was given ruler-ship over all who live there.

Despite doubts from some Demons, he is trusted by Iratu and his group regarding their plans to evacuate Hell and take over Medius.[1]

To Hell and Back

The Ascension Incident

"Syndel" was present at the location where the Ascension was going on in Hell, at the same time as when Rhea, Buwaro and Sakido (who entered into her Berserk State out of desperation at the time) were escaping into the light. After assuring his fellow soldier that Sakido wouldn't leave alive he proceeded to shoot her with a Holy Arrow, killing her just before she entered the light.

Powers and Abilities

Elemental Mastery: Unlike any Angel seen thus far, "Syndel" has access to more than two schools of magic at his disposal. He is able to use all but Dark Magic, which would have been Father Syndel's native specialty.

Master Marksmanship: "Syndel" has claimed to "never miss" with his bow and was able to bulls-eye Sakido who was flying pretty fast and at a significant distance away.

Overall Abilities: As strength rules within Hell, "Syndel" is considered the strongest one of all, given his inability to die and mastery over magic; this on top of possessing all three Angel Emblems that would give him the title of a Seraph in Heaven. His authority over all Demons and Hell's Army is often unquestioned by many.

Immense Magic Power: While his status as being an actual god or demigod is still in question, being able to use more than the usual amount of magic schools that an Angel could use is more than an impressive feat. It would be assumed that "Syndel" would have tremendous amounts of power if he can even use more than one element at once.

Immense Durability: "Syndel" appears to have an indestructible body comparable to the gods and demigods themselves, as no matter how many times he was struck or mutilated, he would simply get back up. It's possible he may very well be "immortal" based on this speculation of him by Lakritz.


Bow: His weapon of choice, it's unclear what it looks like but it was capable of firing a Holy Arrow with great precision.

  • Holy Arrow: In combination with the bow, by firing the arrow at a Demon it seems to cause incredible damage to whoever it hits. Evident by when he hit Sakido in the abdomen, seemingly causing a small magic explosion leaving her flesh burnt and torn.

Sun Emblem: By wearing this pendant, wings will appear on his back and he can fly if needed.

Star Emblem: While it can increase his magic capabilities, he has yet to display use of magic of any kind.

  • Enhanced Concentration: While active, a white halo will appear over his head which allows him to perform high-level spells.

Moon Emblem: While normally the pendant would greatly increase his overall strength, the one he possesses appears to be broken, as it appears to be split in half. Each half is worn on his wrists. It's unknown if they still function as intended.


  • Aside from Darius, who had initially appeared as Death and the one silhouette of him during one of Sakido's flashbacks, "Syndel" is the first of his kind to be shown in the ongoing storyline; as well as the first possible Seraph Angel to appear in the story.
    • "Syndel" had some minor changes to his design compared to how he appeared in his first-partial appearance. The black outfit that goes under his black tabard had a white collar above where his Star Emblem was, the symbol on his tabard had a more complex design, and he may have worn a black cape.
  • Outside of the standard norm of Medians normally knowing one school of magic, and Angels and Demons knowing two (due to their unique physiology), "Syndel" is the first known case of anyone being able to use more than the normal amount of magic schools possible to their race.


  • (to many Demons) "Are you tired of living in this wasteland? Are you sick of hosting the other worlds' trash? Death has made it impossible for us to directly invade Heaven, but that doesn't mean we can't leave Hell. I say it's time to claim what's mine-and what's yours! Follow me, and I'll show you the way to a new home, one that's full of life and promise: Medius! We'll use the blood of Heaven to fuel the flames of our revenge! Demonkind will flourish!"[2]



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