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Patreon Policy

We, the admin team, would like to address the fact that Patreon of Slightly Damned otfentimes has an page or two ahead of the comic, and sometimes these pages introduce new information or characters. However, this can be - understandably - jarring for others who don't, or are unable to, or otherwise unwilling, to support the Patreon.. Hence, we ask that editors, when thinking of a character or information, think of the following rule:

The character- or piece of information - must have appeared in the Main Comic, to qualify for the image to be added here; if you have an image or piece of information from patreon that is ahead of where the Main Comic is, please hold off on uploading it until the main comic updates with that page.

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Rhea Snaketail Cast Image

Rhea Snaketail was an approximately 17-year-old Jakkai who was mysteriously murdered shortly before she is introduced with her being judged by "Death" in the Afterlife. She is judged to be slightly too far south of neutral to qualify for Purgatory so she is assigned to the Ring of the Slightly Damned, outside of Hell. There she meets the friendly Demon, Buwaro, and his slightly less friendly siblings, Sakido and Iratu.

Having escaped from Hell with Buwaro back to the land of the living, she teams up with the "fluffy" and shy Warrior Angel, Kieri Suizahn, and agrees to help Buwaro and Kieri search for her missing brother.

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