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The Suizahn Clan is a familial lineage of Angels in Heaven, led by Kieri's father. They are renowned as "the great clan of the water element",[1] it is implied that most, if not all, Suizahns become Warrior Angels.[2]

The Suizahn clan has a reputation of being "honorable Demon slayers".[3]

Known Members

Kieri is a Suizahn but has admitted she doesn't fit the claimed family mold. Her twin brother, Kazai, is noted as a 'better' warrior than her, though it isn't known how they compare in other areas.

Kieri's father, who appears to be a leader in the clan, lost his arm in a battle with a Demon during a skirmish, apparently before Kieri and Kazai were born. He discusses his injuries rather nonchalantly and seemed surprised to have scared Kieri with his story about how it happened.[3]

Kieri's mother was not born as a Suizahn, instead marrying into the clan. It's implied that she became an extremely deadly warrior driven by vengeance after her own family was slaughtered.[1]

Kieri has mentioned an aunt and uncle in passing, nothing is known about them though. (Except that her uncle was Darius Elexion's crush in school)[4]


All Suizahn's are Water Angels and the family is renown for their warriors. As such, it is likely that most family members tend towards physical pursuits as indicated by Kazai's lack of interest in book learning.[3] They likely have a large number of Seraphs (Elite Warriors).


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The Suizahn's are known to have fought in the Great War. Kieri's father lost his arm to a Fire Demons breath attack. Her mother lost her entire family to a Demon attack and has become embittered and vengeful because of it, she is noted to be a powerful warrior who has killed many Demons.



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