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Sinclair Family

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Mother & Father (deceased)

Heathcliff "Cliff" Sinclair (Uncle)

Miranda Sinclair (Aunt)

Florina Sinclair (Cousin)

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Lingo, Fairy

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #251 [HQTS]

Samantha is the daughter of Heathcliff Sinclair’s deceased sister. Since her parents’ deaths, she has traveled around the world with her aunt and uncle. She met Buwaro, Kieri, and Rhea at Riverside City.


Sammy usually uses an orange hat, where Willow and Eve usually were. She is dark brown hair, with light brown eyes. She isn't tall, because of her young age. Sammy wears an orange long-sleeve shirt and dark orange pants.


Sammy has a sweet personality, but she is headstrong and impulsive. Samantha is not easily surprised by things such as the existence of Angels and Demons, due to her experiences living a particularly interesting nomadic lifestyle. Thanks to Duster, she learned how to communicate with Fairies.

Sammy has a habit of wandering off by herself, much to her uncle's chagrin, but in these cases, she has endeavored to free a captive creature, as when she was trying to save Eve, and recently, freeing a baby earth dragon, screaming "Make way for freedom!!!"

This shows that Sammy doesn't like creatures to be locked-up and is willing to get her hands dirty to free/save/rescue them, whatever the case may be.



Sammy was born on the Dragon Island Archipelago where she spent most of her life with her parents. However after they had died her uncle, Cliff, came to the archipelago to adopt her before marrying Miranda. Together they would travel Fragaria, even witnessing her uncle being transformed into a Mortori Bird by Meeros the Mortori Bird.

Fateful Meeting at Riverside City

Sammy was first seen running away from from a Jakkai shopkeeper, holding a jar while running past Buwaro and Kieri. Kieri stopped her with her Water Magic and the shopkeeper was able to get his stolen jar bar. Sammy got upset and blamed Kieri for ruining her attempt to rescue the Fairy that was inside. Afterwards she decided to head home.

Sometime later, Sammy returned to the shop to maybe try again, only to find Buwaro and Kieri again who were waiting on their friend to handle things with the shopkeeper. She was about to reveal why she didn't go back home like she said she would when Rhea came out with the Fairy in the jar. Sammy worried that she might be rich but Rhea told her that she merely socked the shopkeeper and ran off with the jar. They all made a ran for it when the shopkeeper started yelling for the guards.

When they got out of sight of anyone, Rhea opened the jar to reveal a blue Fairy inside. A green Fairy came out of Sammy's hat and the two reunited. Kieri offered to escort Sammy home and as they did, Sammy introduced herself to them, saying that it's weird for an Angel, Demon Jakkai to be traveling together. She even tells Rhea that just because she's a kid doesn't mean she's fooled by their appearances. They soon arrived at the family wagon where her aunt Miranda was waiting for them, wanting an explanation.

As everyone settled in and started eating cookies, her uncle Cliff returned and was surprised at everyone he didn't expect to find in the wagon. Sammy watched as Cliff and Miranda argued over Rhea and her friends, even answering one of Rhea's questions, and hearing in on the whole conversation about letting the three ride with them to St. Curtis.

The next morning, Sammy waited outside for the three to return and happily greeted them as they showed up. As they began their journey, Sammy casually followed along with the Fairies and Duster floating above her. Over the course of the journey she would reveal that she could speak the Fairy Language thanks to Duster, revealing how Cliff and Miranda adopted her and how he used to work for the Helper's Guild (with plans to join the guild herself) and there would be times where Rhea had to divert her attention to hide Kieri's curse.

The Weyville Incident

They soon arrived just outside of Weyville. During the night she stated her plan to go with Kieri (along with Willow and Eve) to help find her brother who might be in town. In the morning they all headed out to do whatever they had to.

Sammy started explaining to Kieri about how the jar that Eve was in wasn't see-through. She noticed Kieri acting strange and wonder why she was. Buwaro showed up shortly after to talk to Kieri about something, which disappointed Sammy since now Kieri was talking. She then remembered something about the town and before she could warn the two they're attacked by the Seraph Angel Denevol, who happens to live in this town. As Denevol tried to attack Buwaro (and eventually Kieri), Sammy threw a Fireball at him which had no real effect on him. She then ran off to find her uncle.

She would eventually find her uncle and aunt to tell them about what was going on and together they returned just before Denevol was about to finish off Buwaro and Kieri. She and Miranda went to check on the two while Cliff and Duster fought and later defeated Denevol. Kieri was surprised that Cliff knew a powerful spell like that and Sammy tells her that he knows a lot of people. She then helped get Buwaro back to the wagon.

Two days later, Sammy was momentarily surprised when Buwaro awoke and his scream could be heard from the outside. Later that evening she and the rest of the family were surprised to see Kieri had transformed into a Snow Rabbit. After realizing this was a Guardian's Curse, Sammy was about to blurt out how Cliff had one but he stopped her. It was revealed anyway by Miranda. She later mentions that Meeros the Mortori Bird and Melli the Bee would likely be in St. Curtis for the Spring Flower Festival.

Journey to St. Curtis

The group continued on their way to St. Curtis and during one of their breaks she was seen having a picnic with Miranda, the Fairies, Rhea and Kieri; and she even witnesses Buwaro throwing a Fireball onto the roof of their wagon.

While traveling through the Southern Woods she talks to Rhea about how the Khamega go to the festival every year. She and Rhea noticed how down Buwaro was so she agreed that they should do something to lighten the mood. Kieri started to sing in which Sammy was amazed by and even watched Buwaro sing (surprisingly well).

The following day they reach the river that separates them from the deepest part of the Southern Woods. Sammy gives them a teary good-bye (though is surprised that Willow yelled something at Duster and she never taught her that). She later spent most of the day in the wagon while she got over their departure. Later that night she can be seen roasting marshmallows with Duster.

The Spring Flower Festival

Pre-Festival Events

Weeks later Sammy and company would arrive in St. Curtis. After Kieri believed that because there were Angels and Demons freely walking among the rest of the people that her brother might be there, Sammy offered to take her, Rhea and Buwaro to the Trouble Center that was located in the city. Afterwards she would spend most of her time with Miranda and the midwife as time went by.

Day 1

On the first day of the festival, Sammy and Toby went to grab some lunch for Cliff, using the money they received from Miranda; however for some reason they ended up giving away most of the food (apparently to a baby Earth Dragon, according to Toby) and only had Honey Popcorn Balls remaining. They later arrived at the stand Cliff was using; having witnessed what had happened involving Kieri, the golden wyvern and the Khamega and were impressed by Kieri's skills. After Buwaro ate all of the popcorn, he asked where she got them. She started to tell him but Cliff started to yell for her, so she took Buwaro to the Popcorn Stand instead.

When they got there she started asking for a bag, however Buwaro wanted to buy two bags since he felt that Cliff was still mad at him for eating the popcorn. Sammy noted that Cliff wouldn't be mad at him (since otherwise he wouldn't be alive, as she hinted), but thought that he just wanted a bag of popcorn to himself.

They soon returned just after Kieri and Rhea learned about what their golden wyvern was capable of. When Kieri was trying to think of a name for it, everyone (except Cliff) started offering suggestions with Sammy suggesting "Goldie", before eventually settling for the name "Crunky".

Day 2

Sammy rescues circus animals SD569

Sammy's latest liberation movement!!! (...with her reluctant yet faithful sidekick, Toby)

On the second day of the festival, Sammy accompanied Cliff (presumably) to the stables after learning that Miranda might have her baby that day. Though after arriving at the stand Rhea and her friends were she apparently separated from Cliff.

It turns out, Sammy (along with likely-dragged-along Toby) had freed the aforementioned baby Earth Dragon (along with some dogs, a Twin-Headed Bolt Wyvern and a Toxic Quail), screaming "Make way for freedom!!!", while riding the baby dragon with a freaked-out Toby behind her, doing his best not to fall off.

Day 3

Sammy arrived at the sales stand with Cliff, Miranda and her new cousin Florina, in order to help a pair of Jakkai who were asking about a potion that might fix their partial winter fur coats.

Powers and Abilities

Fire Magic: Sammy has some magical skills, likely learned from her uncle. It's unclear how experienced she is with it or if she knows any other spells outside of what she's shown so far.

  • Fireball: Sammy has the ability to conjure up a fireball, however it's rather weak as it was only able to slightly disorient Denevol, a Seraph Warrior Angel with no visible burn marks.

Fairy Language: Sammy has shown to be able to understand the language spoken by fairies, which she learned from Duster.

Handcrafting: Sammy has some skills in sewing, as she made hand puppets of Kieri, Buwaro, and Death, with Rhea's assistance. She also made/colored the sign her uncle put up to sell the Rainbow Reverie.



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