Sahne Tamis

Demon (Earth)


Female Female

Professional Status

Wind Element Kinako Family

Previous Affiliation

Hell's Army

Previous Occupation


Personal Status



Tirol Tamis (adoptive son)


Kinako Tamis (wife)

Lakritz Tamis (husband)



First Appearance

Slightly Damned #476 [HQTS]

Sahne Tamis is an Earth Demoness that was first seen in St. Curtis. She is part of a family with a Wind Angel, Kinako, her son Tirol and another Demon, Lakritz.


Typical of Earth demons, Sahne is quite tall, towering over most folks, and nearly twice as tall as her wife, Kinako. She has mostly boar-like features, is overweight, has golden eyes, chocolate brown fur, darker brown hair in a messy ponytail, black horns, black claws, a single fang jutting up from the left side of her lower lip, dog-like ears, and a pink pig-like snout. She has light brown patches of fur on palm of her hands, bottom half of her face, around her eyes, tip of her ears, inside of her ears, her elbows, down the middle of her neck, her belly, and the ends of her feet. She wears a gray sleeveless shirt and blue pants.


When she was introduced, Sahne appeared to be very unusually friendly in contrast to other Demons introduced thus far. Despite being a Demon she seems to tolerate Angels, as indicated by her friendship with Kinako, though thinks lowly of Warrior Angels for their brutish behavior. She also seemed fine with Angels and Demons being couples as she found Kieri and Buwaro to be rather sweet.

As it would turn out, this stems from a much deeper relationship she, Kinako, Tirol and Lakritz share. She considers herself, Lakritz and Kinako to be in love with one another to where, along with Tirol, they are a very happy family and would do anything to protect each other. She was also upset at first when she thought Buwaro betrayed Kieri, enforcing the idea that she really does support the concept of Angels and Demons living together. While not shown in-comic, various artwork involving them show they are just as prone to cuddling and kissing as most characters in the series with loving relationships.

Because of her size, Sahne tends to be very careful when treating her family with any sort of love, showing more restraint of her overall strength than most Earth Demons. She is able to hold up Kinako quite easily and is shown to even cradle her should she wish to nap in her arms. While she hasn't been shown with Tirol enough (within and outside the main comic) when compared to Lakritz, it can be assumed that she gets just as much parenting time with him as his mates, given Tirol's attachment to her. One instance of her interacting with Tirol involved playing "Peekaboo" with him.



Sahne, along with Lakritz, were once part of Hell's Army and at one point joined their many comrades in leaving Hell through the Ascension. However at some point they would betray their kind after falling in love with Kinako. It is unknown if at any point, prior to their union, if she or Tirol were prisoners to Sahne and Lakritz given their awareness to the Demon's plans.

The Flower FestivalEdit

Pre-Festival EventsEdit

KinakoAndSahne SD480

Sahne and Kinako making light fun of Kieri.

Sahne had a brief encounter with Rhea, Kieri and Buwaro, after they had met Kinako and her son Tirol. The two told Kieri about how her brother was sent to jail for causing the landslide in the western pass of Blossom Valley. She and Kinako even made light fun of Kieri for claiming to be a Warrior Angel of the Suizahn family.

Before leaving, Rhea asked them about how they got to Medius, in which Sahne vaguely explained was due to Hell's Ascension ritual (and Heaven's Counterreaction) which brings Demons to Medius. Kinako had apparently made her promise not to talk about it which prevented her from divulging anything specific.

Current ArcEdit

Day 3Edit

KinakoAndGroup SD593

Sahne and friends.

While out in the city, Sahne overheard Buwaro and Kieri singing. When they finished she complimented them for singing a nice song. She tells Buwaro he's pretty sly for knowing Angelic, despite him being a runt to her. After Lakritz told Kieri about possibly wearing casual clothing like Kinako she waved good bye as the group went on their way.

Demon Invasion - The GatheringEdit

After Moonshade killed Melli the Fire Bee and seemingly drove off Meeros the Mortori Bird, the signal was given for all the Demons in the city to begin their operation. At that moment, Sahne grabbed Kinako just as Lakritz grabbed Tirol while their eyes glowed ominously.

While what followed is currently unknown, it is clear Sahne had no intention on capturing Kinako, however after an attack by Demons they lost her, leaving Sahne with Tirol and a severely injured Lakritz. When Rhea and her friends arrived where they were, Sahne believed they betrayed Kieri and was ready to attack them. However she stopped when Buwaro (tried) talking her out of it.

She then explained what happened and was distraught that she may lose Lakritz too, but then Rhea decided to give Lakritz the vial of green potion she had to help him recover. With Lakritz healed, they show their love to the group and revealed that all three of them were in love and with Tirol they considered themselves a family. Sahne then explained about how the Ascension worked and the reason the Demons are capturing Angels alive; and that it is all so they can abandon Hell and take over Medius. She stated that she and Lakritz betrayed her kind in favor of Kinako and Tirol and despite Buwaro protesting that they should fight to save her, they replied that they needed to protect Tirol and it'd be too reckless to save someone just for love. Before leaving they left Rhea and group with the whereabouts to where the Gathering was.

Sometime later, Jake and his animals regrouped with them while bringing a male Earth Angel with him. Thanks to Rhea and Buwaro's interference, the Angel's partner, a male Wind Angel, returned and received a kiss from him while Jake watched happily. Sahne told Lakritz she was starting to reconsider what she said earlier and wanted to go help them and Kinako, but didn't want to leave him or Tirol. Jake and the Angel couple volunteered to stay with the two while she went, which she seemed thankful for. She then overheard the sound of a loud roar and got worried.

Later she arrived to where Rhea's group and the Angels were, breaking through a house and calling out to Kinako with her full name which freed her from her bindings. Kinako then tearfully embraced her in relief.


After several days, the fires burning St. Curtis would dissipate, and at some point Sahne and many other survivors took refuge inside the Tree of Peace. At some point, Sahne was given time by Lakritz to sleep with Kinako while he watched Tirol.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Strength: As natural for many Earth Demons, Sahne is incredibly strong. She is able to plow through a house with ease when trying to reach her loved one.

Multilingual: Sahne is known to be able to communicate in two different languages, including Lingo. She may also know Angelic if Lakritz is any indication.

  • Sign Lingo: After becoming family with Kinako and Tirol, she was taught how to perform Sign Lingo to better communicate with Tirol. Her skill with signing has yet to be determined.


  • The name "Sahne" means 'cream' in German.[1]
  • Given her relationship with both Lakritz and Kinako, they are considered a polyamory family by word of the creator.
  • Sahne and Lakritz are the second known Demons to adopt Angelic last names. The first being Buwaro and his siblings.




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