Magic Symbols

Water, Earth, Fire, Wind Symbols.

Magic is a form of telekinetic power possessed by all sentient species in Slightly Damned, as well as some other creatures like Dragons and Wyverns. Angels, Demons, Humans, Jakkai, Khamega and Fairies are all known to possess magical ability, as do the Twelve Guardians of Medius who are possibly the most powerful of all except for the gods.

Magic grants a being the ability to warp the physical reality around them to perform some action that would otherwise be difficult or impossible. These abilities take the form of spells which are roughly grouped into six magical elemental affinities. Most mages only work with one of the four classical mundane elements; however, Angels and Demons also have Holy and Dark magic respectively in addition to their mundane element. The six affinities are:

It is also possible for inanimate objects to become imbued with ambient magic power. Items can be enchanted, such as Angel Emblems, or they can occur naturally. On Medius, there are naturally occurring crystals that contain elemental power which can be used as tools.


Magic is invoked in the form of spells. Spells come in both silent and spoken forms but all spells seem to require the use of the casters hands to make a gesture; if the caster is restrained so they can't move at all then they also lose the ability to cast spells. Spells may be learned through tutoring or study but can apparently also be blessed upon a mage, Cliff Sinclair's "Siara Special" was "given" to him by Siara the Lynx of the Twelve Guardians; however, it isn't clear if he physically can't teach this spell to anyone else, or is merely not allowed.

The core mechanism of Magic can be divided into three aspects: Ability, Power and Affinity.

Different races have different limits on their magical ability, the most significant limitation being the number and complexity of spells they can learn. Angels have the best magical ability with the most scope for spell learning; Earth Demons and Jakkai are the worst, being able to learn only a few relatively simple spells. The exact mechanism that causes this variance isn't completely clear, but it has been implied that Magic ability is opposed to physical strength. That is, the stronger a race is physically, the less adept it is at performing magic. Jakkai are actually surprisingly strong for their small size so suffer a lack of magic ability like Earth Demons.

Magic power is an individual caster's capacity to force their will on the world around them. A caster with more power will do more damage with the same spell than a caster with less power. Spells may also have minimum power requirements, if the caster does not have sufficient power than they cannot successfully cast it. Power also seems to be a related to physical strength as well as will power. Generally, power does not seem to strictly follow the same line as racial ability, Earth Demons are known to be powerful with their spells even though they have little ability to learn them.

Every mage appears to have an affinity for a single magical element and casts spells of that particular type only. The only known exceptions are Angels and Demons who have a second elemental affinity for Holy and Darkness magic respectively.

There is no clear limit on the number of times spells may be used within any given time. A mage can seemingly cast their spells as many times as they want until they become too physically exhausted to continue as with more mundane activities such as running. If a "mana pool" or similar system exists, it has not been referenced yet.

Racial Ability

The various races have different peaks for magical skill, as defined by their total number of spells and the complexity of those spells' effects. The races of Slightly Damned are ranked (from best to worst):

  1. Twelve Guardians — the physical embodiment of a particular element, they have the most magic power and scope, bested by only the Gods, but only possess magic of their associated element.
  2. Angels — Angels are physically weaker than Demons but compensate for it with greater magical ability and power. Angels are strictly grouped like Demons (Wind Angel, Water Angel, Fire Angel, Earth Angel) but don't have the same power variances between them as Demons do. All Angels can use Holy Magic in addition to their own elemental affinity.
  3. Wind Demons — Like Angels, Wind Demons are physically weaker than other Demons but compensate with their magic. Wind Demons can only use Wind and Darkness spells.
  4. Water Demons — Water Demons are tougher than Wind Demons but are still physically limited, they also can't be far from water or they dry out like frogs. Water Demons can only use Water and Darkness spells.
  5. Humans — Humans are seemingly the most capable mortal spell-caster race depending on where Fairies fall. The best mages can equal Fire, and possibly Water Demons.
  6. Fire Demons — Fire Demons are well balanced between physical strength and magic. Fire Demons can only use Fire and Darkness spells.
  7. Khamegas — Khamegas are said to be physically stronger than any of the other mortal races of Medius, but are awkward and slow on land. They are much better at using magic than Jakkai but are less adept than Humans.
  8. Jakkai — Jakkai have very low magic potential, they typically only learn 1-2 simple spells.
  9. Earth Demons — Earth Demons are extremely strong physically but are at least as bad at magic as Jakkai; however, an Earth Demon with a spell will typically do significantly more damage than a Jakkai casting the same spell. Earth Demons can only use Earth and Darkness spells.


The following races have not demonstrated their capabilities yet so can't be classified accurately in the above list:

  • Fairies — Fairies are tiny and physically weak but are hinted at having notable amounts of magic power, Duster helps Cliff with his "Siara Special" fire spell for example. A Fairy later on, in St. Curtis, helps out Rhea and Buwaro when they're fleeing a Nirvean Dog, by lobbing a fireball.
  • Merfolk — Merfolk are known to exist, that's about it.

Magic Foci

Angel Star Emblem

It is possible for casters to enhance their magic power using various enchanted items. Most of these items seem to mainly affect power, although they may indirectly affect ability as well. Known magical foci include:

  • Kieri's Holy Water Sword: The sword allows its wielder to channel magic spells through it, presumably increasing their power or at least enabling new effects that would be difficult to achieve without it. Kieri is seen channelling Holy magic through it into a Demon after stabbing it with the blade. She has also cast Water spells (melt followed by freeze) through it.
  • Angel Star Pendant: The Star talisman enhances an Angel's magical power as well as their concentration. Concentration boosting is useful in the general sense to avoid being distracted and losing your train of thought whilst fighting but could also help with magical ability (spell learning).

It is also possible to gain a temporary boost to magic power using potions like the yellow potion in the Rainbow Reverie potion set.


All mundane elements seem to be roughly equal to each other, even intuitive combinations like Water beats Fire do not apply. Holy and Darkness are roughly equal to each other as well but it isn't clear if they have an advantage over mundane elements or not.

There appear to be several universal spells that all mages could learn to perform regardless of their elemental affinity, these include:

  • Magic Bubble: A spherical shield surrounds the caster or targeted area, protecting them from harm unless broken by a physical or magical attack from a more powerful opponent. The bubble has the elemental affinity of the caster (An Earth mage has a brown shield, a Water mage has a blue shield, etc).
  • Magic Blast: A basic magic attack created by conjuring a ball of magical energy and launching it at an opponent. The color of the ball will match that of the elemental affinity of the caster but is otherwise generic.
  • Assist: Instead of casting a spell, the caster channels their own magical power into a second caster who experiences a temporary increase in their total power for a single spell. It appears that the supporting caster may need to have the same elemental affinity.


Water Element

Associated Colors: blue, light blue

Water Magic encompasses the manipulation of water in all of its various forms. This includes liquid water, ice, steam and so forth.

Notable Water Users

Kieri Suizahn, Toski the Rabbit, Lazuli

Water Spells

[This list is not comprehensive.]

  • Water Levitation: An object submerged in water can be drawn up to the surface by having the water close in and increase the pressure underneath it, pushing it back to the surface.
  • Ice Shards: Water is either conjured or gathered from the surrounding air and frozen into small ice daggers which are launched at the opponent like throwing knives.
  • Ice Encase: Cover an enemy in water and freeze it to encase them partially or totally in ice. Imprisons them by preventing them from moving. It can also incapacitate mages since the mage needs their hands to cast spells.
  • Ice Impalement: Gather water from the surrounding environment, like snow, and form it into two large sharp icicles that rapidly rise out of the ground on two sides of an enemy. The spell pincers the opponent between the two icicles, simultaneously impaling and crushing them to death.
  • Water Jet: A jet of liquid water is launched at the target, either conjured from nowhere or gathered from the air in the surrounding area. Useful for extinguishing small fires.


Fire Element

Associated Colors: red, pink (angel uniforms)

Fire Magic encompasses the conjuring and manipulation of fire and heat.

Notable Fire Users

Buwaro Elexion, Heathcliff "Cliff" Sinclair, Duster, Azurai, Sanjulo

Fire Spells

[This list is not comprehensive.]

  • Fireball: Conjures a small fireball in the palm of the caster's hand. It can also be conjured around individual fingers such as the caster's thumb when using it to light a cigarette. The fireball can be thrown at a target. (Used by Azurai mainly.)
  • Fire Breath: An ability of Fire Demons that allows them to release a jet of flame from their mouth. (Seen used by most fire demons.)
  • Searing Jab: An ability used by Sanjulo through his weapon.


Earth Element

Associated Colors: gold, yellow, sometimes brown

Earth Magic encompasses the manipulation of dirt and rocks. May even apply to natural crystals.

Notable Earth Users

Rhea Snaketail, Darius Elexion, Iratu

Earth Spells

[This list is not comprehensive.]

  • Terra Spike: Rhea's personal spell. Causes a row of rock spikes to burst out of the ground in a straight line between the caster and the target. The spikes are usually blunt so don't cause serious injuries. This spell will only work on solid ground, it can't be used when standing on ice in the middle of a frozen lake for example. (seen used by Rhea.)
  • Massive Terra Spikes: Iratu was seen using this against Rhea after she hit him. Also seen used in-comic later by Rhea.


Wind Element

Associated Colors: green

Wind Magic encompasses the manipulation of wind and associated weather effects like lightning.

Notable Wind Users

Sakido Elexion, Denevol, Tsavo

Wind Spells

[This list is not comprehensive.]

  • Wind Gust: The caster gathers air in front of them before pushing it away as hard as possible, creating a dangerously powerful wind gust. (Seen in use by Crunky, Sakido, Denevol)
  • Lightning: The caster conjures lightning (which is usually green) and unleashes it on a target. (Seen in use by Tsavo, Sakido)
  • Wind Blades: Conjure wind energy into the shape of 2 boomerangs which are thrown at an enemy. (Seen in use by Denevol)


Associated Colors: White, light blues (lighter than Water blue)

Holy Magic is only usable by Angels. Holy spells appear to be largely utilitarian in nature, such as healing injuries, but can also be used offensively.

Holy Spells

[This list is not comprehensive.]

  • Holy Blast: Conjures a ball of Holy Magic and launches it at an opponent.
  • Healing: Attempts to heal physical injuries to a living person's body. The severity of injuries that can be healed and the effectiveness of the spell varies on the caster's skill. (Seen used by most angels.)
  • Sleep: Attempts to put the target into an enchanted sleep. The effect may be permanent unless removed. The spell is usually not powerful enough to work on a fully grown Demon. (Used mainly by Darius, but a young Earth Angel mentioned it later on.)
  • Holy Protection Enchantment: A spell placed on Angels' Sun, Star and Moon Emblems which burns both Demons and Hell-Damned souls attempting to touch the protected object. [It may affect Medians as well, it hasn't been seen in-comic]


Associated Colors: black, purple

Darkness Magic is only usable by Demons; it is primarily destructive in nature. This is also the underlying power that allows a Demon to warp itself into its suicidal berserker form.

Darkness Spells

[This list is not comprehensive.]

  • Darkness Blast: Conjures a ball of Dark Magic and launches it at an opponent. (Seen used by Lazuli, both non-Berserk and Berserk.)
  • Darkness Protection Enchantment: The opposite of the Holy Protection Enchantment. It burns any Holy beings, like Angels, that attempt to touch the enchanted object. Lazuli had a cloth with this enchantment on it.
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