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Hell's Army

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Darius Elexion (adoptive father)

Buwaro Elexion (adopted)

Iratu Elexion (adopted)

Sakido's Mother (deceased)


Hell (Ring of the Slightly Damned)

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Slightly Damned #8 [HQTS]

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Sakido Elexion was a Wind Demon and sister of Buwaro and Iratu. Of the three siblings, Sakido seemed to have the strongest bond with their foster father Darius Elexion. She would help Buwaro and Rhea escape to Medius before her death.


As a Wind Demon, Sakido was taller than the average human or Fire Demon. She had white fur with black stripes, black hair, black feathered wings and her eyes are icy blue. She wore a sleeveless red gown, had six piercings on both of her ears, and had small white feathers tied to her wrists with string. Unlike her brothers, she had no tail.


Sakido was a very serious Demoness but she did care for her family. She deeply regretted abandoning (and scarring) Buwaro when he was only a baby and never forgave herself for it. Sakido was also a deep thinker, pondering her purpose in life, and as a result, often had problems tolerating Buwaro's carefree, childish behavior. However, after talking with Rhea, she was able to better understand and bond with her brother. She was grateful that Rhea not only helped improve her relationship with Buwaro, but also agreed to take care of him if anything were to happen to Sakido.

Sakido also quite enjoyed poetry, which she learned about from a pen-pal, from Purgatory, that "Death" set her up with. She sometimes wrote her own, although she didn't take well to criticism of her work (she killed Rhea when she didn't respond well to her poem).



15 Years Ago

YoungSakido SD285

Sakido as a child.

Before the beginning of the story, Sakido, her mother, and other demons were attacked by angels in the Ring of the Slightly Damned. She was the sole survivor though her wings were crippled from the attack. For a while she was alone until she was discovered by an Earth Angel named Darius Elexion and a young Earth Demon named Iratu. She tearfully described that she and her mother and other demons were attacked by strange people with white wings and rings on their heads.

DariusBefriendingSakido SD288

Sakido loves heights.

Darius left her with Iratu and went to investigate and returned telling her she would never see her mother again but she would not be alone, she would live with him and Iratu from then on. Though she could not fly with her tattered wings, Darius quickly noted Sakido to have a fondness for heights.

Together they all traveled the Ring of the Slightly Damned for months, never seeing another soul. Still, the three of them grew close, and Darius began to consider the two little Demons as his own children and they grew to love him as a father, Sakido especially.

Sometime afterwards, in a place of jagged peaks, while playing hide & seek with Darius, Sakido and Iratu hid but found a Demon Egg. When they almost touched it they were threatened by the egg's father. Their screams alerted Darius who came to protect them. With his magic, Darius protected his children. In defense, Darius struck the Demon with his magic but took pity when the Demon, realizing he was dying, lamented that his son's egg was damaged and feared he would not hatch, and even if he did, the Demon would likely not witness it. Darius offered to take care of the Demon's son and though initially refused he reasoned with him, apologized on his comrades' behalf, and promised that no matter what the Demon's son would live. The Demon gave in and asked Darius to bury him with his mate, the mother of his son Buwaro before he finally died.

Days later, Buwaro was born; and with him a nightmare. The infant was bigger than he had been so in his egg, his claws and fangs sharper, his eyes glowed red he breathed laboriously. Even his tail was on fire. The infant reacted to Iratu by breathing fire at him. Left with no choice, Darius cast the infant into an enchanted sleep, and he introduced the sleeping infant to Iratu and Sakido as their new baby brother.


Together with the family.

Weeks passed and though they didn't have much, the Elexion family had each other and thus were happy. But Darius was saddened that Buwaro might be fated to remain in a serene slumber forever or reawaken as a bloodthirsty monster. Though he kept his family safe, Darius was in guilt that of his decision. He wondered if he slept long enough Buwaro could be woken up without consequence but to his disappointment, Iratu and Sakido suggested they should just leave Buwaro or (though they didn't actually say it) kill him. He reprimanded them for such talk and proceeded to wake Buwaro up.

To their horror, Buwaro awoke again in a Berserk State and had to hold him to stop him from attacking Sakido. The action cost him his right eye at Buwaro's claw. As he held his face in pain, he noticed Iratu fighting Buwaro and in despair used his magic to put them all asleep. Later he used his healing abilities on himself and Iratu but his eye was beyond repair and he hid the scars with a bandage. He did not blame the infant Buwaro and the infant slept for months though it seemed Sakido did.

YoungSakidoLearnFlight SD307

Sakido learning how to fly, and failing...

Soon Sakido desired so much to fly but could not with her ruined wings, and though Darius would carry her while flying it was not the same as flying herself. Darius made the mistake of telling Sakido he got his wings from his Sun Emblem and she begged him to let her wear it. He finally caved in and removed the spell that made it so only angels could use it (which took him days due to the spell's strength) before he gave it to Sakido. Though it was painful, Sakido's wings were restored and Darius was soon teaching her to fly. To his chagrin, Iratu wanted an emblem too. But it soon gave Darius an idea to remove the protective spell on the Star Emblem and one day while Sakido and Iratu were distracted he walked away with Buwaro to test his theory. Soon Sakido wondered where he went and eventually Darius returned with Buwaro, who to his delight, was no longer going berserk. Darius once again introduced the two to their new baby brother.

YoungIratuWithMoonEmblem SD403

Sakido and family reacting to Iratu's increased size.

A year later and Sakido has nearly out-grown her clothes. Eventually Iratu was finally given Darius' Moon Emblem and like everyone else she was rather surprised by how big he got from wearing it. Overtime, she and Iratu started growing jealous over Buwaro for all the attention he's been given.

Sakido had not seen the diary for over ten years until Rhea gave it to her. Though her memories were hazy, Sakido wrote down their final days with Darius in the hopes Buwaro would read it someday. While living peacefully in the Ring of the Slightly Damned, Sakido had been flying when spotted two strange demons and unfortunately they spotted her as well. Frightened, she flew back to warn her family, one following her the other leaving, but because she argued with Iratu they woke up baby Buwaro, causing him to cry and alert the Demon to their location.

IratuAndSakidoInBlood SD415

After the battle...

The Demon attacked but Darius commanded Sakido to take Buwaro and for them to all run. Though they obeyed it dawned on them that because Darius had given each of them one of his Emblems he no longer had all of his power. Without caring, Sakido just dropped Buwaro and she and Iratu went back to aid Darius. Though he fought his best, Darius was slowly overwhelmed and would have been killed had not Sakido and Iratu interfered. The two killed the Demon and saved Darius. He tried to heal himself with his power and it seemed to succeed but they noticed he slowly got weaker and weaker.

Finally, Darius declared he was taking them to Hell, perhaps knowing his time was nigh. Slowly they made their way to the edge of the Ring of the Slightly Damned, where they saw Cerberus, then having three heads instead of two, guarding the gateway to Hell. It was the first time they saw Death but he seemed different then. Darius said he would distract Cerberus so the three could sneak inside and told Sakido to take Buwaro despite her protest, despite her threatening to hate him if he left, to which he replied even so he would always love her. He asked them to take care of Buwaro and walked towards Cerberus. It was the last time they ever saw him.

YoungSakidoSnaps SD422

The final straw for Sakido.

Heartbroken he had left them, Sakido took it out on Buwaro, not caring he was only an infant, and her yelling at him caused Buwaro to cry out for Darius. Losing control, enraged beyond reason, Sakido tore Buwaro's ear and forced Iratu to come with her to Hell, leaving Buwaro to die in the Ring of the Slightly Damned. The two went on to live in Hell and Darius had entrusted Buwaro to them yet they had just thrown him away. Sakido carried the guilt for years, feeling ashamed for dishonoring Darius' final wish and for hurting Buwaro and abandoning him.

As the years went on, Sakido would join Hell's Army alongside Iratu and become a war veteran in her own right, earning the respect of many Demons and veterans alike. At some point she would often visit Buwaro, giving him her old black coat, getting him earrings on his un-scarred ear and essentially try to be a better sister to him, but couldn't.

To Hell and Back

Meeting Rhea


Big sister appears?!

One day during one of her visits she met Rhea Snaketail, who had died at the time and was being watched by Buwaro as told by "Death" (who was really Darius Elexion in disguise). She didn't stay too long, only telling Buwaro that Iratu would be visiting and leaving to investigate a pillar of light off in the distance.

A couple days later she would be visited by the two who were delivering a letter to her from "Death", however because Buwaro started eating her bonsai plant, she threw them off her home. However remembering that Iratu had something important with him, she saved them and told them to retrieve it. Eventually they would return but not with what she had in mind. She accepted it no less, only to violently tell them to leave.

SakidoVsBuwaro SD76

Sakido vs Berserk State Buwaro.

Some time after she would hear the sounds of Buwaro roaring and upon investigating would stumble on the horrid sight of Buwaro all transformed and all berserk. Remembering the time that he had harmed Darius, she went in to fight off Buwaro, hoping to revert her little brother back to normal. After an intense fight she succeeded in knocking him unconscious and placing the Star Emblem around his neck once more.

After Rhea had revived after being dead for a day, Sakido explained how damned souls can die and come back to life while in Hell, where as demons cannot. She also explained much about Buwaro's condition when it came to his Star Emblem and going berserk. After their discussion, Rhea presented her the diary that Buwaro had kept. Sakido offered to take it as only she can make out the Angelic language a bit. Of course that didn't stop Death from having Rhea stay with her.

Over the course of Rhea's stay, Sakido would tell Rhea all about her relationship with Buwaro, as well as how she has a pen-pal that she would write poetry to (despite it being bad enough to where she even killed Rhea for speaking wrongly of it). They also exchanged stories on how they came to be, how Rhea was murdered and so on. She even asked Rhea to become like a big sister to Buwaro on the promise she will do something for her in return.

Eventually Sakido would finish writing in Darius' Diary as Rhea slept. She wrote on the last page to Buwaro, "If you are reading this and I am no longer around, then I've gotten what I deserved."

SakidoReadingPoetry SD88

Sakido reads her pen-pal's poem.

Soon Rhea and Sakido would visit Buwaro and cheer him up over before, even telling him about the events leading to Rhea's death. She was even given a hug by her younger brother and for the first time in a long while she actually smiled and even though she had to leave them again, she promised she would visit them more often and she would. At one point she read a poem her pen-pal sent her that described Medius. She sighed, wishing that she could see the world he has seen.

Escape to Medius

One day, during one of her visits, Sakido told Rhea about what she was going to do and that the next time she comes back they would be ready, with the diary in hand.

She later returned all bloody and bruised. Despite this she took Rhea and Buwaro and flew toward Hell, where it was revealed that she took out Cerberus, if not for a short while. As they made their way toward the pillar of light, they would come under attack by Demons. Seeing her brother and Rhea being beaten to death by them, she had no choice but to resort to going berserk. She ended up killing many demons and nearly killing Buwaro, however the Star Emblem he possessed somehow stopped her long enough to gain some control and take the two toward the light once again. But her fate was sealed either way, as an unknown figure would strike her down with a Holy Arrow just before they entered the light and into Medius.

While being successful in arriving in Medius, Sakido however had died due to what happened over the course of

The end of her run...

the escape. In her honor, Rhea buried her in the same grave as 'she' was buried before all this had happened and even though she knew there was no afterlife for her, placed a coin in her ear. It was Sakido's wish to "See what her PenPal had seen in his life" and now she rests in peace.

Sakido's Sun Emblem would then pass onto Buwaro, by Rhea in keeping to her promise to her.

Powers and Abilities

Wind Magic: As a Wind Demon she was capable of using this magic, though rarely used it. Despite being out of practice she seemed very skilled with this school of magic, possibly knowing high-leveled spells based on one she performed while in her Berserk State.

  • Lightning: By charging up electricity in her hands, Sakido can fire a wave of electricity toward the target. Because she was out of practice when she first demonstrated this spell it wore her out easily. It's strong enough to where it can completely stun a Buwaro (while in Berserk State) after enough uses.

Sakido's Berserk State

Berserk State: Like all Demons, she could enter a state of rage, gaining immense power but losing all rational thought and will. She continued attacking everyone and everything until nothing was left and would start mutilating herself. In this form her body grew bigger, she grew a tail with a blade at the end and her arms grew wings. For a moment she was able to gain some control after looking at Buwaro, though she would have been doomed to die regardless due to being hit by a Holy Arrow.

  • Power Augmentation: While in this state, her strength, durability and overall fighting capabilities are increased to a certain degree. This is of course dependent on how powerful she was already was prior to changing.
    • Improved Magic Ability/Power: Sakido gained a much greater command of Magic once she transformed.
      • Wind Gust: By charging up magic in her arms and clasping them forward she could unleash multiple waves of wind, strong enough to knock back even an Earth Demon.
      • Lightning Pillar: By creating a large blue circle on the ground she could summon a large pillar of lightning that was capable of taking out low-level demons even while they were in the sky.
    • Immense Durability: Her resilience against attacks seem to increase further as she was able to shrug off a Fire Breath attack easily without slowing her down.
  • Self-Control: After touching Buwaro's Star Emblem, she was seemingly able to regain control of her actions (if not temporarily) as her eyes started to reappear while still in this form. Realizing it was the one thing keeping her from attacking her brother, she held onto it while still carrying him and Rhea toward the Ascension's light.

Flight: When she was little her wings were damaged to the point where she couldn't fly. However after receiving the Sun Emblem from Darius her wings grew and allowed her to fly again. As an adult it was unclear if she still needed it to fly. She could also use her wings to blow away fire that is sent her way.

Night-Vision: As a Demon, Sakido could see extremely well in the dark. If the area was very dark or she needed extra clarity, her eyes could glow which provided basic light. Since Sakido had icy-blue eyes, her eyes glowed icy-blue when she did this which could make her oddly intimidating if you weren't expecting it.

Poet: Sakido showed an interest in poetry, often writing to her unseen pen-pal who also wrote poetry to her. However, she was not very good at writing and when her poetry was made fun of she was quick to anger.

Multilinqual: In addition to Lingo, Sakido displayed some knowledge of an additional language, Angelic.

  • Angelic: Sakido seemed to understand Angelic, likely as a result of being with Darius for so long. Though she claimed it wasn't perfect, she was able to understand the language that was written in his diary.

Overall Abilities: As a war veteran, Sakido was considered to be one of the best warriors in Hell's Army for her skill and prowess, having displayed the ability to subdue a Demon in a Berserk State despite having not taking part in many battles since leaving. Even Dakos, an old war veteran who would consider her as part of a generation of 'cripples', recognized her talents even after her death, as further testament to her abilities in her prime.

Enhanced Agility: Sakido was shown to be incredibly fast and very agile. She was able to out-run Buwaro (while in Berserk State), and with her reflexes was able to dodge and/or counter most of his attacks.

Enhanced Durability: Sakido, despite being out of practice, displayed great resilience to damage despite being a Wind Demon. Sakido was able to withstand hits from multiple Demons, Buwaro in his Berserk State and even a demi-god like Cerberus.


Sun Emblem (formerly): Originally given to her by Darius, it allowed her wings to grow and grant her flight. After death it passed on to Buwaro who would end up wearing it and sprout wings of his own.

Other Appearances

The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time

ImpaSakido SoT13

Sakido as Impa.

Sakido takes on the role of Impa, being both the royal caretaker of Prince Buwaro as well as being the Sage of Shadow. Here she is a bit more harsh than her in-game counterpart as she had little faith in Kieri and Rhea based off Buwaro's decisions. As she taught Kieri "Buwaro's Lullaby" she ended up picking him up and slamming him headfirst into the ground, as part of the Lullaby that would normally put him to sleep.

She later saw Kieri and Rhea off to their next destination, "Death Mountain", by throwing a Deku Nut on the ground before flying away; although unlike in the game it stuns the two like it normally would.


  • Within the fandom, Sakido is often a major topic whenever artwork of Sakido is produced, or is in the process of production during the livestreams. Fans would often ask questions about her, how what would it have been like if she was alive and more commonly, if she would ever return; most often to the annoyance of other fans and Chu herself.
    • Funny enough, her death has also spawned a running-gag by Chu, in which whenever Sakido would appear in non-canonical artwork (such as Soprano of Time or promotional comics) she would often complain about her being in that comic, usually relating to the fact she died in canon and/or how she was made just to die again.
  • Sakido was the second Demon to go Berserk but the first to also regain control of her actions via Star Emblem. Such an action would later be repeated by Buwaro Elexion in a similar situation.


  • (to Rhea Snaketail) "Buwaro is different. Even for a demon, being evil is just as much free will as it is our instinct. I've seen and done many horrors in Hell that can never be forgiven, but he is innocent."[1]
  • (to herself before transforming) "I see. So it really did end up this way. So be it."[2]
  • (Sakido writing in the diary) "Darius trusted us to take care of our little brother, but we just threw Buwaro away. If you are reading this and I'm no longer around, then I've gotten what I deserved."[3]



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