Sinclair Family


Deceased Members

Seymour Sinclair

  • Unnamed Sister (Samantha's mother)
  • Unnamed Father (Heathcliff's side)

Family Group

The Sinclair Family refers to a small group of humans that Rhea and her friends have interacted with during the course of Slightly Damned. While mainly focusing on one branch, and meeting with a deceased individual, it is assumed the family is quite extensive given their history.


The main members of the family that the series follow operate as merchants, who travel around the world (usually with a horse-drawn wagon) selling various wares, both commonplace and rare. Within the group, Cliff appears to make most of the decisions regarding his immediate family's actions; with Miranda either assisting or convincing him in various affairs. Cliff used to be an active member of the Helper's Guild and would go on many adventures before settling down with Miranda, who is a former pirate that held the title of a "sea witch".

The only extended family that has been named was Seymour, who had died many years before the start of the story. Seymour functioned as a traveling performer, who would perform many stunts, but was also a well-known thief, whose reputation soiled the family quite a bit. Other deceased members include Cliff's sister and her husband, whose deaths caused him to adopt their daughter, Samantha.

Presently, Cliff is the only member of the family to be related to Siara the Lynx. It is unknown if anyone else in the family is related, or if Cliff's daughter, Florina, possesses the same gift.

Family Capabilities

Within the immediate family, Miranda is a capable fighter, given her years as a pirate. She is able to hold her own against an experienced Fire Demon with only a scimitar and increased strength. Cliff is able to wield powerful magic, albeit with aide from Duster, though he tries to avoid conflict when he can. As it stands their group has access to the following magic school:




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