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Miranda Sinclair




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Sinclair Family

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Pirate (Sea Witch)

Personal Status

Heathcliff "Cliff" Sinclair (husband)

Samantha "Sammy" Kailum (adopted)

Florina Sinclair (daughter)


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Sinclair Wagon

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First Appearance

Slightly Damned #261 [HQTS]

Miranda Sinclair is the wife of Heathcliff’s, Samantha’s aunt, and mother to Baby Flo. Miranda is originally from The Dragon Island Archipelago southeast of Fragaria, but now she travels with her family all around Medius.


When first introduced, Miranda was heavily pregnant. She often goes about in a purple dress with lighter hems that match the color of her eyes. She has long black hair with some of the tips dyed the same color as her eyes, and partly tied near the ends in the back, she wears golden earrings, and a golden necklace with a blue diamond on it, and she wears strapped sandals. She also wears her wedding ring on her left hand.

On the third day of the Spring Flower Festival, the day after giving birth to Florina, her attire changed. While she retains her necklace and sandals she now wears a purple shirt with rolled-up sleeves, as well as a long black skirt that goes down to below her knees.


Miranda is a motherly woman, loving and treating her niece Sammy like her own daughter. Despite her pregnancy, she is an independent woman with the woman's intuition to put her husband in his place. Though they tend to bicker, like married couples do, they deeply love each other.

Unlike Cliff, Miranda was more welcoming to Rhea, Buwaro, and Kieri, not minding that Buwaro is a Demon. She's wiser than she seems, giving advice to Rhea when she was concerned for her two friends' relationship. She also has a twisted sense of humor, joking she wanted to harvest their bodies for potion ingredients.



YoungMiranda SD385

Miranda prior to being pregnant.

Miranda was originally from the Dragon Island Archipelago where she was known for being a pirate. She would end up leaving her life of piracy after meeting Heathcliff "Cliff" Sinclair and became engaged with him shortly after adopting Sammy. Together they would travel Fragaria conducting business with whoever they meet.

Miranda was present at the time Cliff was cursed by Meeros the Mortori Bird. She was rather amused by this at the time while Cliff, even to this day, was bitter about it.

River-Side Stories

Fateful Meeting at Riverside City

Miranda remained at the Sinclair Wagon while Cliff and Sammy traveled to Riverside City. Late in the evening when Sammy came home she questioned why she was so late and why she wasn't with her uncle. Sammy started to explain herself about what happened involving the fairies she saved and her new friends.

MirandaAndCliff SD263

He is such a liar.

She later offered the three to some tea and cookies while learning about them, like how they are looking for Kieri's brother despite Buwaro being a Demon. Cliff eventually returned to the wagon to find the Angel and Demon he met earlier there. Miranda scolded him for losing Sammy and proceeded to strangle him after Duster confirmed it. She told Cliff what they were liked and said she offered them a ride to Weyville in exchange for protection since Kieri is a Warrior Angel. Cliff was reluctant in the idea because of Buwaro but eventually reluctantly agreed to take the three along.

The following day, Miranda happily greeted the trio as they arrived to journey with them. Rhea, who had opened the letter she received from Jake, quickly ran up to sit next to Miranda while sulking about its contents. Miranda asked what was wrong as Rhea told her that she was worried about how Buwaro and Kieri's relationship will go due to how he can be and how sensitive Kieri is. Miranda told her not to worry and that she should let love do its thing, and that "love is blind" since that is how she married Cliff; Cliff even yelling back at her for saying that.

Love and War

Journey with the Sinclairs

One evening Miranda noticed Kieri acting strange ever since reading Darius' Diary. Since it was dark out she figured it was time for them to stop for the evening.

The Weyville Incident

The group eventually arrived at Weyville and planned on going into town the following morning. Miranda would go with Cliff and Duster to Trader Moe's to see the merchant about something while Kieri and Sammy searched for Kazai.

While Miranda accompanied Cliff and Duster in receiving a mysterious egg from the merchant, Sammy arrived and told them about Denevol attacking Buwaro and Kieri. They rushed over just as he was about to kill the two. Miranda told Cliff she would tend to them while he fought Denevol. As the battle ended, Miranda used a vial of green liquid that would help heal Buwaro while she and everyone else helped him back to the wagon.

KieriCurseReveal SD383

"What a horrible time to have a curse."

Two days later Miranda, along with Sammy, Willow and Eve were spooked by the sound of Buwaro screaming after waking up at last. Later after he and Rhea checked on Kieri and returned she greeted the three. Cliff showed them the egg he got in [[Weyville] while Miranda remarked that he liked collecting junk.

Miranda and the rest of the family would later learn that Kieri was cursed by Toski the Rabbit. She stopped Cliff from trying to harm her while talking about how Cliff was once cursed by Meeros the Mortori Bird.

Forgive Me

Journey to St. Curtis

They continued to travel together as they made their way to St. Curtis. At one point while Buwaro was asking Cliff for help in learning Fire Magic, Miranda was having a picnic with Sammy, Willow, Eve, Rhea and Kieri; even watching as Buwaro threw a fireball onto their roof.

Miranda also watched as they released Willow and Eve back into the Southern Woods where they belong. She even teased Cliff about helping people and how nice it is.

MirandaAndRheaPotionFail SD458

Failed to mix the ingredients correctly...

That night as Rhea and Kieri were explaining to Buwaro about the Twelve Guardians of Medius, Miranda and Cliff started to talk about what the three would do to repay them for traveling with them for this long. Miranda started suggesting about harvesting ingredients off them in a joking manner, though Kieri initially thought it was a threat. Miranda explained that it was for a special set of potions called the Rainbow Reverie which had various powers when ingested, including the Green Potion she gave to Buwaro back in Weyville.

With the ingredients gathered, Miranda could now make the complete set for them and Cliff to sell. Cliff reminded her that they need to see his midwife about her pregnancy and that he can sell her wares without them; though Miranda insisted since it would give them a chance to meet Meeros.

As the journey continued, Miranda would try to brew the Rainbow Reverie with mixed results. Even with Rhea's help they end up blowing up a batch at one point.

The Flower Festival

Pre-Festival Events

Weeks later Miranda and company would arrive in St. Curtis. While Cliff, Rhea and Kieri were baffled by how there were Demons walking around in the city so casually, Miranda seemed content about it especially since Buwaro was outside with no problem. She even pointed out that there were Angels in the city too. She and Cliff would later visit his midwife for most of the time they spend in the city.

Day 2

On the second day of the festival, the midwife said that Miranda's baby might be due that day. While Cliff wanted to stay, Miranda insisted that he goes back to the stand and sell items from her collection, as well as the completed Rainbow Reverie set.

Later on, Duster flew off to find Cliff to tell him Miranda was in labor.

As the sun was beginning to set, Cliff returned to the wagon, where he told everyone that Miranda gave birth to their new daughter, Florina.

Current Arc

Day 3

Miranda arrived at the sales stand with Florina in her arms, Cliff, Duster and Sammy, in order to help a pair of Jakkai who were asking about a potion that might fix their partial winter fur coats. She told them that while she didn't have a potion to fix their problem, she did have hair dye that could be useful.

Meeros arrived shortly after and started to talk about how his Mortori Birds were great and how he made them a good omen of peace and love; leading him to sending away Buwaro and Kieri. Confused, Miranda wondered if the two would be alright on their own in case they run into Melli; Meeros told her that they would be as she's not as crazy as "Cliffy's grandmother".

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

Shortly before Melli was killed, Meeros sensed danger and told the family to stay while he took care of it. Later on, she and Cliff finished packing the wagon while asking him if they should return the table to his ex. Cliff said not to worry, even after feeling ill for a moment, and decided he needed to get the horses. Miranda offered to help but he told her to stay and protect the children. Before he could say more, he makes a Fireball to attack an approaching Demon though he realized too late that it was Buwaro. She felt relieved that he and Rhea were safe, but wondered where Kieri was. As Cliff pushed Buwaro toward the wagon, more Demons arrived, demanding they hand over the Rainbow Reverie or else.

Miranda complied, saying she would have to get it from the wagon, so Haury told Buwaro (thinking he was on his side) to accompany her. Buwaro worried about what will happen, but Miranda reassured him by telling him they don't understand what the potions do. Pulling out an old scimitar, she tells him since she was pregnant, she wasn't able to show who she truly was and began to consume half of the Red Potion. One of the Demons entered the wagon out of impatience, only to be punched right out of the wagon. This caused the other two Demons to enter the fray and she and Cliff engaged them.

Miranda confronted Triska and for awhile was evenly matched, until Triska engulfed her hand in fire, grabbed Miranda and kicked her after dropping her weapon. Miranda quickly wrapped her arms around her foe, squeezing her hard before performing a backflip to slam her head-first onto the ground. Triska was knocked out while Miranda was relieved to have won. After Cliff started to get in trouble, she threw Triska at his opponent, before dropping the entire wagon on top of them, stating she never liked it anyway. The potion's effects wore off and she was called by Duster to tend to Cliff's injuries. She asks him to find everyone while she stays with Cliff.

Soon everyone started to reunite. Kieri returned with Buwaro, and Miranda was happy when she used her magic to heal Cliff. Sammy returned with Florina shortly after and they embraced each other tearfully. However they started to become horrified that the Demons they fought had survived and were now gone. They started to panic when they heard someone yell for them, though it was just Jake, who had brought all their animals back with him. Relieved, the family went to comfort their mares before they learned from Kieri what happened with her brother.

After the story concluded and Rhea mentioned how one of the Demons was Iratu, Rhea said she and everyone else would help in saving her brother, however Cliff told her they were leaving because he had to protect Miranda and the rest of the family after the attack they had to go through. Kieri bowed and thanked them for everything before doing the same for her friends, though the Sinclairs watched as she started to have a breakdown in front of them, even calling Buwaro weak and stupid before leaving. After Rhea resolved to go help her by getting Buwaro to help too, Cliff offered to give them samples of their Rainbow Reverie set. Miranda explained each one of them though also mentioned the purple potion was destroyed in the wagon. She also told them that besides the Green Potion, she has no idea what the others would to on a non-Median. The family soon bid farewell to their companions as they set off to find Kieri.

Powers and Abilities

Red Potion-Induced State: After consuming a certain amount of the Red Potion from the Rainbow Reverie, her physical strength is increased depending on how much she ingests. While in this state, her eyes glow red.

  • Immense Strength: Even by ingesting only half a bottle, Miranda's strength is increased to the point where it is possible to lift her entire wagon home over her head to use to attack others; however the effects only last for a short period of time in which it leaves her drained of most of her energy. While under the effects of the potion Miranda's eyes glow red.

Expert Alchemist: Miranda has shown to know about potion making, possibly knowing many different kinds given the books she has on them. She also has knowledge about rare potions like the Rainbow Reverie and was able to create the entire set.

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Before marrying to Cliff, Miranda was a sea witch who came from a long line of pirates. Due to being pregnant she was forced to take it easy by not taking part in any heavy work or any combat. Because of the Demon attacks on St. Curtis she has taken up arms. She is versatile enough to where she can fight evenly with a Fire Demon and can even dissipate a Fire Breath by spinning the blade really fast.

Expert Hand-to-hand Combatant: In addition to swordsmanship, Miranda claims to be no stranger to a good brawl given her pirate lineage. She was shown to know certain grappling moves that would allow her to knock-out her opponents with a backflip.

Overall Abilities: As an alchemist, her knowledge and expertise is vast enough to where she could create a rare set of potions using the provided ingredients she could get and with much trial and effort. As a fighter, she appears to be very skilled for a Median who was pregnant for many months and was a former pirate. While having to rely on a potion for added strength, she could handle a Demon on even-level and even knock them out with sufficient force.


MirandasRainbowReverie SD546

Miranda's Rainbow Reverie Set

Rainbow Reverie: A set of five potions; each one having a different effect when ingested. The ingredients are rare and hard to come by. Prior to meeting Rhea and her friends, Miranda had already possessed one of the five potions, however while traveling with them she was able to obtain the ingredients necessary to complete the entire set.

  • Green Potion: When ingested, it will heal whoever drinks it. It is said to increase health. Miranda had one on hand to heal Buwaro in Weyville, however another one has been made since then and was to be sold in St. Curtis.
  • Red Potion: When ingested, it will increase the strength of whoever drinks it. The effectiveness of the potion depends on how much is ingested. One was being sold in St. Curtis, but due to the Demon invasion, half of it was used to fight one of them.
  • Yellow Potion: When ingested, it will increase the magic power of whoever drinks it. The effectiveness of the potion is unclear. One was being sold in St. Curtis.
  • Blue Potion: When ingested, it will increase the speed of whoever drinks it. The effectiveness of the potion is unclear. One was being sold in St. Curtis.
  • Purple Potion: When ingested, it will increase physical durability of whoever drinks it. The effectiveness of the potion is unclear. One was being sold in St. Curtis but was destroyed during the fight with the Demons.

Fire Blossom Tea: A tea brewed by Miranda, mentioned by Rhea. Hair Dye: Miranda first offered this to a Jakkai couple in St. Curtis who wanted a way to remove the excess winter fur coat they had. It's likely that it would be used to match their natural fur color for as long as possible.


Scimitar: As a former pirate, Miranda keeps this blade in a storage chest. It has a long curved blade with a blue tinted color and white edge. It has a purple hilt with a round hand guard at the base of the blade and another that extends down to the end.

Other Appearances

The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time

MirandaTree SoT1

Miranda as a tree?

Miranda takes on the role of The Great Deku Tree, though she retains her usual appearance (while she was pregnant, during this point in the comic) and just holds up two branches while standing on top of a tree with a face that resembles an emoticon.




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