Rainbow Reverie SD446

The Rainbow Reverie

The Rainbow Reverie is a set of potions, each a different color.[1]


The potions were invented by a native Median alchemist during the Great War.[2] The exact reason for their creation is unclear, although because they were made specifically for Medians they were likely made so they could take part in the war that was going on at the time.


The potions require ingredients which are extremely rare on Medius, including Angel feathers and tears, as well as Demon claw and horn clippings.[3] Owing to the rare ingredients required, it is extremely uncommon for someone to be able to brew all the potions. Thanks to Buwaro and Kieri, Miranda Sinclair was able to acquire the ingredients she needed to produce a complete set.[4]


There are five different potions in the set, each with a different effect when ingested:

  • Red Potion: increases physical strength
  • Yellow Potion: increases magic power
  • Green Potion: rapidly heals serious injuries
  • Blue Potion: increases movement speed
  • Purple Potion: increases physical durability (resistance to injury)
RainbowReverie Effects SD446

The effects of the Rainbow Reverie (minus the Green Potion of Healing)

Non-Median Effects

As the potions are intended for Median usage, they tend to have different effects on like Angels and Demons. So far only two of the potions were ever used on Demons; the Red Potion having the effect of triggering the users Berserk State, while the Green Potion performed its usual healing process like normal. Tsavo has shown interest in them regardless as he wants to make them work in their favor.


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