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Team Rhea

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Pet Owner

Jake "Jay" Thorndyke

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #539 [HQTS]

Sugar is a donkey who is a pet and work animal of Jake "Jay" Thorndyke; currently serving as propulsion for Jake's wagon alongside Fritz.


Sugar is about the size of the average donkey, being slightly shorter than Jake while being about a head shorter than Fritz. She has a brown fur coat with a dark-brown mane, her snout is white as are the inside of her ears and the color of her eyes are brown and black. On her head is a straw hat with a blue strap around it and a pink flower on top. Her long ears go through the flap of the hat and seem to support it from falling.


While Sugar has only recently been purchased and hasn't had much time with her owner, she seems to show as much affection to him as Fritz does as she was happy to see him at the stables. When Jake isn't around she displays a slight intolerance to Fritz's behavior around women, as she felt embarrassed by him flirting with Pepper and Chestnut.


The Flower Festival

Day 2

FritzFlirting SD539

Fritz is a real lady's man...

Sometime before or after arriving at St. Curtis, Jake would purchase Sugar to help with pulling the wagon with Fritz as part of his new job. Jake later paid to have the two stay at the Southeast St. Curtis Public Stables while he was out in the city. While there, Fritz would end up flirting with two horses, much to Sugar's distraught.

During the second day, Jake would visit them as Fritz and Sugar happily greeted him; Fritz even licking him in the face.

Current Arc

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

As the Demons invaded the city, hunting for Angels, Jake retrieved Fritz and Sugar, as well as Pepper and Chestnut, and returned to everyone in both parties. Sugar, along with Fritz would then be seen helping Jake and his friends in trying to find Kieri while helping civilians along the way.




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