Ascension Beam SD83
Ring of the Slightly Damned
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Controlled By

Father Syndel

Racial Occupants

Demons, Souls of deceased Medians

Slightly Damned #5 [HQTS]

The Ring of the Slightly Damned is a location in the Afterlife. It is a barren place that is immediately outside of Hell. While a place for souls that don't belong in either Heaven or Hell, it also served as a nursery for Demon families.


This ring makes up the area outside Hell's Gate between the walls of Hell and the river Styx. It consists almost entirely of barren lifeless plains made of dark brown rocks and is mostly featureless except for the odd mound or hills with pinnacles.


Soul Rehabilitation

This area is "technically" part of Hell but is generally ignored by most Demons and hardly any souls exist within it. Only souls who have committed slightly more sins than good deeds, but not enough to qualify for entrance into Hell proper, are placed within this part of the afterlife by Death. To date, the only known soul to be placed here was Rhea Snaketail.

Cerberus can also be found in the Ring, just outside the Gates of Hell, but the only Demons present at the beginning of Slightly Damned were Buwaro and Sakido.


Prior to 15 years ago, this place served as a nursery for the Demons of Hell. Families could either group together with others or stay separate, given their nature and the normal living conditions they had to endure. However, at around the time Darius Elexion landed in the ring, his Angel companions would have massacred many of the Demons living here, nearly wiping out an entire generation. As a result, the ring has been abandoned and likely hasn't been used since given the current circumstances.

Major Events

The Ring was more colorful in its past than it was when Rhea was there as it was the site of many battles between Angels and Demons during the Great War. The last one even forcing the Demons to abandon the ring entirely.





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