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Toby, a Hukai

Mixling (also called a Bitza in casual slang) is the term for a Median of mixed race heritage. Mixlings are hybrids of one or more of the common races. Mixlings are most common in cities like St. Curtis where multiple races live together.

Biology and CompatibilityEdit

All Medians are capable of producing Mixlings, though the chance of producing one is rare because of each race's own biology and whatever cultural differences they have. As some races give live-birth or lay eggs, the process can be complicated. Regardless, they are compatible enough where there is a chance of it happening.

Each type of Mixling has their own unique biology based on whatever combination of races they take on. Although so far, only Hukai have been shown, it can be assumed that Mixlings that take after aquatic races will be amphibious in addition to possibly be adapted to land, or if part-Fairy they would be able to fly as well. Generally, their bodies will take after what their parents would be but what carries over may be random though not enough is known to be sure. For instance, a Human mother that produces a child with a Jakkai father may have them resemble more like a Human with Jakkai features (such as in the case of Toby), though if the process is in reverse (such as a Human father and a Jakkai mother) it's uncertain if the form will be similar to the former or be more Jakkai-like in form with some Human features.


Human Jakkai Fairy Khamega Merfolk
Human Human Hukai Fairyman Khaman Merman
Jakkai Hukai Jakkai Jafairy Jamega Merkai
Fairy Fairyman Jafairy Fairy Khafairy Merfairy
Khamega Khaman Jamega Khafairy Khamega Mermega
Merfolk Merman Merkai Merfairy Mermega Merfolk

The above chart showcases all the possible combinations and names that a Mixling may end up under.[1] As for those who have appeared in the main comic, their known appearance by type are as follows:

  • Hukai — A Human-Jakkai hybrid. They have smaller ears than regular Jakkai and are mostly fur-less except for their forearms and lower legs which end with Jakkai paws instead of human feet. They retain the Jakkai facial shape and nose but usually do not have tails. The human traits appear to be dominant.
  • Jamega - A Khamega-Jakkai hybrid. They have large ears, though smaller than regular Jakkai, and the typical longer Jakkai fur on their head. However, they appear to be the size of normal adult Khamega and have a shell, as well as a serrated, turtle-like Khamega jaw instead of the more doglike Jakkai muzzle. They do have a tail, but a short one like a Khamega.[2]


For whatever reason, Medians cannot have Mixling children with either Angels or Demons. However, at present, it's unknown if Angels and Demons are capable of having Mixling children with each other. In addition, all Mixling children are sterile, and are unable to reproduce.

Notable MixlingsEdit

  • Toby - The first Hukai (and Mixling) featured in the story. He was born to a human mother and Jakkai father.


  • "Bitza" was coined by Chu's friend Ita from Upside-downland.
    • Bitza appears to be a pun, a slurring of "bits of" to form one word, but it is not a racial slur.
  • The different Mixling names go off on using name-combinations, i.e. a Human-Jakkai hybrid is called a "Hukai".


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