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Merfolk are one of the races of Medius. They are an aquatic race who live solely in water. Official Description

Physical FeaturesEdit

Based on artwork from within and outside the comic, Merfolk appear to be have multiple characteristics to their design, such as having fur, hair and webbed tail-fins. Their head is very human like (though lacking a nose), while having hair that seems to take after Angels and even looking like their hair dyed in similar fashion. Their face, along with most of their upper body, is covered in short white fur. Their frontal fins are covered with large blue and white stripe patterns, while past their abdomen they have a light-blue color that turns darker as it reaches the tail-fin.

It is probable that like most races they have more distinguishing features in terms of hair design, and it's also possible that they come in other colors that match the four basic elements of Magic.


Unlike Fairies, Merfolk aren't as secretive; but because they are known to remain in large water sources, such as the ocean, they tend to only interact with those who live on the shore. Their existence may not be as well known to people living far away from the seas and living in disclosed areas. Otherwise they are known to be great allies with the Khamega.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It is unknown as to what kind of Magic they are capable of using (though it's highly probable that they can use Water, given their home), and to what extent when compared to the other races.


  • According to Chu, the appearance of Merfolk is based on a real-life kind of sea slug called glaucus atlanticus.[1]