RheaHouse SD97
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Rhea and Ramirez's House
Located In

Fuzen'ro Forest

Controlled By

Rhea Snaketail

Ramirez Bloodeyes

Slightly Damned #97 [HQTS]

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Rhea and Ramirez's House was the residential home for Rhea and Ramirez after reaching the age of 13-15 like other Jakkai; now currently closed off due to no one inhabiting it.


The home was built within a large rounded tree, whose leaves turn snow-white instead of falling off during the winter. On the front of the house is a wooden stairway with wooden handlebars that are connected to the tree, both seemingly damaged due to the amount of time it was vacant. On the front and right sides of the tree are canopies that are above the front door and side window, while on the front side are two lanterns just beneath the support of the canopy. In between the door and canopy is a patch of leaves that, during the winter, have turned white; much like all Jakkai homes built within trees.

Somewhere around the tree is a sentence engraved into the bark, that Rhea made, which seems to make an insult about Stonepaw; but is also a sign that the secret entrance into the house was nearby and could be dug up. It's small enough for a Jakkai but big enough to fit a Demon like Buwaro. The pathway seems to lead into Rhea's room.


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Each room is covered with wooden planks on the walls and floors, although it appears the bark of the tree is left alone in regards to the stairway, which appear to be in the form of wooden blocks that stick out of the wall and spiral upward. At most it seems there are at least two floors.


According to other Jakkai, before Rhea and Ramirez were born, the previous owner was murdered and her ghost cursed the place. Despite the warnings she and Ramirez moved in anyway. After Rhea was murdered and Ramirez moved out the home was closed down, possibly out of superstition.


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