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Slightly Damned #757 [TS]

Nikkei is a Fire Demon who serves as a soldier for Hell's Army. She is currently participating in the invasion of St. Curtis to capture Angels.


Nikkei is a lupine-like Fire Demon of average height, having mostly red fur while having yellow fur starting from her muzzle, down her chest and past the underside of her large bushy tail. She also has yellow fur at around her wrist and ankles, while aside her eyebrows, she appears to have a yellow ring pattern starting from the back of her head down to the tip of her tail. She is also shown to have orange-colored eyes.

She is shown to wear an open short-sleeved white jacket with a blue trim and collar-line, with the shoulder cups being torn up. She wears a bandage wrap around most of her upper torso while wearing black shorts with a white cloth belt tied around it. She also has three gold rings pierced into both of her ears.


Nikkei is deaf, which as a result she is unable to hear or bother speaking (though she can still make noises, like roaring and growling), but even then she shows most of the same temperament as Fire Demons in that she enjoys mischief and violence. She finds enjoyment out of torturing her captives by tossing sharp objects, such as darts, at them. However she does have a close relationship with her girlfriend, Hakka, who they both communicate with each other using sign language; this showing a sense of willingness to adapt in their relationship despite the handicap.[1] As with most characters in loving relationships, Nikkei and Hakka are open to cuddling and kissing each other when able, as shown outside the main story. She seems to tease Hakka often with things she might like (such as ice cream) and not share with her, causing the latter to go teary eye.



At some point, she and Hakka would arrive in Medius by way of the Ascension. Almost immediately after arriving they would meet and fight Verammi, fighting all day and all night. Eventually they all ran out of strength and the fight ended in a draw. According to Verammi, they all came to a mutual understanding and respect for each other, and she then came to realize that now she didn't have to follow Heaven's orders anymore, thus joining their cause.

Current Arc

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2

After participating in the razing of St. Curtis, Nikkei would return to the Coiled Cobra Bar with the rest of her comrades for the Gathering. There, as Rhea arrived with Buwaro and Kieri, she can be seen tossing a dart at one of the captured Angels. As Hakka sat with her, Verammi started to make fun of Buwaro for having a relationship with Kieri. Nikkei added (with Hakka interpreting for her) that the Angel in a dress was in love with Sahne and Lakritz and further made fun of them. Hakka would relay what Rhea shouted at them that Verammi shouldn't judge them since she was with them as well. After Verammi explained her reasons for joining them, Nikkei would be seen making out with Hakka.

Over the course of the night, she mostly stuck with Hakka as everyone learned from Buwaro what happened with Sakido. Eventually Tsavo got angry enough to blast him into Dakos, who then threw a mug back at him which was deflected and landed on her head. Roaring out of anger, she flipped the table which lands on Lazuli's foot, causing a free-for-all. Nikkei and Hakka smacked each other a few times, growling the whole time, but soon they started to mellow-out and resume kissing each other. Shortly after, while chewing on Iratu's tail, she and the rest of the Demons would leave the bar with the Angels to the ritual site, likely on Mt. Sentinel.

Powers and Abilities

Skilled Linguist: Because she is deaf, Nikkei has developed the ability to use "Sign Lingo" as a way to communicate with others who are also able to understand it, in her case one such person is Hakka, who she was able to teach as she claims to be a "great teacher". They are able to work off each other where they can easily relay what they are saying to each other and to other people listening into their conversation.

Overall Abilities: Nikkei is shown to be as competent a fighter as Hakka, as while with her they are able to fight a Seraph-ranked Angel like Verammi evenly for an entire day before all collapsing from a lack of strength. Such a feat would contest to her overall ability to where she was allowed to be part of Hell's Army despite having a handicap.


  • Nikkei's name, along with Hakka's, is a play off of "cinnamon mint", as Hakka means mint, while Nikkei means cinnamon. It also coincides with the theme of naming characters introduced in St. Curtis after food.
  • Nikkei was originally part of a commission that Chu fulfilled, depicting a line-up of Demons, each of the different elementals, in front of a height-chart.[2]
  • While yet to be brought up in the comic, it has been confirmed by Chu that Nikkei is trans.[3]


  • (to Hakka through Sign Lingo) "That's because I'm a great teacher."


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