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Slightly Damned #604 [TS] (Jakkai form)

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Melli the Fire Bee was one of the Twelve Guardians of Medius created by the gods to watch over Medius in their place. She was one of the Fire Element Guardians and took the form of an over-sized Fire Bee. She could also disguise herself as a Jakkai female.


Melli’s natural form is that of a large Fire Bee. Her body is mostly red with black stripes and limbs, two semi-clear wings, two antennae, a red stinger and glowing red eyes. On her forehead is the Elemental Mark of Fire in a yellow color while her body emits a red aura.

Melli’s disguise form is a Jakkai adult female with the natural fur and hair color that all Jakkai share. She has long hair while two strands of hair seem to stick up on top of her head, similar to antennae. She has three brown stripe patterns on her cheeks and she has like a brown band pattern below part of her wrists where it’s normally yellow. She has red eyes and small rounded glasses with red lens that are supported on her nose. She wears a purple headband with a green plant design around it and a plastic purple flower on the right side of it. She has a red and orange blend t-shirt with a small tear on the left sleeve, a yellow undershirt with a four hexagon pattern on her upper chest and light-brown shorts.


Melli is similar to Toski in that she hates Demons as much as Toski hates Angels and can get really angry when she sees one; hence the reason she sided with the Angels during the Great War. The only other difference is when she first appeared she appeared to be mild-mannered when talking to a Nirvenese Jakkai about the winter fur problem happening. She seems to understand that everyone’s personal problems are their own and for others to mind their own. She also uses a lot of bee-related terms like “buzz off,” “beeswax,” and “honey.”



When Medius was created, the gods (Gaia, Syndel and Death) created Melli along with the other eleven Guardians to watch over the world in their place. After Hell violated the non-interference pact on Medius, thereby beginning the Great War between Heaven and Hell, Melli chose to side with Heaven with Siara the Lynx.

The Spring Flower Festival

Day 3

While tending to her stand, a Nirvenese Jakkai was at her stand, heavily drunk on Fire Bee Mead, complaining about how the Jakkai in the city were complaining for having white fur as he thinks white fur is beautiful and they shouldn't be mad about having the right fur. Melli told him that that’s his own opinion, given his nationality, and that it’s none of his “beeswax” what kind of fur the other Jakkai had. She told him to leave as he was scaring away her customers and to “buzz off” — however the Jakkai only left after Buwaro came up and greeted him; causing him to poor out the last of his mead and correcting her statement in the process.

Unaware of this, she puts up a target while asking if Buwaro thinks he could win. Upon seen who he is however she starts to get very angry, but immediately calms down after Kieri apologized and tried to take him away. Baffled by this she asked her if they’re friends. When Buwaro said that he was her boyfriend, she decided to let them play, keeping in mind to watch them considering they both have a Fairy blessing.

After Kieri took a turn in shooting arrows, Melli told her that her skills weren’t good enough to win the deluxe prize and to practice more. However as a consolation prize she gave her a Toski finger puppet, considering she was with Buwaro. This ended up triggering one of Kieri’s traumatic moments and she subconsciously destroyed part of the wooden target. Melli started to yell at Kieri and accused her for being trouble because she had a Demon for a pet, even threatening to take them both out despite not understanding how their kind are showing up everywhere. Before Kieri could fully apologize, a mysterious Jakkai arrives on the scene, recognizes the pair as Trouble Center helpers and thus “good kids,” and tells them to run, that they wouldn’t want to fight her, and that he would take care of her for them. Melli demanded for them to wait but they were gone before long.

Melli told the Jakkai to move, saying that the pair might be dangerous; however he corrected her by saying that he doubted that they were as dangerous as he and proceeded to stab her in the shoulder with a strange dagger. She told him that that was a mistake, that he had no idea who he was dealing with and that no mortal weapon can harm her, but then she noticed her wound was not healing like normal. The Jakkai said that he certainly did know all about her and that she had no descendants, which would make his job a lot easier. When she asked him what he was talking about, he stated that the real question was if she knew who he really was (at this point we saw his face and knew for sure that this mysterious Jakkai was in fact Moonshade). She watched in horror as he began to transform into a giant snake and was in doubt that he was actually Moku, when he corrected her by saying he “killed” him.

She would at some point transform into her Fire Bee form and attempted to fight back (this happened off-panel while reader attention was focused elsewhere on Kieri and Buwaro finally locating Kazai and meeting up with Rhea, Buwaro, and Jake); however it would seem to prove futile as she would end up crashing into the ground, crushing several civilians (including several city guards that were about to arrest Rhea, Buwaro, and Jake) and injuring many others. She struggled to get up after taking the attack she received, now showing two bite marks on the upper left side of her body. Moonshade slithered his way over and asked why she isn’t using her Fire Magic; asking if she was afraid she would ignite the town. She replied that it was a Guardian’s duty to protect and that he was a corruption, but he then countered by saying that it was she who caused the fire in St. Curtis those many years ago. Melli, unable to give an explanation to why she did (or even if she did), listened to the people’s distrust in what she might have done and especially after many of them were injured by her. Moonshade said that his venom would slowly finish her off and sure enough, after struggling to get up one last time, her life fades from her. Upon her death her body explodes in a large fireball which ignites part of the city, as Moonshade proudly announces her demise.

Powers and Abilities

Fire Magic: Being a Fire Guardian, her power greatly revolves around the use of Fire Magic; however being in a place that could easily catch flames such as St. Curtis, she is unable to fully use it, if not at all, at the risk of burning down everything. It was only let loose upon her death, as her body is consumed in flames and scattered around her, starting another big fire.

Disguise Form: As a Guardian, Melli has the ability to disguise herself as one of the mortal races of Medius in order to move around without drawing too much attention. Melli's disguise form is a Jakkai female.

Flight: In her natural Fire Bee form she is capable of flight using her massive wings.

Immense Durability: Given her enormous size in her true form and her God-like status, Melli's body is capable of withstanding heavy damage, such as when being thrown from a high height onto solid ground. Seemingly only through another God-life force can she be damaged to some extent.

Immense Magic Power: As a Fire Guardian of Medius, Melli possesses immense power over her element, though the extent of her powers is largely unexplored. Though it is noteworthy that upon her death her Fire Magic consumes her and the amount that was present is a testament to how powerful she could be had she had the ability to go all out against her killer.

Expert Sensor: Melli is able to sense magical effects, such as a blessing caused by a Fairy Kiss.

Immortality: Melli (along with the other Guardians) has existed as a demi-god since Medius was created. She is inherently ageless due to her nature and could live as long as Medius exists. She can still be killed through other means, mainly through other Godly forces.

  • Regeneration: Under normal circumstances, Melli's body is able to heal itself almost shortly after receiving an injury. This only seems to apply to injuries inflicted by mortal weapons.


  • Melli is the first Guardian to actively die in the story, though the second known to do so as Moku was the first Guardian to die overall.




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