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Slightly Damned #385 [HQTS] (Mentioned, Mortori Bird form)

Slightly Damned #570 [HQTS] (Human form)

Slightly Damned #571 [HQTS] (Mortori Bird form)

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Meeros the Mortori Bird is one of the Twelve Guardians of Medius created by the gods to watch over Medius in their place. He is one of the Wind Element Guardians and takes the form of an over-sized Mortori Bird. He can also disguise himself as a Human male.


Meeros' natural form is that of a large Mortori Bird. As a Mortori Bird he shares the same color scheme, however the undersides of both of his wings have a green mark that represents the Wind Element. A green aura surrounds his entire body while in this form.

Meeros' disguise form is a Human adult male with black hair with a long white ponytail and pink ribbon at the end, tan skin and green eyes. His general attire matches the same color-scheme as his true form. He wears a black and red split-end suit with red wrist sleeves with gold-colored buttons, black pants and shoes, a white turtle-collar shirt and a white split-tie. He also has a smooth-Ruby ring on his left hand ring finger, a gold earrings on his ears and a single gold ear-piercing slightly above each earring. The location of his Element Mark in this form is unknown.


Meeros appears to be quite cheerful and carefree; often joking about things that may seem bad but has a positive outlook to it. He seems to have no problem with showing up unexpectantly as he casually greeted Cliff while inside his own home (and while eating cookies with others), despite any issues they might have had before. He also appears to be very friendly in that despite the fact that Buwaro was a Demon he treated him indiscriminately after seeing how friendly Buwaro was himself. Meeros has also shown to sometimes kiss (or try to kiss) Cliff, either to tease him or as a way to congratulate him.

Meeros is hinted at being a prankster and somewhat of an attention-seeker. He temporarily cursed Cliff Sinclair to turn him into a Mortori Bird for a short time as a joke. Meeros is noted to have a particular liking for St. Curtis' Spring Flower Festival and enjoys flying to the city through the Southern Pass over the travelers, impressing them with a magic light-show as he goes.

Meeros shows great pride in Mortori Birds, likely because he is very much like them, he went out of his way to make them a good omen rather than for what their reputation as harbingers of death.

Meeros shows signs of being a romantic, for as part of his way to make Mortori Birds a sign of peace and love he encouraged Buwaro and Kieri to go out together and enjoy their time together. This might explain why he is drawn to couples, possibly including how he is close with Cliff and Miranda even after pranking him through a curse.[1]



When Medius was created, the gods (Gaia, Syndel and Death) created Meeros along with the other eleven Guardians to watch over the world in their place. After Hell violated the non-interference pact on Medius, thereby beginning the Great War between Heaven and Hell, Meeros chose not to participate directly and remained neutral.

Throughout his life, Meeros had gone out of his way to try and change the reputation that Mortori Birds had with Medians. By upholding the responsibilities that came with being a Guardian he was successfully able to change everyone's viewpoint on them; going from being harbingers of death to being a sign to cherish life.[2]

At some point, after Cliff married Miranda, Meeros cursed Cliff as a joke. He would later remove the curse from him.

The Flower Festival

Day 2

Meeros appeared to Buwaro in Human form, asking what a little boy like him was doing far from home. He noted that his kind didn't belong in Medius. Buwaro, unsure of what he was talking about, cheerfully shook his hand while introducing himself and telling him he's here with his friends. Initially confused, he complimented how polite he was. As Kieri looked outside to see who Buwaro was talking to, he transformed and told him to call him Meeros.

Current Arc

Day 2 - Night

CliffAndMeeros SD573

Meeros teasing Cliff as he eats a cookie.

Later, Meeros along with Buwaro and his friends, went inside the wagon to enjoy some cookies as well as discuss the matter involving Kieri's curse. As Cliff walked in, confused at his presence, Meeros explained that he is unable to remove the curse that is on Kieri; though he tried to cheer them up by humoring them about the benefits of being able to transform back and forth, since Toski's curse is not fully effective on beings with high magic resistance when compared to normal Medians. Looking at Rhea however, he was reminded of something before turning his attention to Cliff and the good news he supposedly had. Cliff revealed that his new baby girl was born, named Florina, which prompted Meeros to kiss him out of congratulations. He told him that he wouldn't be the only one wanting to see his new baby though Cliff said he wasn't worried.

To celebrate the new arrival, Meeros convinced Cliff to go out into the city and party. Before leaving, Buwaro asked him if there was truly nothing he can do to help Kieri. Meeros reassured him that he cannot do anything and that he didn't know where Toski is; however he tells them that Milothys the Dolphin might have a better understanding on her magic since he is also a Water Guardian and even told him where he was.

Day 3

MeerosLove SD599

Love is what makes life worth living.

Meeros showed up at the sales stand shortly after Cliff and his family arrived. As Buwaro was about to say his name, Meeros interrupted him by applying part of the Guardian Curse on him which made him squawk momentarily. He jokingly said that he didn't want any of his zealots knowing and wanting him to uphold his responsibilities, however he said he wouldn't mind the PR for the Mortori Birds that have gathered as they were considered a good omen a moment ago. Kieri asked why as he explained that Mortori Birds, because of their appearance and how they dine on carrion, were considered harbingers of death and plague; but not anymore because of him. As he explained how he made Mortori Birds a reminder to cherish life and love one another he force Buwaro and Kieri to go out into the city and spend time together as a couple.[2] Confused at what happened, Miranda wondered if the two would be alright on their own in case they run into Melli; Meeros told her that they would be as she's not as crazy as "Cliffy's grandmother".

Later, he and the Sinclairs heard a large crash from another part of town. Meeros told them to stay here and for Cliff to be with his family as he went to investigate. In his true form he arrived to find Melli already dead and in flames, and the killer right before him. The large snake jeered at him, stating how he didn't have to track him down and if he was here to make up for the Great War. The two began to fight shortly after, with Meeros having no choice but to go all out with the risk of collateral damage to the civilians.

During the fight, Meeros avoided being bitten by Moonshade by kicking him off. He thought he might not win but had to try for the sake of Medius. He flew up and told him that he was no match for his "ultimate technique". Moonshade told him to bring it on as Meeros called for many Mortori Birds to peck him; after which he flew up into the tree but after some time never returned. This lead to the conclusion to everyone present that he might have ran away.

Powers and Abilities

Guardian Curse - Mortori Bird: Meeros (as well as the other Guardians) has the ability to bestow a curse on anyone he wants. In Meeros' case, the victim is forcibly transformed into a Mortori Bird. The curse can only normally be removed by Meeros, assuming other Guardians either can't break it. He can also apply or remove a lesser form of the curse with just the snap of his fingers; as he demonstrated on Buwaro when he tried to say his name aloud in public, to which he squawked like a bird.

Disguise Form: As a Guardian, Meeros has the ability to disguise himself as one of the mortal races of Medius in order to move around without drawing too much attention. Meeros' disguise form is a Human male.

Bestial Combat Specialist: While in his true form, Meeros makes use of his bird form's natural features; such the use of his wings and talons.

  • Gust: By flapping his wings rapidly he can cause a gust of wind that is strong enough to repel massive rocks and knock Medians off their feet.
  • Mortori Bird Call: By letting out a couple "caws", he can call forth many Mortori Birds at once to swarm and attack his target. (unnamed)

Flight: While in his true form, Meeros is capable of flight, using his massive bird wings.

Immortality: Meeros (along with the other Guardians) has existed as a demi-god since Medius was created. He is inherently ageless due to his nature and will live as long as Medius exists. It is likely that he is also practically indestructible by anything less than the power of the gods that created him in the first place. Whether it is possible for him to be injured or incapacitated, if only temporarily, isn't known.

Overall Abilities: As a demi-god, Meeros can be considered one of the most powerful beings in Medius given his mastery over Wind Magic, his inability to die through normal means and ability to enact curses on anybody. His destructive capabilities were shown during a battle against Moonshade, who had gained powers similar to his own, which could cause major damage to a city like St. Curtis.

Immense Magic Power: As a Wind Guardian of Medius, Meeros possesses immense power over his element, though the extent of his powers is unexplored.

Immense Durability: Notably while in his true form, Meeros is capable of receiving attacks from spells that are powerful enough to where it would kill a normal Median and yet cause moderate damage to him, such as massive rocks that hit through his wings, cut his head and jabbed his ribs.



  • (to Buwaro) "Hello there! You are very far from home, little boy. What are you doing in Medius? Your kind doesn't belong here."[3]
  • "I did everything a Guardian was supposed to do and more: I mediated conflicts, I advocated the finer qualities of my kin, and I even made a miracle here and there. And before you knew it...Mortori birds became reminders to cherish the life you've got and to spend it loving one another! Don't waste time fearing death!"[2]



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