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The Spring Flower Festival is a world famous annual event held in St. Curtis at the beginning of Spring (usually).


The festival begins when the flowers begin to fall off the Jakkai Sacred Tree in the center of the city. Medians from all over the world travel to St. Curtis to partake in it, and it's known to be the biggest party in Fragaria. It's popularity is such that all inns and other accommodation will often be completed booked by a month or more beforehand. This level of demand naturally makes accommodation very expensive.

All races of Medius, except Merfolk due to the distance from the ocean, visit and are welcome during the festivities. It's also a popular time for merchants to sell souvenirs or useful wares to a wide audience.

The festival runs for about a week, this is the usual amount of time it takes for the last of the flowers to fall from the Sacred Tree which signals the end.



During the festival, merchants take the time to set up stalls or shop stands all over the city in order to sell their wares to people who have come to enjoy the festivities. The merchandise that are sold are usually related to the festival itself, as there is a sudden increase in items relating to the Twelve Guardians sold; including shirts, cups and even over-sized plush toys.

Food that is sold there is often related to the city's reputation for honey. There is a sudden abundance of honey-flavored ice cream, popcorn and even mead that comes in normal and Fire Bee variety.


Another popular feature of the festival is a section of the city devoted to a wide array of game stands, in addition to some food, music and shows. Such stands include:

Pin the Tail on the Pegadonk

  • Game for all ages in which the player has to pin the tail on the Pegadonk.

Water Dragon Balloon Racing

  • Game where the object is to use Water Magic to fill up a balloon before the other competitors.
    • For users of Water Magic only

Ultimate Skee Ball

  • Game where you have to score as many points as you can by rolling a ball into one of the holes.
    • Advanced Players only, and adult supervision required for younger players


  • Shoot the target using three arrows. Prize is dependent on how many times you hit and/or if you hit the bulls-eye.
    • Prizes include standard size bee plush toys (comes in red and yellow), finger puppets (including one of Toski the Rabbit), and a deluxe prize.