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Riverside City

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Slightly Damned #252 [HQTS]

The Riverside Jakkai Shopkeeper was a Jakkai who was known for illegally selling Fairies on the black market; before meeting his end to the Fairy Queen.


The shopkeeper appeared like most Jakkai, having brown/grey fur, light-blue eyes and was about adult-sized. He wore a red coat with a grey zipper-line and trims, black pants and semi-circular glasses held up across his nose.


The shopkeeper was a very shady individual, as he was known to sell Fairies illegally on the black market and would try to hide this fact from the authorities. This also showed that he disregards the lives of the Faeries he sells possibly out of superiority or just greed.


River-Side StoriesEdit

Journey with the SinclairsEdit

Sammy came into his store after learning from Eve that her sister Willow was being kept by him and tried to steal her away from him. The shopkeeper yelled for someone to stop her in which Kieri intervened by using her magic to stop Sammy. The shopkeeper thanked Kieri by giving her a copper coin, saying it would have been bad if the authorities were involved and said his good byes.

RheaVsShopkeeper SD256

Rhea vs the Shopkeeper

Later that day Rhea arrived in the store and said she wanted to buy the Fairy from him and was willing to haggle for it; for which the shopkeeper accepted and they began their 'haggling battle'.

After some time, in which Rhea offered Buwaro's Pimp Suit, the Demon cloth and some money, the shopkeeper still refused to sell the Fairy. Rhea then knocked him out and took the Fairy, causing him to pursue her and her friends. They eventually lost him.

The Spring Flower FestivalEdit

Pre-Festival EventsEdit

Sometime before or after Rhea and her friends arrived in St. Curtis, the shopkeeper was visited by the Fairy Queen who killed him and covered his skull with pink glitter; just like in the stories about her. His murder would later be covered in the St. Curtis Buzz.




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