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Lucky is a mutant Hyena who is the younger sister of Guff and who helps maintain order and peace at his diner. She also has a knack in robotic engineering.


Lucky Lemoranges

Lucky in black and white.

Lucky is very unique, even as a mutant. While most of the animals seen in her world are anthropomorphic in appearance, she has a human-like face and build while still having the more common animal features of her people; such as paw-like hands, a tail and feet that is digitigrade on her right side but humanistic on her left. Apart from that she has dark-brown hair and thick fur on her hands, feet and end of her tail, while having light-tan fur over the rest of her body with some dark-brown spots in places. She has brown-colored eyes with a scar across her right eye which appears damaged because of it.

She wears a bright green robe with a yellow trimming around her neckline and at the bottom, white pants and mechanical boots that are brown with a black sole (as well as four rounded spots that resemble a paw pad), and light brown fur trimmings on top.

When she was younger, she had black fur instead of brown. She wore a red cap with the word "Rad" on it, a blue t-shirt and tan shorts. On her human foot she wore green shoes while using a clutch to walk on in place of her hyena foot.


Lucky is very enthusiastic when it comes to convincing her brother to try things that can help improve his or their lifestyle, especially when it comes to robotics. Given her love for him she helps him whenever she is able to. However when she has to keep the peace in the restaurant she will use whatever means necessary to stop trouble-makers.

Having to deal with two uneven legs she used to think about how she'd feel if she could only have either hyena legs or human legs. She has since accepted her current appearance as being part of her, much like how Guff said that his arm is to him. It can be one of the few things she agrees with him on.


When Life Gives You LemorangesEdit

What's Tomato With You?Edit

Skills and InventionsEdit

Robotic Engineer: Lucky has a major interest in robotics and as a result she invented herself a pair of boots to help improve her mobility and has even offered Guff to create him a robot hand to amend him for having a deformed left arm. She was also able to repair a robot to near completion but otherwise fully functional.

  • Rocket Boots: Lucky wears a pair of mechanical boots that have the ability to fly off her feet when needed which can be used to attack enemies from afar. However she has not worked out the kinks from them as they are prone to explode.
  • Laser Claws: Lucky wields two black rounded devices over her wrists whenever she explores a dangerous area, which allow her to create three laser blades that are strong enough to cut up robots. However they seem to run on a limited supply of battery power as they can run out if used excessively.

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Lucky has some skill in melee combat as she is able to destroy several robots (although possibly with remorse for what she called "cute" robots) and be able to dodge many of their laser beams with ease.


  • Lucky first appeared in another comic featuring her and Guff, however aside from her name being Lycheka, her design was significantly different from her current design.


  • (to mutant) "Yeah, I guess I'm "malformed" like you! But I know something you don't. When life gives you lemoranges... You kick some ass!"



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