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Heathcliff "Cliff" Sinclair (nephew)

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Slightly Damned #23 [HQTS]

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Seymour Sinclair was a professional daredevil who died a few decades before the events of Slightly Damned. He apparently supplemented his income through large amounts of petty theft and his soul was condemned to the Ring of the Slightly Damned for it. He has spent almost the entirety of his time in Hell attempting to swim across the Styx river to get to Heaven without success.


Seymour looks similar to his nephew, Cliff, although with a smaller, narrower build. The most glaring difference is that he retains his injuries from the accident that killed him, most of his body is severely disfigured with significant amounts of bone and muscle showing down his right side to the point that he is mistaken as a zombie by Rhea and Buwaro. Most of the right side of his face has exposed muscle, as well as under his left cheek, and some of his finger bones are exposed as well. Apart from that he has brown hair and green eyes. He wears what was probably his stunt costume, a red and white tunic with yellow trimmings and the sleeve ends being blue. He wears blue pants, a blue cape that is partially ripped and with a hole on the bottom, as well as brown leather shoes.


Seymour has shown to be quite friendly, casually greeting strangers despite his disfigured appearance. Despite his friendly demeanour, he appears to be somewhat manic, always desperate to try and do things that other people think are pointless or dangerous, as though to prove them wrong. His repeated failures to cross the Styx have not dampened his enthusiasm, even after only a short time doing something else he becomes determined to try again.

Seymour appears to be very spontaneous without taking much thought to plan things in advance. Rather than plotting to escape Hell, he just takes the obvious option and dives into the river (which you'd expect everyone had already considered) and swim. Rhea points out that he would have to reach Purgatory before he could make it to Heaven, Seymour appears to have not realized that and becomes momentarily flustered before brushing it aside. This failure to plan ahead may have been what lead to his death; since it was accidental, he may have failed to check his equipment before using it.



About 45 years ago, Seymour attempted to perform his "Flaming Wagon of Doom" act but an unfortunate accident occurred that cost him his life. Due to the injuries he sustained he now resembles a zombie since souls sent to Hell retain their injuries from the time of death. He ended up in the Ring of the Slightly Damned, placed there by Death, "Death" notes that he was there because he "stole so much" during his life. Rather than spend his time in the Afterlife waiting to reincarnate in the wastelands of Hell, he decided to try and swim his way to Heaven and has been attempting to do so ever since.

15 Years Ago

While trying to escape Hell, Seymour had a run-in with Darius as well as his recently adopted son Iratu. Seymour leaped out of the Styx and surprised him with his zombie-like appearance. Seymour explained who he was, how he got there, and what he was doing. Darius was doubtful that it was actually possible to get to Heaven through the method Seymour was attempting. Regardless, Seymour was willing to continue anyway. During the time they were conversing, Iratu had sunk his teeth into his backside.

To Hell and Back

Meeting Rhea and Buwaro

Early during her time in Hell, Rhea was bored and annoyed. She shouted her frustration and kicked a rock far out into the Styx which hit Seymour in the head and attracted his attention. It took him some time to resurface during which Rhea summoned Buwaro. Seymour's appearance startled both of them, though Buwaro was outright frightened.
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He's certainly a dreamer...

He revealed that people keep whatever damage they had prior to dying while in Hell which explained his appearance. He noted that, since Rhea looked fine, she must have died from an illness. Rhea, knowing that isn't the case, nervously said he was correct. He then recalls that he had seen Buwaro before when he was much younger, throwing rocks up into the air and hitting himself with them. After Rhea made fun of him for being here that long, he told them about how he's trying to get to Heaven by swimming across the river; whether it took him to Heaven or Purgatory he wasn't going to give up. He then said a fast farewell and dove back into the river to try again.


  • Seymour is the first named Human to appear in Slightly Damned.



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