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18 (First appearance: 17)

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Doctor (Apprentice)

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Rhea Snaketail (nest-sister)

Lightfoot (nest-sister) (deceased)


Fuzen'ro Forest

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #21 [HQTS] (Dream)

Slightly Damned #86 [HQTS] (Memory)

Slightly Damned #157 [HQTS] (Flashback)

Ramirez Bloodeyes is a Jakkai who was the best friend and room-mate of Rhea Snaketail before she was murdered.


Ramirez's most prominent trait is his blood-red irises. Other than that, his dark-brown/grey fur pattern on his cheeks are plain, smooth stripes that extend up to his eyes. He has not featured prominently yet so his other physical attributes do not seem particularly out of the ordinary for Jakkai.

Ramirez seems to typically dress in either shorts or pants similar to Rhea's, a white shirt with a black vest over it and a long-tailed blue cap with a light-blue rim and patch.[1]


Not much is known about Ramirez except that he was Rhea's best friend and that they moved into the same house together as room-mates when they left the hatchery house after they grew older. His chosen first name, "Ramirez", is the name of a pirate explorer from a Fragarian fairy tale. Rhea appears to have chosen her first name as a joke on Ramirez as her name is derived from "Ghal'rhea", a monster from the same fairy tale that Ramirez the Pirate had to fight. It can be assumed that Ramirez was very tolerant of Rhea's sometimes insulting and embarrassment-causing sense of humor. Rhea has also claimed that she used to play "keep away" against many other Jakkai in the village, including Ramirez; however, she says Ramirez "was asleep half the time" so he apparently didn't care much for that game but trusted Rhea enough to give his things back.

Ramirez clearly cared for Rhea since he alone tried to stop her when she was leaving their village, he was visibly saddened by her decision but reluctantly obeyed her when she told him to stop following her at the dried riverbed. After she was murdered, Ramirez was the one to place a coin in Rhea's ear during her funeral. He moved away from the village entirely shortly afterwards in order to study medicine in one of the large human cities.

Rhea notes that Ramirez was happy enough in their village to the point that his sudden desire to leave and head to the city after she died is completely unexpected and out of character for him. This indicates that Ramirez may have tried and failed to save Rhea after she was stabbed which affected him deeply enough to make him want to become a doctor.



YoungRheaJakeandRamirez SD543

Ramirez (right), Rhea (left) and Jake (middle) as kids.

Ramirez is part of the same Jakkai generation as Rhea (Jakkai eggs hatch together as a group every 10 years) so he is one of her "nest-siblings" and is the same age as her, though not a blood relation. He was given the name "Bloodeyes" by the village elders for his blood-red colored irises. He grew up alongside Rhea and their other nest-siblings in the hatchery until they were 15. Under Jakkai tradition, Jakkai must move into their own homes at age 15, Ramirez and Rhea chose to move into the same (existing, unoccupied) house together. They both lived there as room-mates for about 2 years whilst Rhea was still alive (Rhea died when she was 17).

During a celebration to the Wind Guardian Fuzen'ro, Ramirez witnessed a heated argument between Rhea and the village leader. After Rhea broke the sacred statue of Fuzen'ro the Bat in a fit of rage, the leader threatened Rhea with banishment; Rhea angrily took her up on that threat. Ramirez followed Rhea as she stormed off and tried to convince her not to leave. Unfortunately for her, she was too furious, dismissing his concern and insisted on leaving anyway (without packing anything so it wasn't a well conceived plan). Ramirez followed Rhea to the dried riverbed near the village but she apparently directed him not to follow her down into it. It was at this point which Rhea was murdered, Ramirez likely either witnessed it or had not walked far enough away to be out of earshot.

It is customary for Jakkai to place a gold coin in the right ear of a loved one who has died before they are buried as fare to the Reaper in order to cross the River of Lost Souls (the Styx). Death notes that Ramirez was the one who placed the coin in Rhea's ear that she discovered there during her judgement.

After Rhea's death, Ramirez decided to leave the village and headed to the capital city in order to study medicine. He moved out of the house he had shared with Rhea, leaving her worldly possessions untouched as per Jakkai tradition. After Rhea's resurrection, she knew that Ramirez would have left the house they shared (a Jakkai tradition if one of the residents is murdered) but only learned that he had left the village entirely upon discovering Ramirez's name on the ledger of the Snow Drop Inn in Farun. Rhea notes that this was strange because she had never expected Ramirez to want to leave their village on his own. Ramirez's choice to leave and, specifically, to study medicine indicates he may have been severely impacted by Rhea's death which changed his outlook somehow. Another factor would be that according to Jake, he might have left because his village thought 'he' killed Rhea.[2]

Forgive Me

Journey to St. Curtis

Sometime after settling in Ghardin City, Ramirez sent a letter that mentioned he was in the capital studying as a doctor to Jake "Jay" Thorndyke who had coincidentally received a letter from Rhea at the same time.[3] Jake did not reply mentioning he saw Rhea back in Farun.[2]




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