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18 (First appearance: 17)


2'8" (81cm)

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Team Rhea (Buwaro and Kieri)

Sinclair Family

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Sinclair Wagon

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Active (Revived)


Moonshade (father)

Unnamed Mother (birth-mother)

Moku the Earth Snake (grand-father) (deceased)


Lightfoot (nest-sister) (deceased)

Ramirez Bloodeyes (nest-brother)


Fuzen'ro Forest

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #1 [HQTS]

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Rhea Snaketail is the main protagonist of Slightly Damned. She was an approximately 18-year-old Jakkai who was murdered shortly before the story starts with her being judged by "Death" in the Afterlife. She is judged to be slightly too far south of neutral to qualify for Purgatory so she is assigned to the Ring of the Slightly Damned, outside of Hell. Once there, she meets the friendly Demon, Buwaro, and his slightly less friendly siblings, Sakido and Iratu.

After many months in Hell, she escapes with Buwaro and is resurrected. The pair go on to encounter the oddly shy Warrior Angel, Kieri Suizahn and travel across Fragaria together searching for Kieri's brother, Kazai.


Rhea appears much like most Jakkai, but with a tail that is much longer than normal, earning her the name "Snaketail" when she was born. Her eyes are yellow/gold like a cat and the fur patterns on her cheeks have a jagged triangle pattern. She wears a long-sleeved white shirt under a blue vest, light blue shorts and is mostly seen with cloth padding wrapped around her lower legs (metatarsus). Her hair color is brown/grey like all Jakkai but styled into a ponytail with a blue hair band.

During the winter she wears a red winter coat with wool cuffs and a wool zipper line. She seems to wear it even while having her winter fur coat.

Her golden yellow eyes are described by her biological father, Moonshade, as "eyes like the sun" and to be a trait Rhea has inherited from her biological mother.

Her tongue appears to have changed from a rounded end to a forked end following the transformation after drinking the yellow magic potion.


Rhea is often kind, but sometimes can be cruel; she is always self-centered. She has a dark sense of humor that often involves teasing and laughing at other people's faults or mistakes, perhaps to draw attention away from her own. As part of this, she is reasonably good at reading people and can use that to manipulate them; however, she can still become frustrated by other people's ignorance or stupidity. Despite appearing cynical and brash, she has a good heart and can usually be counted on to always do the right thing when the stakes are high enough.

Rhea has natural leadership abilities and takes her responsibilities seriously, sometimes acting like an overprotective older sister. As the unofficial leader of the group of her, Kieri and Buwaro, she always tries to keep them on track, motivated and moving as fast as possible, even if she has to use unethical means to do it (like hiding that they are being hunted by a crazed Demon bent on revenge from their travelling companions). She becomes annoyed with herself when she, herself, slows them down by falling ill after doing a good deed.

Rhea has an almost pathological tendency to keep secrets. She always holds her cards close to the vest, even from her immediate friends who may find the information useful, or would help share the burden. She seems determined to keep her thoughts and burdens to herself unless forced to reveal her hand by circumstances. The reasons for this can vary between, perhaps misguidedly, trying to avoid spoiling other people's good moods with bad news and just hiding her own insecurities from being judged the same way she judges others.

Unlike most Jakkai in her village, Rhea is not very religious and also considers the place to be boring. Rhea experienced a traumatic event where one of her nest-sisters died when she was young, it wasn't her fault but she blamed herself and it broke her faith in religion when praying didn't help prevent it. This attitude left her at constant odds with Stonepaw, one of the village elders, as Rhea stopped caring about the village traditions and ceremonies.

Initially, Rhea was afraid of Demons since arriving in the Ring of the Slightly Damned and traveling to the inner parts of Hell, even after meeting Buwaro before hand she would be hesitant into going into areas where Demons or other dangerous beings would be. Overtime she seems to have become desensitized to the idea that all Demons are as scary as some she encountered and while she'll still be spooked on occasion by even friendly Demons like Sahne, she'll be quick to relax after a brief moment with them. It has gotten to a point where some of the things that Demons do, while terrifying, she now finds underwhelming given everything she has seen or experienced in her life.

Rhea clearly prefers Human culture over her own, probably because they seem less judgmental and conformist. Her favorite food is rabbit.



YoungRheaJakeandRamirez SD543

Rhea (left), Jake (middle) and Ramirez (right) as kids.

Rhea was hatched alongside many other Jakkai and was given the name Snaketail for her unusually long and prehensile tail. Like all children, she was unaware of who her birth parents were but didn't mind given Jakkai customs. Growing up, she was skeptical towards her cultural religion in regards to Gaia, Syndel, and the Twelve Guardians. The reason for her skepticism was that when she was still a child, Rhea and one of her nest-sisters, Lightfoot, were playing by the river. Lightfoot fell in and was quickly swept away.

Not knowing what to do, Rhea prayed to Gaia and the Guardians to save her sister but her prayers went unanswered. The adults of her village found Lightfoot's battered body downstream but she was already dead. The Village Elder, Stonepaw, tried to comfort Rhea by telling her she did the right thing running for help and that if she'd tried to save her sister herself she'd have likely drowned as well but still, Rhea's faith in Gaia and the Guardians has been lessened ever since. And she still felt responsible and has lived with the guilt ever since.

At some point, she would befriend a fellow Jakkai named Ramirez Bloodeyes and a human named Jake Thorndyke who lived in a village not too far from the forest. As they got older, Rhea and Ramirez would move into a tree just outside the village where they would live together for a few years.

Rhea died the day her village was celebrating the Wind Guardian, Fuzen'ro the Bat. When it was her turn to be a part of a traditional dance she couldn't have cared less, earning her the ire of one of the elders, Stonepaw. In defiance, Rhea struck the sacred statue of Fuzen'ro that Stonepaw held in her hand, angering her to the point of cursing Rhea and threatening to exile her.

To insult Stonepaw even further, Rhea took her up on her threat and left the village in fury and sadness. One person, Rhea's best friend Ramirez Bloodeyes, tried to stop her but she was too stubborn and upset to listen and blew him off, and before she knew it, someone had stabbed her in the chest. It happened so quickly that she never saw her killer.

To Hell and BackEdit

Time in the Ring of the Slightly DamnedEdit

RheaMeetingDeath SD3

Being judged by Death himself.

After her funeral, Rhea awoke in an unknown place to be greeted by Death (who was actually Darius in disguise), who placed judgement on her for her death. Naturally she was distraught over the fact that she was dead and that Death himself was judging her on whether she goes to Heaven or Hell. However because she was not good enough to go to Heaven, but not evil enough for Hell, Death decided to take her to the Ring of the Slightly Damned where she would be assigned to Buwaro, who would act as her Demon Supervisor during her stay.

At first the two did not get along very well as Buwaro was very dim-witted and weak for a Demon. She found him to be very annoying whenever he said or did anything that she found stupid. However she was surprised that another Demon he knew, Sakido, was not only intimidating but also his older sister. Sakido didn't stay long, only asking about if Death received anything meant for her and left to investigate a large pillar of light.

Over the course of her stay, Rhea would have dreams about the time she died and how it would always end before she could find out who the murderer was. She also suffered from the annoyance brought on by Buwaro and how the Ring of the Slightly Damned sucked. She even met other denizens such as Seymour Sinclair, who always tried to reach heaven by swimming the River Styx, as well as Buwaro's older brother Iratu who was just as strange to her as Sakido was.

One day, Death asked Rhea to take a letter to Sakido, who lived on a high pinnacle within the ring. She and Buwaro went there and after numerous attempts (resulting in them falling a lot), they found her and delivered the letter. However due to Buwaro eating Sakido's plant, the two were thrown off, only to be saved as she wanted them to get a letter from Iratu who was currently in Hell.

RheaAvoidingIratu SD56

Dodging a berserk Iratu's attacks.

The two traveled to the gates of Hell where they encountered Cerberus. After getting past him they searched though Hell and seeing the kinds of horror that could be found. Along the way they meet Azurai, who was trying to torture an old human male. They get information from him (though he intended it to be false) and the two eventually run into Iratu, who was sleeping. They succeed in grabbing a piece of paper with a drawing on it only to be chased off by a half-berserk Iratu. They escape and return to Sakido. Despite it not being the letter that she was after, she accepted it anyway.

Rhea later found the book she saw before that was hidden beneath a boulder that Buwaro kept his possessions, along with a white feather to which she decided to keep from Buwaro in a meanful manner. Given how easy it was to keep stuff from him she also snatched his Star Emblem that was around his neck, a mistake that would cause him to go berserk and kill her.

Not long after, she was revived through the power of Hell, as mortals from Medius will always come back to life after a day while in Hell in order to be tortured some more. Sakido explained to her about what had happened and also told her about how Demons who die cannot come back at all. She told Rhea to try and make up to Buwaro, taking the book she had while letting her keep the feather to return, however he was too depressed to be reasoned with. As a result, Death assigned Sakido to watch her for the time being.

While staying with Sakido she learned a bit how Sakido tried getting along with Buwaro and the difficulties in her trying to be a big sister, and Rhea even talked to her about her dreams involving her death. Eventually Sakido asked her to be Buwaro's big sister, promising that she'll make it up to her later.

Rhea and Sakido later returned to Buwaro to hopefully make up for what happened. Rhea succeeds in cheering Buwaro up and is able to get Sakido to warm up to him again. From then on Rhea started getting along with Buwaro a lot better than before and Sakido would often visit the two.

Return to MediusEdit

One day Sakido came to Rhea and told her about her plan to escape Hell through the pillar of light that had been appearing ever since Rhea arrived in Hell. After leaving for a short while Sakido returned all battered and injured, for as it turns out she had defeated Cerberus so that the three can get into Hell a lot easier. While flying the three are attacked by demons who quickly beat up Rhea and Buwaro, forcing Sakido to go into a Berserk State and killing most of the demons. Before she can kill Buwaro she momentarily gained control and grabbed the two in order to fly into the light. Sakido was then shot down by an unnamed angel just before falling into the light.

RheaAndBuwaro SD92R

"It's okay, I'm here with you..."

The three had arrived in Medius, at the graveyard where Rhea was buried, however Sakido had already died from the whole experience. Rhea buried her within the grave that the Jakkai originally buried her in, leaving behind a coin in her ear as per tradition, despite knowing there's no afterlife for demons. She vowed to uphold her promise to Sakido and watch out for Buwaro as his big sister.

The two set off for Rhea's house in order to get out of the cold. Rhea tried her best to comfort Buwaro with little success. They soon stumbled upon an unconscious snow rabbit, which Rhea would name Snowy, who Buwaro started growing attached to. They then settle inside her old home and find it deserted, as her old friend Ramirez had already moved out. She gave him some honey to eat since they are no longer protected by the power of Hell, and learned that he couldn't read books.

Snow AngelsEdit

Meeting KieriEdit

Overnight, Snowy transformed into a human looking individual, unbeknownst to Buwaro and Rhea that she was actually an Angel. After some conflict they try to assess what is going on and explain things to her. Rhea then decided to go out and get some food for them to eat, leaving Buwaro and Snowy alone to hopefully try and get along.

Thunderheart SD115

Perfectly willing to lie to a child...

As Rhea complained about how she didn't have her winter fur coat and how she can't get to the storehouse in her village without getting caught, she was surprised by the appearance of Thunderheart, who was unaware that Rhea had come back to life and thought she was a spirit. Rhea convinced him to get her some supplies from Lockjaw's place on the promise to visit him on the next Spirits Day.

Later she returned home to find out that Buwaro now has wings, all thanks to wearing Sakido's Sun Emblem. She tried to get answers from Snowy about who or what she was but couldn't, as she was mute. She then decided to try and take Snowy to the nearby Human village for the time being and they all set out the following morning. Because Buwaro gave his pet rock Thadius the map and compass she originally gave to him, Rhea separated from the two to retrieve them.

After getting back the missing items, Rhea returned to where they last were only to find Thadius. Shortly after, Buwaro and Snowy were running toward her as two demons, Lazuli and Talus, were after them. The three get trapped on top of a lake where they learn that Snowy is not only an Angel, but that her real name was Kieri Suizahn, the latter which removes the braces she had on her and allowing her to speak and use her spells. During the battle, Rhea found out she could not touch Holy objects, like Kieri's Sun Emblem. Towards the end of the battle, Lazuli made one last attempt to kill Kieri by dragging her underwater with her. Kieri would resurface, only to fall unconscious and into her snow rabbit form.

RheaAndSnowy SD147

"Why am I always surrounded by people with no common sense?"

She and Buwaro carried Kieri as they headed to Farun. After she woke up she began to apologize to the two for what had happened and thanked them for saving her. Rhea demanded to know what she was as Kieri explained how she was from Heaven before falling to Medius along with her brother, his friend and a human, and how she was cursed by Toski the Rabbit before being captured by Lazuli and Talus. The group then arrive at Farun where Rhea is forced to leave Buwaro for awhile while she and Kieri went to find him a disguise.

JakeAndRhea SD153

Rhea putting things her way.

As Rhea and Kieri walk through town, Rhea decides the two should separate for the time being, while concerned about Kieri being alright alone. She then decided to stop at a retail store where Jake "Jay" Thorndyke works, asking to acquire some clothes for Buwaro to wear while he's around humans. Jake grew suspicious about why Rhea wasn't in her winter fur coat, as well as her absence during the Winter Solstice festival or the whole year for that matter. She tried to excuse herself by saying she was ill and went further by threatening to tell the whole town about nearly exploding something. He then gave her a box which contained a pimp suit that Rhea would find out later after giving it to Buwaro, and wasn't at all happy about it.

RheaPimpSuit SD164

Rhea trying on Buwaro's Pimp Suit.

The two re-enter town, despite the people giving them odd looks and even calling her a "Jakkai hooker" in bewilderment. Buwaro wanted to explore the town but Rhea said they'd do it tomorrow. Instead they head to the Snow Drop Inn where Kieri is staying at. The innkeeper told them their room was free since they were friends with an Angel. At first they thought to leave her alone with her brother, only to find out he wasn't here and that he and his friend left town already.

They find Kieri in her room, upset that her brother wasn't in town anymore. They try to cheer her up and learn things about her and her kind; such as why they have matching color clothing and hair, how her favorite color was purple (just like Buwaro, to her embarrassment), and how the Angel Emblems work. This also confirmed to Kieri that the two did come from Hell while learning that Buwaro's sister, Sakido, died on the way up, which made her feel sorry for him. Through Rhea and Buwaro's bantering, Kieri started to warm up to the two.

Later that evening, as they left Kieri alone while they ate, Buwaro asked Rhea why Sakido died just to bring them to Medius. She replied that Sakido wanted to see the world Rhea lived in and wanted him to be happy instead of living in the Ring of the Slightly Damned forever.

The next morning, Kieri (who had a nightmare involving Lazuli and Toski before being saved by Rhea and Buwaro at the end) brought the two breakfest, with Rhea joking how the innkeeper brought them a Snow Rabbit to eat since she was one at the moment. The three ate while Kieri finished her story on how she was separated from Kazai and his friend Sanjulo. Buwaro offers to help while Rhea is reluctant at first. She decides to chance it through a coin toss, whether to help find her brother or not. While landing on Heads, which was to do nothing about it, she decides to help anyway.

JakeHuggingRhea SD185

Jake and Rhea giving each other good-bye hugs.

The three go around Farun to collect supplies and satisfy Buwaro's curiosity of the world. They then visit Jake again at his shop. Upon seeing Kieri he started to flirt with her but was interrupted by Rhea, saying that she was leaving with them to travel around Fragaria together. Disappointed that she was leaving, he granted her a few favors from her, first one being to sell them a sheath for Kieri's Sword, though the one he had turned out to be Kieri's original sheath. The second favor was to give her his mailing address so that they could stay in touch while she was traveling. After doing so she gave him a good-bye hug, commenting that Buwaro's mannerisms must be rubbing off on her.

River-Side StoriesEdit

Search for KazaiEdit

The next day they set off on their way to Riverside City as they head eastward. Along the way they stay at an old rest stop where Rhea and Buwaro learn more about the Great War as well as Mother Gaia and Syndel. As they continued the following morning, they run into a couple of bandits, who Rhea and Kieri easily beat. The three eventually arrive at Riverside City after a day of travel.

The three get a room at the Chipper Mudskipper Inn and after dinner, Rhea asks Kieri if she could read the book that she brought from Hell, as a way for Kieri to make up to them for everything thus far, who of course tells them that it's a diary from an Angel named Darius Elexion. Rhea and Buwaro both find the name familiar, though Buwaro found it similar to the name Thadius. They convince Kieri to read it, learning a bit about him before deciding to quit for the night.

They begin searching for Kazai the next morning with no luck at all. Trouble arises when Rhea sees some kids playing on the frozen river where there are cracks. Remembering something from her past and not wanting it to happen again, Rhea goes out to stop them, only for one of the kids to fall through. She tries to save them but ends up going under, nearly drowning. She awakens after having been reminded of when her nest-sister died in a similar case, where she is bedridden for the next several days while Buwaro and Kieri decide to try working with the Trouble Center.

RheaLetterMonologue SD247

"I guess it's impossible to predict what'll happen in life."

Overtime as she was bedridden, she and Buwaro tried to cheer Kieri up, who was upset because of her curse, and that her brother was not in this city. Through misunderstanding she causes Buwaro to think that Kieri's 'crush' on him was a bad thing when really it meant she really liked him. Rhea then got her to read more of Darius' Diary and learn more about him and how eventually he got pulled into Medius to fight.

At one point she sent Jake a letter telling him about what's happened so far.

Buwaro and Kieri return to the Inn to tell Rhea how they accidentally prevented a little girl from saving a Fairy from a shopkeeper who was illegally selling them. Initially, Rhea didn't believe them as she thought Fairies didn't exist, but through some convincing (and some puppy dog eyes from Buwaro and Kieri), she decides to help out; especially now that she was well again. She decides to try and haggle her way into getting the fairy using Buwaro's pimp suit, the demon cloth they got when they fought Lazuli and the extra money from Kieri's purse.

RheaVsShopkeeper SD256

Rhea vs the Shopkeeper, literally!

Rhea confronted the shopkeeper and proceeded to haggle with him which took several hours to do, while Buwaro and Kieri waited outside. Just as the little girl they met showed up, Rhea had finished her business as when none of what she offered would work, she simply socked the guy and stole the fairy. They all ran off just as he started calling out for her.

After losing the shopkeeper, Rhea opened the jar containing the fairy, surprised that there really was a fairy inside after all. The blue Fairy then joined up with it's sister, who was hiding inside the little girl's hat. She introduced herself as Samantha "Sammy" Kailum, who is currently traveling with her family in a wagon. She recognized Buwaro and Kieri as a Demon and Angel and found it weird that they're all friends. The three escort Sammy and the fairies back to her wagon where her aunt, Miranda Sinclair, was waiting.

As everyone was drinking tea and eating cookies, Cliff, the head of the family, arrived only to be surprised that the Demon and Angel he met earlier was in his home. After a short argument from Cliff and Miranda, they properly introduced themselves, along with another fairy named Duster, though Rhea found the name "Sinclair" familiar. Miranda offers the three to travel with them to Weyville, despite Cliff's protests, however Rhea says they had to go for the evening in order to cover for Kieri who nearly transformed in front of them.

MailWyvernandBuwaro SD268

"Can I keep him?"

At the Inn, Rhea ponders whether they really should take up their offer because of the trouble it'll be to keep Kieri's curse a secret, and that Cliff doesn't like Buwaro. With consideration they decide to go for it. Before leaving they stop by the post office to collect a letter from Jake (as well as brush off a Wright Wyvern that followed Buwaro), and soon they ended up traveling with the Sinclairs in their wagon.

Love and WarEdit

Journey with the SinclairsEdit

As they traveled, Rhea looked at the letter she received and was horrified to find out that Lazuli was still alive, based on what Jake wrote about a monster murdering the town butcher. Knowing this would likely worry her friends she decided to keep it a secret from them as they were better off as happy as they can be.

As days went by, nothing eventful happened, other than a few close calls regarding Kieri, who was also reading more of Darius' Diary. After she had read about Buwaro and why he has the Star Emblem, she asked to speak to the two outside. Rhea was reluctant about telling her the truth, however Buwaro ended up telling Kieri that everything about his Star Emblem controlling his Berserk State was true. This caused her to become upset as she truly thought he was different from other demons. Rhea then scolded her for treating him like a monster and how she was nothing but a cold-hearted b****. This caused Kieri to fly off in tears and Buwaro to get into an argument with Rhea. Rhea, feeling bad for what had happened, went out to search for Kieri.

RheaAndKieriMakeup SD320

Rhea and Kieri make up for earlier.

As she searched, she worried about the idea that Lazuli would be around, despite being miles away. She also contemplated about bringing Buwaro or not. She then decided to rely on her hunting senses to locate her, which she does. She grabs her before she could get away, even after transforming back into Angel form. Rhea starts to apologize for some of the things she's said while Kieri admits that she's just terrified of what Buwaro could become. Rhea tells her that Buwaro would never remove the Star Emblem and that he is what he is. As they head back, Kieri expresses her concern about how because Buwaro is a Demon, while she is an Angel, it would be like betraying her family. Rhea tells her that if she truly cares for him then it shouldn't matter what anyone says.

They return to the wagon where Buwaro was waiting for them, only now he was acting differently from before. He rejected Kieri's hand as if he wanted to keep away from her. Rhea was bothered by his strange behavior and wanted to talk to him, but Kieri stopped her, saying it was her own fault she rejected Buwaro in the first place and that she will try to handle things for now on.

The next day, Rhea (in an attempt to get the two to talk to each other at least) asked Kieri about how she found out about Buwaro's problem. Kieri told them everything she read from the diary up to this point, which only confused the two of them. Rhea wondered why she was never told while Kieri suspected something happened to Darius when Buwaro was young. Buwaro was saddened that he couldn't remember him or if he was family to him, however Rhea told him that if he were to think of his father, it'd be through his last name which was Elexion. Buwaro proudly accepted his new full name, Buwaro Elexion.

The Weyville IncidentEdit

The group slowly arrives to where Weyville is as Rhea learns from Sammy about how Cliff used to be part of the Trouble Center when he was young, that he went out to adopt her after her parents died and that he was really nice; all of which Rhea found hard to believe given what she's experienced with him.

RheaCantSleep SD342

"Some of us are trying to sleep!!"

They stop for the night, just outside of town, where they discuss their plans for tomorrow. Kieri would go with Sammy, Willow and Eve, Cliff would go with Miranda and Duster to see someone about a certain item, while Rhea and Buwaro stayed in the wagon. Rhea decided to use that opportunity to chat with Buwaro about Kieri. Later as everyone was sleeping, Kieri was having a nightmare about killing Buwaro, who woke her up after to try and figure out what happened. This only woke up Rhea who angrily told them that everyone was trying to sleep.

RheaTailBitten SD349

That's gotta hurt...

The next morning, after everyone had gone off into town, Rhea tried to cheer Buwaro up about Kieri by reading him some fairy tales; including one called "The Monster and the Maiden". Through this and Buwaro's complaints about himself, she figured out he was just having low self-esteem issues. She encouraged him to simply try and improve himself and overcome whatever problems he may have, even using hand puppets she made with Sammy. Buwaro took this to heart and after grabbing his Trouble Center button, decided to go after Kieri and tell her how much he wants to change. Rhea only watched as he took off and only hoped that nothing bad would happen. One of the horses then took notice of the Buwaro puppet on her tail and bit her, causing her to scream loudly.

It's very likely that she remained in the wagon until the Sinclairs returned with Buwaro and Kieri, who were nearly killed by Denevol.

Almost two days after the incident, Buwaro finally woke up, though initially shocked to see Death but it was just Rhea holding the puppet version of him. She told him about Kieri and tried to tell him that she needed to be left alone for awhile, however Buwaro decided to go anyway despite still recovering.

Forgive MeEdit

Journey to St. CurtisEdit

RheasConfession SD378

Rhea tells the truth about Lazuli.

Rhea later dropped in on the two, hanging from a tree by her tail and having watched them the whole time they talked. She told them that Cliff returned and that it was dinner time, so they headed back together. As they did, Kieri expressed concern about how they might encounter Angels that may try to kill Buwaro. Rhea took the opportunity to tell them that in addition to Demons wanting to kill Kieri as well, Lazuli was still alive and after them. Naturally Kieri was upset that Rhea kept this a secret from them though Rhea replied that they wouldn't have been able to do anything about it anyway. Kieri was still unsure about keeping the truth from the Sinclairs, so Rhea made a compromise: If they don't hear anything about Kieri's brother in Weyville, they'd keep traveling to St. Curtis where they'll separate from them there, since it was the biggest city in Fragaria.

RheaDefendingSnowy SD384

If there's any problem with this, they can leave.

As they arrive back at the wagon, Kieri apologized for putting her in danger as well. While saying it was no big deal, she accidentally revealed that she was murdered, surprising Kieri even more. Rhea tried dodging the truth by questioning about the Jakkai egg that Cliff got while in Weyville, and getting dishes for dinner. Kieri scolded her about how she shouldn't lie to her friends. Before Rhea can say anything about Kieri, Buwaro accidently caused a loud crash when trying to touch the egg. The sudden shock caused Kieri to transform into her rabbit form while the Sinclairs look on in shock.

RheaExcitedStCurtis SD386

Those eyes make her look scary...

Cliff prepared a spell in his hand but Miranda stopped him, but still argued that there is still something suspicious about her turning into a Snow Rabbit. Kieri started to break down in tears but Rhea gently wrapped her with her tail and told them the truth, saying that if there was a problem they'd leave. Miranda understood the whole situation and told them about how Cliff was cursed by Meeros the Mortori Bird once, which Cliff was ashamed of having revealed to them. Rhea, now in shock over this and previous events before it, wondered how many people Cliff knew. Since they were going to St. Curtis they might run into a guardian or two and hopefully break Kieri's curse. When the Spring Flower Festival was brought up, Rhea explained to Buwaro about it and was very excited since she was finally going to see it.

The following morning, Rhea went back to Weyville in order to deliver a letter to the Post Office to send to Jake. Along the way she found the Trouble Center button that Buwaro brought and continued along her way, unaware that she was being watched by an unknown Wind Demon.

She later caught up to everyone as they started setting out again, even catching Buwaro by surprise and jumping on him, remarking how he needs work. Buwaro asked her if she could teach him Magic, and she replied saying that she couldn't teach him anything since Jakkai are terrible at using magic and she only knows one spell; also because Kieri is unable to teach him any Fire spells, he would need to ask Cliff. Later she and Kieri ate lunch with Miranda, Sammy, Willow and Eve while also watching Buwaro attempt to use Fire magic.

Days later, Rhea helped test Buwaro in spelling out names in Lingo while learning that Kieri was the only one in her family who studied Lingo. She even cheered her up when she started feeling depressed about how her family treats her.

Buwaro eventually got Kieri to start reading Darius' diary again. After awhile it seemed like there was nothing left and all that was left was a blood stain and the words "I love you, my children." Rhea worried about what might have happened when Kieri noticed more pages. Rhea then decided they should go outside and read the rest as it was all written by Sakido. They soon finished reading the diary and how Darius supposedly met his end. Buwaro cried in Kieri's arms was Rhea, saddened by how things turned out, wondered if Death knew anything about this; that is before getting smothered by Buwaro as well.

FairyQueenIsReal SD438

She is real?!

As they continued to St. Curtis, Rhea would learn from Sammy that Khamegas would go to the Spring Flower Festival as well (since she never got to see one around her home) and was amazed that Buwaro could sing well. On the same night, Rhea awoke to the sounds of someone crying. Cliff, who was still awake at the time, thought it might have just been an owl. She went back to sleep as Cliff noticed the egg he had obtained was wiggling slightly.

Rhea and the others arrived at a river just in front of the deeper parts of the Southern Woods, where they say good bye to Willow and Eve. Eve gave Rhea a Fairy kiss, though unlike the ones given to the others, hers was out of a crush Eve had for her. Rhea was then horrified by the fact that the stories involving the Fairy Queen murdering her victims were true, based on what Sammy said.

Later, Rhea told Miranda about their plan to separate once they got to St. Curtis, though Miranda insisted they stay longer since it would be hard to find lodging when they get there. Rhea then explained to Buwaro more about the Twelve Guardians, what they can do and how some took part in the Great War. Cliff returned just as they started talking about Meeros and was not in the mood to talk about him since he had enough to deal with. Rhea asked if there was anyway they could repay them for helping them so much. Miranda replied by asking to harvest some materials from their bodies (such as Demon horn and nail clippings, Angel feathers, tears and some hair from all three of them) to use in brewing the Rainbow Reverie; to which Kieri misunderstood the harvesting joke and was ready to protect her friends. Cliff then agreed to let Rhea and her friends tend the shop with him while they are in St. Curtis, and that they stay with them until the festival was over, or until they meet Meeros.

The Flower FestivalEdit

Pre-Festival EventsEdit

RheaExplainsStCurtis SD462

Do not interrupt Rhea when she speaks.

Rhea and her friends would spend the next few weeks traveling, while Rhea helped Miranda in brewing the Rainbow Reverie with some mixed results. While traveling through Griffin Pass, Rhea noticed a large statue of Melli the Bee and wondered if it was like the statue of Fuzen'ro the Bat back in her forest. She then told Buwaro and Kieri the history of St. Curtis, regarding how it got the name and how the Jakkai and Humans got along.

The group later arrived in St. Curtis and not long after they discovered that Angels and Demons are able to walk in public without any sort of problem, which would allow Buwaro to freely be out in the open as well. Sammy offered to take Rhea, Buwaro and Kieri to the Trouble Center while Cliff told Duster to watch over the three in secret.

Over the next few days the three worked together on helping people while trying to find information about Kazai and his friend Sanjulo. They then met a small Wind Angel named Tirol who was oddly fascinated by Buwaro. They were then greeted by his mother, Kinako, as well as her Earth Demon friend Sahne; especially surprising the three. However they soon ask the two about Kazai and Sanjulo, only to be told that they caused the landslide blocking the western pass into Blossom Valley. When Kieri told them that she was his sister they merely laughed, not believing she was a Suizahn Warrior Angel. Before leaving, Rhea asked the two about how they got to Medius. Sahne explained that Demons use the Ascension to leave Hell while Angels use the Counterreaction, while being vague about 'why' they go through the ritual of coming here. Before she could elaborate further, Kinako asked her to stop and they left for home.

FlowerFestivalBegins SD488

And thus the Spring Flower Festival begins!

GroupHug SD500

"Now this is getting weird."

Later that day, as the flowers started falling and the Flower Festival officially began, the three stopped by the jail house where Kazai and Sanjulo might have been, only to learn that they were already let out after cleaning up the mess. Disappointed by this turn of events, the three returned to the wagon where Cliff and Duster were waiting. Buwaro however, found a small wright wyvern and tried to give it to Kieri to cheer her up, which she happily accepted. Cliff commented on the wyvern and how they have no idea what they just found, before leaving the wagon to them. Kieri then remembered that today was her birthday, however she gave Rhea and Buwaro gifts, thinking that she was the one to give gifts to people. Rhea and Kieri even allowed Buwaro to share the same birthday as Kieri since they couldn't figure out when he was born.

Day 1Edit

RheaMeetsToby SD516

Things just got weirder.

The next morning the three helped Cliff in selling his merchandise in return for living off him for a while. During the time she learned a bit more about Seymour Sinclair, as surprised to learn about the existence of Merfolk. She was especially shocked to see that Mixlings were also real, meeting a Hukai named Toby. She even teased Kieri about her future Mixling with Buwaro.

Later a large Khamega appeared, wanting to purchase Crunky (while also revealing that Crunky was a girl) from them. Kieri denied his offer since it was a gift from Buwaro, thus he decided to steal her by blasting them with water. He didn't get far as he was shortly stopped by Kieri. She remarked how Cliff did nothing to protect 'his' stand, while he replied that he knew Kieri had things covered since she was someone who would "defend anyone from anything." Rhea doubted that since Kieri still had self-esteem issues, right as she was watched by other people after that.

KierisAnger SD527

You may not sell Crunky!

Soon, Sammy and Toby returned with Cliff's lunch, who the latter discovered there was barely any food left, as apparently Sammy gave most of his lunch away to a baby earth dragon, as Toby stated. Cliff decided to eat anyway but it was already eaten by Buwaro. He yelled for Sammy, who decided to take Buwaro to the popcorn stand to avoid punishment. While the two were gone, Toby was fascinated by what Crunky was, he wondered why she is the way she is. Cliff then began to explain that Golden Wright Wyverns are considered to be very valuable, especially on the black market, because their scales are practically gold and can be used to make coins and jewelry like the real deal. Rhea once again teased about selling her, to which Kieri was not amused. Cliff also noted that because Crunky has such a small body (thinking she's either a baby or just deformed), she can fly because of magic; the reason because Wright Wyverns are said to be what's left of any actual Wind Dragons while possessing the ability to use Wind Magic, Golden Wyverns being the most powerful.

After Buwaro and Sammy returned and told them what they learned, Buwaro asked if they had a name for Crunky yet. Kieri initially suggests an unpronounceable Angelic name, but decides to go with something the others can say and asks for suggestions. Rhea was the most enthusiastic but least helpful before Buwaro suggests "Crunky". The reason being that she looked like a Honey Popcorn Ball to him, and that he thought a sign he saw read "crunky" while Sammy corrects him as saying "crunchy", leaving him embarrassed. Regardless, when Kieri called Crunky by that name, she happily accepted it.

Later that evening, Rhea is seen sleeping as Kieri talks to Buwaro about how she got into a fight with Kazai.

Day 2Edit

RheaAZombie SD451

Does that make Rhea a zombie now?

Unknown to either of them, Rhea was somehow listening into their conversation, which she sarcastically implies in the morning after getting up. She sniffed Kieri and told her how she can use her natural-born hunting senses to try and locate her brother through scent; since she believes that because they are twins they should smell alike. Rhea sniffed the air only to instead notice a surprisingly familiar scent. She located the source as being under the wagon and dragged Jake out from under it with her tail. Rhea was initially surprised to see him here while Jake greeted her so casually. He explained how he got her letter, decided to follow her and what he did.

He then started to question about her murder as it was mentioned in Ramirez's letter. Rhea denied it at first but Jake was able to trick her into admitting this through the fact that Buwaro and Kieri were really a Demon and Angel. She showed him the scar she got from after being stabbed and while Jake felt bad for her and that she had it rough, he soon joked about whether she was a zombie now and she yelled at him. Before leaving to check on his animals, Jake said that he would return to fulfill the promise he, Rhea and Ramirez made when they were kids, which Rhea tells Kieri was to leave Fuzen'ro Forest together; ultimately stating that Jake is now their new travel companion.

TsavoEnraged SD550

"You two've really done it this time!"

Later, just as Rhea started getting bored over waiting on Cliff to arrive, Cliff finally showed up so that they can sell Miranda's merchandise, including the now complete Rainbow Reverie set. While Buwaro was practicing magic with Kieri, they ended up causing a Water Bubble with a fireball inside to be blown into Tsavo, freaking Rhea out as the three are confronted by him. The three watched as Cliff confronted him, amazed by how he was standing up to him so well; they also witness the two male Angels come to help along with the Seraph Angel Verammi. They then watched as the Demon flew away.

As Cliff sighed in relief, Rhea asked if he was bluffing the whole time, especially since he could use powerful magic. He told her that it's only when Duster is around; and right on time, Duster appeared to inform him about Miranda having a baby. Cliff tells Rhea and friends to keep watching the stand as she just watches. As the male Earth Angel grabs Buwaro's Star Emblem, Rhea freaked and yelled at him to let go. She then watched as Kieri attempted to stop the Angel from harming her friend before violently beating him. Rhea soon got her to stop just before the Angels left and then saw Kieri run inside the wagon, door slamming shut.

Jake returned, having seen most of the action from the crowd, as Rhea told him about what happened. They then talked a bit about how Angels looked alike, how all the Demons seem so different looking and about Rhea's experiences with them since dying. They both then see Sammy, along with Toby, riding on a baby Earth Dragon with several other animals that she supposedly freed. Jake remarked that things wouldn't be boring now.

Current ArcEdit

Day 2 - NightEdit

Later that afternoon, Rhea and the others went inside the wagon to eat cookies with Meeros as well as talk about whether he can help with removing Kieri's curse. Shortly after Cliff returned, Meeros started talking about how Angels and Demons had higher magic resistance than the average mundane Median; which naturally causes him and Rhea to feel insulted. However Meeros momentarily noticed Rhea and how there was something odd about her and she reminds him of something. Cliff then told them all about his new baby daughter Florina in which everyone was happy for him for.

RheaJakeParty SD580

Be doing this Farun-style!

After Cliff and Meeros left to enjoy the night life, Rhea and Jake decided they should go out too. They invited Buwaro to come but he decided to stay with Kieri. As the two go out into the streets, they are amazed by how lively it is compared to the festivals back home. Jake wondered what they should do first. Rhea suggested they either play games, eat or buy souvenirs; but then they both settled to party by drinking booze.

What may have been hours later, Rhea and Jake sit on a bench; feeling very drunk from all the booze they had. Rhea, though disappointed she can't get Buwaro drunk since he's a Fire Demon, wondered what Angels drinking would be like. Jake then asked why she hangs out with them while Rhea reminds him that she kept a promise that she intends to keep. After talking about how nonsensical the Gods were for how Angels and Demons were to them, Jake mentioned that Ramirez wrote to him about how he went to Ghardin City to become a doctor, but also because his village might have thought he killed Rhea. Rhea objected, though while Jake believed her he recommended that she go to Ghardin City to see him. She said she would think about it and after Jake said he'd go anywhere with her she was shocked to hear that he's been transporting fireworks; which given his reputation was a wonder how he lived this long. She then picked up a familiar scent, though dismissed it.

Hangover SD587

Crash and burn.

Rhea and Jake later return to the wagon and were in a severe hangover. Rhea tried her best to remember what had happened that resulted in the tip of her tail being burnt. She remembers there being a fire, screaming and very upset guards; which she concludes is normal when going out drinking with Jake.

While still in her hangover, Rhea gave Kieri a souvenir from when they were out. It was a T-shirt with a bee on it. Rhea wanted to have her wear it under her tabard but as she moved the sleeve she noticed Kieri's scars on her arms. Shamed by this, Kieri told her they were old and not to worry about it; as well as not tell Buwaro about them. Rhea promised, not realizing what her scars were and instead thinking that healing magic couldn't get rid of them. She tried to cheer her up with one last present, wondering where it went and it turned out Crunky was wearing it.

Day 3Edit

Rhea and Jake would later catch up with Buwaro in the alleyway he was hiding in; revealing that Miranda gave them a potion that cured them of their hangover. Buwaro told them he found Kieri's brother, and although glad he did, she asks him if he forgot that they're part of a Demon Slayer family. She then tells him they'll meet up with Kieri later and that it's not safe here. However the city guards spot them as the two arsonists from last night and yell to catch them, thinking they're attacking Buwaro; though before they can go too far the three are greatly shocked by the sight of Melli the Fire Bee crashing into the ground nearby and killing the guards that were pursuing them, plus several civilians.

Demon Invasion - The GatheringEdit

Rhea, Buwaro and Jake witness the eventual death of Melli to the giant snake that appeared to be Moku the Snake to everyone, setting off a massive ball of fire that catches onto various parts of the city. Shortly after a storm kicks in Rhea suddenly feels strange for some reason. Jake runs off to check on Fritz and Sugar as Rhea tells him to meet back up at the wagon later. She then yells at Buwaro who appeared concerned for Kieri before being noticed by Kazai.

During the fight between Meeros and Moonshade, the two escaped and fled deeper into the city. Rhea felt the after effects of her strange ailment but assured Buwaro that Kieri would meet them at the wagon. The two were then chased by an angry mob who mistook Buwaro as one of the attacking Demons, bumped into a Demon who turned her sights on another Angel they would bump into, and were chased up a tree by a Nirvenese Mountain Dog. They were saved by a family of Bee Fairies who knew Cliff and were asked by a 'dashing young man' to help the two return to the wagon, all because the two were blessed by a fairy kiss.

Rhea and Buwaro returned to the wagon safely and asked if Kieri returned, only to be told she hadn't. They were then met with three Demons, Haury, Triska and Abyset who demanded the Rainbow Reverie and threatened to kill them. After Buwaro and Miranda went into the wagon and punched out Abyset, everyone started getting into fights. Rhea led Sammy and Florina away but were stopped by Abyset. Rhea tried fighting the water Demon, even being injured in the process, and for a moment was able to distract him with Buwaro's help to send the children away. Despite her best efforts the two were no match for the Demon and were forced to flee.

During the chase, Kieri swooped in and saved the two by impaling Abyset with her sword. Rhea showed concern for her after she broke down from seemingly killing someone and nearly attacking Buwaro. Duster arrived and asked about the children; Rhea decided to lead him to them while leaving Buwaro and Kieri alone.

She later returned with the children and but also noted how the demon they fought was gone, and they all realized that so were the other demons they fought. At first they thought the person shouting for them was them, only it was Jake who brought all the animals they had. After Kieri healed Rhea's wounds, she asked about what happened with her as she wants to help her, which Kieri started to tell them about.

After hearing her story, Rhea put together that the large Demon Kieri encountered was Buwaro's brother, Iratu. This caused Kieri to tremble but Rhea and Buwaro assured her that they would stick by, however Rhea was upset that the Sinclair family was not going to as they have their children to consider. Kieri then started to thank everyone for everything they did, much to their confusion, before trying to run off. Buwaro tried to stop her but was attacked by her. Rhea yelled at her for hurting their friend before being told that they were weak for not being able to defeat a Demon and how they were not warriors.[1]

Once Kieri left, Rhea began to question her reasons for saying all that and urged Buwaro to come help her; however he did not want to go while Rhea scolded him for saying that despite how she normally treats him. Buwaro yelled that it was that Kieri would never do it though. Rhea decided that she needs to still try and help her, with Buwaro coming to terms that he needed to help too; however they both remembered that they would be no match for Iratu. At that moment, Cliff and family offered to help by giving them doses of the Rainbow Reverie (minus the purple potion as it was destroyed) so that it can help them stand a better chance. With that and the added assistance of Jake, the two paid farewell to the Sinclairs as they set off back into the city.

While searching for information on Kieri, Rhea and the others started helping people. Eventually she called back everyone to discuss what they found and she told them she acquired a scythe from a farmer she helped. Buwaro started to question if the reason Kieri hated him was because he didn't tell her how much he loved her, though Rhea quickly doubted that from experience. They then heard a cry for help from Demons as they rushed to the site, thinking Angels would be there, only to find Tirol with an injured Sahne and a gravely injured Lakritz. Sahne believed they betrayed Kieri and was ready to attack them. However she stopped when Buwaro (tried) talking her out of it.

She then explained what happened and was distraught that she may lose Lakritz too. Rhea decided to use the Green Potion on him, telling Jake that he was someone who would need it. After they healed him and learned that they were all a family, she then explained about how the Ascension worked and the reason the Demons are capturing Angels alive; and that it is all so they can abandon Hell and take over Medius. She stated that she and Lakritz betrayed her kind in favor of Kinako and Tirol and despite Buwaro protesting that they should fight to save her, they replied that they needed to protect Tirol and it'd be too reckless to save someone just for love. Before leaving they left Rhea and group with the whereabouts to where the "Gathering" was.

As the three made their way to their next destination, Jake started to question about everything that was happening and was amazed that Rhea can still be full of energy. She mentioned that it might have been due to Kieri's healing but she then noticed Buwaro lagging behind. They then found the Earth Angel that nearly attacked Buwaro before. Seeing him scared and in tears, Buwaro reached out and assured him he only wants to help him. The Angel begged him to save his friend, in which Buwaro agreed to after pressuring Rhea to.

Leaving Jake behind with the Angel, Rhea and Buwaro went to go find the lost Angel. She came up with a plan to use Buwaro to trick the Demons into thinking he's with them, but then the Demon they ran into with the Wind Angel they were looking for, was none other than Lazuli. She immediately attacked them, causing Buwaro to force Thadius into her mouth; however she would end up destroying her right in front of him. Despite Rhea warning her to run, the two are forced into a fight with her.

Despite their best efforts, Rhea is immobilized whilst Lazuli attempts to finish off Buwaro before being stopped by Kieri, who is also defeated shortly after. Fortunately for all of them, Azurai arrived to stop the fight and remind Lazuli they need to bring Angels in alive. Rhea frees herself and thinks about using one of the potions they got but sees another Demon arriving to complicate things. Buwaro, knowing Kieri wouldn't stop to fight anyway, embraces her and cries that he had captured her in hopes of stopping the fight. Rhea catches onto his intentions and joins in on the act, much to Kieri's dismay. While Azurai and Lazuli argued over her credibility that they're on their side, Rhea mostly went along with what Azurai said about how Lazuli spoke nonsense and eventually the two were allowed to join them in going to the Gathering.

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2Edit

As they made their way to their destination, Rhea worryingly thought about how much trouble she was putting Kieri through and how she would be going to Hell for sure after this, and mentally apologized to her, saying she'll figure something out. Surprised by the Demons they met, they were welcomed inside the Coiled Cobra Bar where the Gathering was being held. Inside they saw many Demons, the Angel Kieri told them about, and a Jakkai in the corner. While terrified, at the same time she felt underwhelmed by what she was seeing, though at least glad they found the Angels they were looking for.

When Hakka shoved Kieri toward the other Angels, Kieri ended up on Rhea in an awkward way. She tried to command her off of her, in a fake non-polite manner, but Buwaro reacted in a worryingly way which annoyed her. Verammi started to make fun of Buwaro for being in love with Kieri while Tsavo noted that he saw the two kissing. As even Iratu joined in on making fun of them, Rhea shouted as Verammi for judging them like that when she was mingling with Demons herself. Verammi countered by saying it was different because she found them cool, much to Rhea's doubts. She continued on, saying that after arriving in Medius she fought Hakka and Nikkei into an even draw, that she realized she no longer had to follow Heaven's orders and that she joined Hell's Army for a worthy cause.

Verammi would go on to say that she found respect in Hakka and Nikkei when arriving to Medius and how corrupt Heaven has gotten since Mother Gaia's disappearance. However when she tried to reassure her belief that Angels and Demons making out is disgusting, she started to eye Hakka and Nikkei, who had started making out, in an awkward manner. This caused Rhea to really doubt her regarding her last statement. She then noticed Buwaro "trying" to pretend that he was lying about his relationship the whole time only to fail and started crying. Iratu laughed at him and said he was never able to do anything right, before asking the two of them to talk to him about how they got to Medius.

As they were about to, Lazuli poured alcohol on Kieri, prompting Buwaro to attack her. Iratu broke up the fight, picked Buwaro and Rhea up and demanded to know what he asked earlier. Buwaro told him that Sakido brought them here but was shot with an arrow and died, in which Iratu would ask if her wound was black like Lazulis. Rhea confirmed this which caused him to explain that it was by an Angel, making her wonder what an Angel was doing in Hell to begin with. She then gave a slight compliment to him that for such a pretentious group they were able to do a lot of damage to the city and even kill a Guardian, making him feel a bit better.

Azurai picked up Moonshade, who was still heavily asleep, by the tail and commented that it was thanks to him all this was happening; and asked if she was related to him. Upon seeing him, she started having bad vibes that he seemed familiar and might even be like Meeros. After much thought she simply told him that she's never seen him before in her whole life. Iratu added that if she did know him she would have to die again if there were any reaction from him, and explained that he was needed to help kill any Guardians that try to stop their plans; which confirms what she was told before in that the Demons are slowly being moved from Hell at Heaven's expense. Rhea held off on saying the obvious reaction and critiqued that the plan sounded convoluted and slow, with Iratu replying that it's working at least. Tsavo scolds him for telling them their plans before blaming Buwaro for Sakido's death, blasting him with magic which knocks him into Dakos, whose reaction causes a free-for-all, Rhea getting dragged in because of Azurai.

After she wakes up, she finds everyone else gone but Buwaro. Brushing off what happened, she tells Buwaro that everyone is still outside but he has a decision to make, either side with Iratu or Kieri. Buwaro believes he could still talk to Iratu since he didn't kill them when he could, but Rhea argues angrily how he could still stick up for him despite what happened; and because Kieri trusted them she's in even more danger because of them and doesn't know what to do. Buwaro thought about it for a moment and eventually decided they had to help Kieri, Rhea saying there was no turning back.

As the last wagon is loaded up, Rhea and Buwaro rushed out to try and save Kieri. Tsavo told Lazuli to catch up with the others while he, Iratu and Azurai (with Moonshade in tow) stayed behind to confront the two. As Buwaro and Iratu argued about each other's behavior, Rhea angrily remarked at Iratu's cliche reasons and started reaching for their potions. Once Iratu got angry for Darius' death, he attacked the two. Buwaro ended up grabbing the Red Potion which Rhea warned him they don't know what would happen and he proceeded to drink. Having entered a more controlled Berserk State, Rhea rode on Buwaro's back and escaped.

The two later caught up to the wagon Kieri was on and Buwaro managed to get on and confront the Demons aboard. Just as he was about to breath fire on the driver, Rhea stopped him as he might hurt the Angels onboard. Lazuli then knocks the two off with a Darkness Blast, causing them to chase after them again, until Lazuli and Dakos realized they were chasing after Kieri and throw her off. Rhea and Buwaro manage to catch her just as she turned into her snow bunny form. She then proceeded to free Kieri from her bindings and hug her. She shouted at Buwaro for repeating "Snowy" again, causing him to grumpily hug them, and she cheered that they actually managed to save their friend. She explained what happened, only for Kieri to hop away toward the direction of the wagon before sobbing. Rhea tried to reason with her that this was all they could do and it was a miracle they survived. Regardless, she soon started to cry herself, reminding her of how helpless she felt in failing to save her own nest-sister. Deciding to do something about it, she kept on shouting for her friends to hear, as she reached for the two remaining potions they have.

After drinking the Blue Potion, she took Kieri and lead Buwaro after the wagon again, gaining tremendous speed as they once again approach it. She charged forward at blinding speed and punched Lazuli in the chest. She quickly re-positioned around her just as Buwaro snuck up and bit Lazuli afterward; thrashing her about until he threw her off the wagon, causing Rhea and Kieri to be slightly horrified. Afterwards, Buwaro tried to confront Dakos but the effects of the transformation wore off, allowing Dakos to strike back. She took the chance to deliver a flying kick to him, knocking him off the wagon. She chuckled painfully over what she managed to do. She then noticed that no one was driving the wagon, and that flaming branches were starting to fall. She ordered everyone to get off the wagon, and once they all have she grabbed what was wrapped up in Demon Cloth and leaped off.

Having survived the jump, she chuckled at Kieri that her plan worked, despite her face being disfigured. Kieri fixes her face just enough for Rhea to stop her, wanting to save it for herself and Buwaro as she didn't think she deserved it. Dakos then returned to enact his revenge, and seeing Kieri struggle to maintain her form, she decided she would fight in her place. She grabbed their weapons, armed Kazai and herself with them and prepared to fight, only to be frightened by a loud roar from Lazuli, now returned after having transformed in her Berserk State. Rhea and Kazai dodged a barrage of ice shards that she breathed upon them, but Dakos was unable to do so and met a grisly end.

As Kazai tried fighting her, she ended up pinning him down, forcing Rhea to cut Lazuli's arm; however but this point the effects of the potion wore off, leaving her open to be smacked away by Lazuli. As Kazai re-engaged with Lazuli, Rhea pushed herself into pulling out the only potion she had left, the Yellow Potion. She knew that there was no telling what would happen if an Angel drank it, and she didn't know how much good it would help with her level of magic. Having no choice, she decided to drink it and upon doing so, she started to feel something strange happen to her. She found herself in a black void, thinking she had died again but noticed it was not the same as the Afterlife. She heard someone crying, as well as a voice that appeared to be apologizing and asked her to "seek the egg". Not understanding what it meant, she was soon engulfed in light.

She found herself in fright as Lazuli began to pounce on her. Rhea reacted by channeling her magic to perform a Terra Spike, unlike any she's done before as it was massive enough and strong enough to severely injure Lazuli. Not only that, but for a brief period her body had changed slightly; though she passed out just before returning to normal.


After several days, the fires burning St. Curtis would dissipate, and at some point Rhea and many other survivors took refuge inside the Tree of Peace. Eventually, she and Jake went down into the remains of the city to locate the Sinclair's wagon while commentating on what came from all of this. Rhea had gone inside the wagon to locate the mysterious egg she heard about, only to find it gone. She was able to retrieve her group's belongings while Jake suggested taking what was left of the Sinclair's possessions. They soon get spotted by the town guards, who recognize them from days ago for causing arson and are now looting, thus the two escape by hiding in some pots.

Once they were out of danger, Jake compliments Rhea for her quick thinking but Rhea starts feeling bad that she keeps causing trouble instead of trying to improve, citing that her past trouble-making was what landed her in Hell to begin with; not helped by her getting her friends nearly killed due to her decisions. She started to get frustrated and unsure of what to do and that Jake doesn't understand because of his carefree nature. Shortly after, Jake felt they should go back to the temple so the guards don't find them.

As they walked back, Rhea thanked him for being her friend, willing to stick by her a lot; though she was interrupted when she spotted something that shocked her. It was a robed man and a floating skull who were examining a deceased Jakkai while mentioning the name "Darius" before turning into "Death" and sending the old Jakkai to the Afterlife. Seeing this, she and "Death" begin to scream at each other while Jake was left confused due to not being able to see what was going on. She eventually wrestled "Death" into revealing who he really was and learned he really was Darius Elexion. After telling him about how she knows him, she started telling him about how she and Buwaro got to Medius, thanks to Sakido despite her death. As soon as Darius started to mourn for her loss, Rhea scorned him for being alive even though he was thought to be dead after leaving them for so long.

Darius then decided he needed to tell her everything he knew, starting by quitting his job as "Death" and explaining to her why he worked for the real Death to begin with. Rhea then told him about what Iratu was doing since he lived with Hell, like becoming a general and causing trouble in Medius. Darius then started to tell her about what normally happens to souls when a Median dies since Death is absent.

Rhea, overwhelmed by the amount of information given, asks if he wanted to see Buwaro; though excited, Darius is informed by Blue that they might not be able to since they have not seen a single Demon or Angel while in Medius. Shortly after, their bodies begin to fade, as they were only allowed to stay for a short time just to get one of the lost souls. Before disappearing for good, Rhea leaps onto Darius to ask him if the Book of Records was wrong about her and why she was murdered. With a heavy heart he told her that her death was accurate, and it was by someone named Mokurynn, who killed her for being the grand child of Moku the Earth Snake.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

RheaMagic SD202

Rhea using Earth Magic

Earth Magic: Rhea is capable of using Earth Magic, albiet one spell. Jakkai are not very proficient in magic and she is no exception. Early on the amount of effort it takes to muster enough power to cast spells was somewhat taxing, however when angered she seems to cast spells with little effort. Lately her ability to cast spells has extended to being able to use a standard variation of Terra Spike during a fight and then use a weaker version of it during the same fight. It's possible though that Rhea may have more magic power in her than normal Jakkai according to how Meeros described his explanation of the average Median and their magic powers.

  • Terra Spike: By punching into the ground (usually with both hands) the caster is able to cause a barrage of rock spikes to erupt from the ground. The spell can only work on solid ground as the spell is useless on frozen surfaces (such as a frozen lake).

Guardian Magic: As a descendant of a Guardian, Rhea is able to access various abilities that normal Medians would be unable to utilize. Due to her lack of skill in magic she was unable to take advantage of this gift, especially after her death by the hands of Moonshade. After drinking a vial of the Yellow Potion, her connection to the power of the bloodline was restored meaning she could potentially use this power for herself.

RheaTransformed SD826

Rhea's transformation

  • Partial Snake Transformation: As with all descendants, Rhea is able to transform into the animal form of whatever Guardian she is related to. However, unlike with Moonshade or Cliff, her transformation was shown to be incomplete as only a few parts of her body were changed during her first time obtaining it. Her eyes, while glow bright-yellow, also become snake-like. She grows two small snake fangs, her mouth becomes fork-like as with a snake (which in turn give her a lisp) and most of her tail loses fur in place of green-scales.

Blue Potion-Induced State: After consuming a certain amount of the Blue Potion from the Rainbow Reverie, her speed is increased depending on how much she ingests. While in this state, her eyes glow blue.

  • Immense Speed: After ingesting a vial's worth of the potion, Rhea's speed is increased to the point where she can outrun Buwaro while in his Berserk State. She is also able to catch Demons off-guard if they are unable to react fast enough, including veteran Demons like Dakos. It can be assumed that after a short amount of time the effects will wear off, leaving her drained of energy.
  • Improved Strength: While naturally stronger than most Humans, with the increase in speed it is possible for any physical blows she causes to inflict more damage if they are not able to brace for such an attack; as first demonstrated when she punched Lazuli in the chest at high speed which left her coughing for a bit due to the impact she felt without any guard.

Yellow Potion-Induced State: After consuming a certain amount of the Yellow Potion from the Rainbow Reverie, her magic power is said increased depending on how much she ingests. Upon drinking it however, she started having some strange side-effects happen to her. Side-effects that, based on how Moonshade said shortly after feeling her magic power, involve her reconnecting with the power of her bloodline.

  • Improved Magic Potency: As per the effects of the potion, Rhea's magic power and overall potency increases exponentially, beyond what she normally is capable of, thus improving whatever spells she knows.
    • Enhanced Terra Spike: Rhea's most commonly used spell increases in power where it no longer causes just one rock pillar to form, but a multitude of spikes that are the size and scale to that of what Moonshade can create in his Guardian form. It's strong enough to severely injure a large Berserk Demon like Lazuli.
  • Immense Magic Power: After ingesting a vial's worth of the potion, Rhea's magic power is increased to a point where her Terra Spike spell appears roughly on level with that of a Guardian-powered being like Moonshade, and even then it's a considerable large leap in power for any Jakkai.

Hand-to-hand Combatant: Rhea has shown to have some proficiency in close-range combat, whether it involves having to get up and bite someone, be able to punch or even kick in mid-air. Her strength is better than that of most Humans and with enhancements can even harm Demons.

Sewing: Rhea has shown some skill in sewing, as she helped Sammy in creating hand puppets of Buwaro and Kieri. She even started making one for "Death", though the eye kept popping out.

Overall Abilities: While she considers herself to not be a fighter, she will often force herself into the fray if her life or the life of others depend on it. At best she is most useful for hunts or if she is needed to take on another Median in some instances. Against Demons she is mostly ineffective head-on, unless of course her abilities are enhanced through certain means; however she uses her intellect to manage her options at least in aiding her friends.

Enhanced Strength: As a Jakkai, Rhea is naturally stronger than most Humans. Despite her size she is capable of overpowering most Human-sized beings, including Demons if she is able to catch them off-guard (though easier with weaker Demons like Buwaro). And with Rhea's tail being the way it is, it enables her to lift heavy objects or even cause harm to others.

Enhanced Flexibility: With her long tail, Rhea is able to hang from trees and it is very prehensile and strong, working like another arm. True to her name, she can use it to constrict or grab like a snake does with its coils, and she can even stand on her tail to look taller than she really is. This usually places her at around Kieri's height, about 5'3. It is even strong enough to hold off a tail swipe from a Water Demon. Another use for the tail is that she can wield weapons, such as a scythe or a sword, and use it to attack should she need to from behind.

Enhanced Durability: Despite her size she is shown to be able to take a lot of damage, even from a Demon (so long as they are not in a Berserk State). She has been cut or scratched by such like Abyset but still be able to cling onto him without exhaustion. She also took a blow from a Berserk Demon like Lazuli (and just after losing energy from the aftereffects of a potion), tumbled about and survived to still be able to move a bit.

Enhanced Magic Power: Rhea appears to be a descendant of Moku the Snake, given recent revelations by Moonshade that she is his daughter and their bloodline is that of a Guardian. While she has always displayed the average skill and proficiency that a Jakkai has in magic, Meeros has found her to be quite different from the "average run-of-the-mill Median" and nearly compared her to Cliff. It is likely that despite her limitations she maybe capable of achieving a higher degree of magic versus other Jakkai and because she had a major boost in magic power (thanks to a magic potion) she has reconnected with the power of the bloodline and likely giving her access to Guardian Magic.

RheasKeenSense SD316

Keen Senses: As a Jakkai, Rhea is born with sensory capabilities that make her a natural-born and experienced hunter. Thus she's capable of tracking someone by scent, as shown when she was able to pinpoint the location of Jake using his scent despite not seeing him for a long period of time. Rhea is also to track someone from a far-off distance through sound (such as the sound of Kieri crying) by closing her eyes which increases her hearing greatly. She was also able to hear the sounds of crying coming from the egg Cliff received (though while not aware it was the egg at the time) while it was still far from hatching. Because of her relations to one of the Guardians, she is able to feel disturbances in the magic of the world whenever something happens to one of them. Furthermore, after returning to life, it would seem she is able to see 'Death' while in Medius as he is normally invisible to them.

Former EquipmentEdit

Scythe: Rhea received a scythe from a farmer she helped while Demons were attacking St. Curtis. She was seen carrying it by her tail and had wanted to use it in case of any fights, such as during a confrontation with Lazuli in which she was able to cut her with it. It was broken after getting caught in a free-for-all with the Demons.

Other AppearancesEdit

The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of TimeEdit

FairyRhea SoT2

Rhea as a Fairy pre-time skip.

Rhea appears as one of the three main characters, alongside Buwaro and Kieri. She takes on the role of Navi and assists Kieri in her adventure by telling her hints and various instructions on what to do, whether they be useless, dangerous or awkward. She is often subjected to physical abuse as part of various gags typically involving Buwaro or Kieri.

Unlike in the game, instead of Kieri being told that she was not a Kokiri but a Hylian, Rhea is the one who is told that she is not a Fairy and that her wings are Styrofoam and taped to her back.

Later, also unlike the game, it's revealed that Rhea is the Sage of Spirit (instead of Duster) and has to help the other sages, leaving Kieri temporarily.


Ramirez BloodeyesEdit

Ramirez is one of Rhea's childhood friends and nest-brothers. They chose their names from the same fairytale of a pirate Ramirez who fought a monster Gal'Rhea. When they grew up, they moved into the same house together. During a celebration honoring Fuzen'Ro the Bat, when Rhea got into an argument with the Village Elder, Rhea stormed off after the Elder threatened to banish her, and only Ramirez went after her to try and persuade her to come back.

Ramirez likely witnessed Rhea's murder and was deeply affected by it, since he was the one who gave her a coin to pay the ferryman into her afterlife. Perhaps feeling responsible for Rhea's death, Ramirez left their village and went off to study medicine.

Jake ThorndykeEdit

Jake Thorndyke, known as Jay to his friends, was another of Rhea's childhood friends due to her village being nearby Jay's hometown. She, Jay, and Ramirez got along well, and despite Jay not being allowed into the Jakkai Village, Rhea and Jay were close friends and seemed to have gotten into trouble together.

After leaving with Buwaro and Kieri on a journey, Rhea and Jay kept in touch through letters until they met up again in St. Curtis where Jay confronted her about her death and how she didn't tell him. Despite this little lie by omission, Jay didn't hold it against Rhea and they went out to party during the Flower Festival.

Buwaro ElexionEdit

Rhea and Buwaro have a rather dynamic relationship that soon grew into a sibling-like bond, especially after Sakido's death. Buwaro was originally assigned to be Rhea's demonic supervisor, but his klutzy and somewhat stupid personality, as well as his hugging often rubbed Rhea the wrong way.

Even so, they became very close and consider each other family. Rhea cares for Buwaro deeply and feels responsible for him, but she still likes to tease him every now and then.

Sakido ElexionEdit

Rhea met Sakido not long after she was sentenced to the Ring of the Slightly Damned. Rhea helped Sakido become closer with Buwaro while Sakido helped Rhea adjust to her afterlife and understand Buwaro better. Despite this closeness they developed, Sakido was not above killing Rhea for her criticizing her poetry (being in Hell Rhea just came back to life the next day).

Sakido risked everything to get Buwaro and Rhea out of Hell, including her life. Rhea honored Sakido's sacrifice by promising to look after Buwaro.

Iratu ElexionEdit

Rhea didn't have much interaction with Iratu when they first met in Hell, partly because Iratu was drunk the first time they met. When they met again in St. Curtis, Iratu threatened to kill her if she got in his way.

Kieri SuizahnEdit

When they first met, Kieri was in the form of a snow rabbit due to being cursed by Guardian Toski the Rabbit, and Rhea thought Kieri was just a rabbit until she saw her transform into her true angel self. After helping her when they were confronted by Lazuli and Talus, Rhea got Kieri's full story and chose to help her find her brother Kazai.

They share a dynamic relationship similar but different to the one she has with Buwaro. but they have both grown to care for each other, Kieii once stating Rhea was like a sister to her.


Sinclair FamilyEdit


Moonshade is a Jakkai with an unusually long tail just like Rhea, and he is her killer (or at least involved with her murder). Even more stranger is that they are relatives and supposed Descendants of Moku the Snake, and Moonshade's motive for killing Rhea was to insure "the bloodline ends with [him]". It was later revealed that Moonshade is Rhea's father.

They had their first face-to-face meeting (not including Rhea's murder) at the Coiled Cobra Bar where Azurai asked Rhea if she knew him. Moonshade was sleeping and did not actually see Rhea but she felt a strange familiarity from Moonshade as well as something that made her very wary of him.


  • Rhea gets her first name from Rhea Perlman.[2] Her last name, Snaketail, obviously refers to her unusually long tail.
    • In continuity, Rhea named herself after a fairytale monster, Gal'Rhea, when her friend Ramirez named himself after a pirate who fought the monster.
  • To date, Rhea has died three times during the course of the series. The first time when she was murdered by an unknown attacker, the second time when Buwaro went berserk, and the third time when she made fun of Sakido's poetry.
  • It has been hinted that Rhea is a descendant of Moku, reasons for this are...
    • Her connection with Moonshade who is also a possible descendant of Moku and Rhea's father, who killed or was involved with killing Rhea to make sure that his "bloodline ends with [him]"
    • Meeros notes that there is something odd about Rhea, he was about to comment on what the feeling reminded him of, but he didn't finish his comment.
    • Rhea said that she suddenly felt weird after Melli was killed by Moonshade, who later stated that all guardians and their descendants would feel sick due to the imbalance caused by Melli's death.
  • Rhea is left-handed.[3]
  • Rhea's hair style and color resembles Kale's from Furthia High.
  • Initially, as per word of the creator, Rhea was revealed to be bisexual as outside of the main story as she has admitted to taking a liking to Kieri to where she could see her as a potential love interest.[4] It has since been stated that she is considered a demiromantic asexual as her time spent with her friends can be seen as a prerequisite for potential romance (including for characters like Jake or Ramirez whose relationship is still being explored) due to the bonds they've developed.[5]


  • (to "Death") "The Ring of the Slightly Damned?! What kind of place is THAT? ...what a dumb name."[6]
  • "I've been dreaming about how I died for a while now. It feels like I should be scared, but I'm not. In fact, I would call it... boring. And they all end the same, strange way."[7]
  • (to Buwaro Elexion) "There... just... go ahead and cry it all out. It's okay, I'm here with you... (I'll keep my promise, Sakido. I'll be his big sister for you from now on.)"[8]
  • (to Kieri Suizahn) "I was upset when I learned about his condition, too. But you'll get used to it. I'm sure if you explain how you feel to him, he'll understand. And don't worry-- No matter what, I've got your back."[9]



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