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Hell's Army (Dakos Squad)



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Lingo, Angelic

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Slightly Damned #120 [HQTS]

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Lazuli was a Water Demoness and one of the first major antagonists in Slightly Damned. She captured Kieri Suizahn and separated her from her brother, Kazai Suizahn, before Kieri escaped and encountered Rhea Snaketail and Buwaro. Due to these actions she can be considered the main antagonist of the Snow Angels arc and a major antagonist during the second half of the St. Curtis Demon Invasion.


Somewhat lupinoid in appearance, Lazuli was roughly human height with light lavender/blue fur and darker colored stripes that matched the color of her hair, which was braided. She had cold blue eyes without visible whites, and had very sharp claws similar to Buwaro's. She wore a white sleeveless top, a red sash around her waist, and very dark green-blue pants with a tail hole.

One of her claws was broken by Kieri during their initial fight before Rhea's resurrection, though it seems to have grown back. Lazuli also received a large, blackened scar on the right side of her abdomen where she was sliced by Kieri's sword during the second battle.


Lazuli had a general hatred for Angels which is typical for Demons. However, she had the ability to speak fluent Angelic which is apparently required as part of her mission related to the Ascension.

Fittingly for a Demon, anger defines her character. She was hot-headed with a lethally short temper, had no regard for non-Demons and would kill Medians without concern. She was also sadistic, deriving pleasure from beating on Kieri whilst she was restrained and unable to resist. Her temper occasionally got the better of her as she accidentally set Kieri free by going on a rant about how frustrated she felt with Buwaro.

Since Kieri, Rhea and Buwaro defeated her and killed Talus in the process, her disregard for others grew massively. She took out her frustration and temper on random Medians, killing them brutally just because they were in the way or she wanted their water bottle. She was filled with an all-consuming rage about Kieri in particular and swore revenge against Kieri, Buwaro, and Rhea for the humiliation she suffered and for the death of Talus. She expressed a desire to completely abandon her mission in favor of just hunting those three down and murdering them slowly instead. She was still submissive to her superiors, especially Iratu, as his large size and power frightened her when she tried picking a fight with Buwaro when he was nearby.

Lazuli may have had a romantic bond with Talus, based on some minor implications in the comic. During a Chu Q&A where Lazuli was asked about it, she only went as far as saying that she considered him just a friend. Even so, Talus' death does appear to be one of Lazuli's reasons for hating Kieri so much and wanting to kill her, partially to avenge Talus.


Snow Angels

Capturing Kieri

Lazuli and Talus were originally operating in Farun with Dakos, who may have been their group leader. Dakos provided a distraction whilst she and Talus grabbed Kieri who had lagged behind her brother and his friend. Lazuli restrained Kieri using magic braces that blocked her spell casting and rendered her mute. After capturing Kieri, Lazuli and Talus retreated into Fuzen'ro Forest where they camped on the ground. They may have been waiting for the Fire Demon to rejoin them but he never did- Kazai may have killed him. After sunset, Lazuli amused herself by beating up Kieri before the two Demons fell asleep.

Kieri transformed into her snow bunny form and escaped whilst Lazuli and Talus were sleeping but didn't get far before succumbing to the cold. However, she was found by Buwaro and Rhea who took her with them. Lazuli discovered Kieri was missing in the morning and spent the day looking for her.

Battle in Fuzen'ro Forest

Buwaro and Kieri stumbled into her on a cliff edge overlooking the way down to Farun the day after. Initially Lazuli believed Buwaro was one of the soldiers sent to Medius and hunting around for Angels. Buwaro's ignorance only served to frustrate her as she tried to convince him to turn over Kieri. Eventually Talus rejoined them and temporarily ended the argument by pushing Buwaro off the cliff. At that point, Lazuli starts planning to hurt Kieri some more but Buwaro climbs back up the cliff, prompting her to decide to just kill both of them. Kieri bit Lazuli who was surprised and released her. Kieri then made a run for it with Buwaro.

KieriVsLazuli SD139

Lazuli vs Kieri.

Kieri and Buwaro bumped back into Rhea and the three of them ran to a frozen lake where a battle ensued after Lazuli surrounded everyone with an icicle wall. Lazuli demonstrated significant magical ability and came close to winning several times only to be distracted by having to rescue Talus from his own stupidity. Eventually this cycle occurred one too many times and Talus drowned. Lazuli was dragged into the lake under him, but she was amphibious and managed to escape back to the surface where she tried to drag Kieri down under the water with her. This failed, as Kieri managed to break free somehow.

Love and War

Journey with the Sinclairs

Lazuli ultimately survived the battle and made her way to Farun to recover. She killed the owner of a butcher shop and ate some of the meat before heading off toward the direction of Kieri and her friends.

Along the way she had an encounter with the Farun Bandits. She first killed the blue-coated bandit with her Ice Shards before killing the other with her Ice Impalement spell. She stated that nothing was going to get in her way of revenge and yelled out for Kieri, stating she wouldn't stop until her claws were drenched in her blood.

Forgive Me

Journey to St. Curtis

While on the hunt for Kieri, Lazuli made her way toward St. Curtis as part of a prearranged "gathering" of Demons there. Along the way she killed many Medians for their water so she wouldn't get thirsty. At one point when she stopped at a sign that pointed her in the direction she needed to go, she commented how she wasn't interested in collecting angels and that she only wanted to kill one. She continued walking along, laughing about how she could just get more water from another Median if she's thirsty.

Current Arc

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

At an unknown point, Lazuli had arrived in the city and was first seen terrorizing the civilians with the rest of the Demons. She almost had her long-awaited run-in with Kieri had she not flown past a group of fire-fighters.[1]

She was later seen attacking the Wind Angel that Rhea and Buwaro were asked to save. Upon seeing her old enemies she immediately attacked them, destroying Thadius in the process before grabbing Buwaro in her arms. As the three fought each other, she gained the upper hand before Kieri arrived to try and save them. Easily able to stop them, she prepared to kill Kieri but was stopped by Azurai, who told her that they aren't to kill any Angels. They argued for a bit before another Demon arrived to help in the capture. Not wanting Kieri to get hurt protecting them, Buwaro pretended to capture her to get everyone to stop, with Rhea even joining in on the act. This seems to fool Azurai, however Lazuli argued that they were trying to trick them. Even with reasons from Azurai, she tried to tell him about Kieri's ability to shapeshift but it was brushed off, and it resulted in her being called dumb by even Azurai. Having no say in things she reluctantly followed the group to the Gathering.

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2

The group arrived at the Coiled Cobra Bar where all their comrades were gathered and enjoying themselves. Lazuli situated herself accordingly as events unfold regarding Verammi's reasons for siding with them and how everyone made fun of Buwaro, Kieri and another Angel for being in love with each other. She, along with Dakos, showed awareness of how badly Buwaro was trying to lie about his relationship. As Buwaro was being called away by Iratu, she decided to go after Kieri; pouring alcohol on her while saying she must not be good enough for him, before getting punched by Buwaro. She punched him back and the two started snarling at each other while everyone encouraged them to fight. She stopped after seeing Iratu enlarge and yell at them for fighting.

As Buwaro told his tale, he brought up how it was Sakido who brought them to Medius, making Lazuli doubtful of his claim. Iratu would later claim that Buwaro wouldn't lie and used her wound to confirm his suspicions with Rhea that the death was caused by their Angel ally in Hell. Later as tensions rose, Tsavo attacked Buwaro, which provoked Dakos into throwing a mug, which ended up deflected and hitting Nikkei, who ended up flipping the table onto Lazuli's foot. She and everyone else would then end up in a free-for-all, until it was time to leave for the ritual site.

Lazuli was placed in the last wagon and was told by Tsavo to catch up with the others. As the group rode away, with Cyran at the reins, Dakos started to taunt an Angel family before bragging to Lazuli about how he did so. She brushes him off by saying she just wanted to kill Kieri for murdering Talus. He tells her that she should have followed his orders before she argued that they needed to work together like Iratu told them all.

Lazuli then proceeded to attempt kill Kieri, but before she could, they all heard a loud roar and were surprised to see Buwaro, having entered Berserk State, chasing after them. When Buwaro made it on, Cyran exclaimed that they needed to protect the Angels, while Dakos yelled at them for not controlling the wagon. Cyran tried to use a magic attack on Buwaro, but it had no effect and he was blasted back with a Fire Breath instead. After collapsing, they looked up in fright as Buwaro poised to attack again before being stopped by Rhea.

Lazuli used this opportunity to launch her Darkness Blast attack against Buwaro, blasting both he and Rhea off the wagon. But that didn't stop them from chasing after them again. Lazuli was confused, saying that berserk demons are supposed to be mindless.

After gaining control of the reins, Dakos asked Lazuli what's a "Snowy" and why Buwaro keeps screaming it. Lazuli didn't know at first, until she remembered and said that he was calling for Kieri. Dakos grabbed the female angel and asked Lazuli to confirm it, while keeping Kazai away from his sister. When she did, Cyran screamed that Buwaro and Rhea are catching up again. Not wanting to let them board again, Dakos decided to throw the angel towards them, much to Lazuli's dismay.

As she stared back at the direction the three were, she was left surprised to once again see Rhea and Buwaro charging at them again. Rhea, currently under the effects of the Blue Potion, charged forward at blinding speeds and punched Lazuli in the chest. As she turned to face her, Buwaro snuck up and bit down on her; thrashing her about until tossing her off the wagon. Lazuli suffered heavy damage from Buwaro's surprise attack as she lay on the road. She was in so much pain that she suddenly went into her Berserk State. She soon arrived where everyone was last seen, roaring while they stared in fright. She followed up by breathing ice shards on them, missing Rhea and Kazai but killing Dakos in the process.

She then engaged in battle with Kazai and Rhea, having her ear sliced off by Kazai and knocking Rhea aside while overwhelming Kazai with breath-based magic. However, Rhea soon drank the Yellow Potion, which increased her magic power to the point where it allowed her to severely wound Lazuli with a stronger version of her Terra Spike. Breaking free, however, Lazuli attempted to finish her off but was stabbed by Kieri. With that attack, she slowly reverted back to normal and made one last attempt to grab her arm but in the end, perished.

Powers and Abilities

Water Magic: As a Water Demon, Lazuli was able to manipulate water in all of its various forms such as liquid, ice and steam. She had a lot of dexterity with her water magic, and was able to use water to lift the large Earth Demon Talus out of a frozen lake. She could also freeze water to perform ice related spells.

  • Icicle Wall: By punching the ground, Lazuli could cause a barrage of icicles to erupt through the surface of a frozen lake to form a wall that could block off any kind of ground-level escape.
  • Ice Shards: Lazuli could launch pointed ice shards from her claws that could puncture targets and kill them like throwing knives. Since the attack was ice based, the shards can be melted into less harmful liquid water before reaching their target, such as by fire magic.
  • Ice Encase: Lazuli could freeze her opponent in place by covering their limbs in water and turning it to ice which prevented them from moving unless the ice is melted, broken or controlled by another water mage.
IceImpalement SD272
  • Ice Impalement: Similar to Icicle Wall, Lazuli could gather water together, such as from snow, and create two large icicles that would thenrise out of the ground to crush and impale her victim between them.

Darkness Magic: As a Demon, Lazuli could use Darkness magic to attack her foes. Holy and Darkness magic are roughly equal in power, assuming the same level of skill, but Darkness Magic seems to be purely destructive in nature. Holy Magic provides healing spells as well as combat blasts which Darkness Magic seems to lack.

  • Darkness Blast: Lazuli could launch a ball of dark energy at her enemy from her hand. Lazuli's Darkness Blast easily overcame Kieri's Holy Blast attack, indicating Lazuli had much greater skill than Kieri.
BerserkLazuli SD818

Lazuli's Berserk State

Berserk State: As for all Demons she could enter a state of rage, gaining immense power but losing all rational thought and will. She would attack everyone and everything until nothing was left and would then start mutilating herself. In this form, she grew to about the size of the average Earth Demon, her legs became digitigrade, two of her lower fangs grew longer, and six massive icicle protrusions formed along her back. In this form she appeared similar to a bear or a wolverine.

  • Power Augmentation: While in this state, her strength, durability and overall fighting capabilities were increased to a certain degree. This was of course dependent on how powerful she was already was prior to changing.
    • Improved Magic Ability/Power: Lazuli gained a much greater command of Magic once she transformed.
      • Icicle Breath: An enhanced version of her Ice Shards, in a way, she could breathe out icicles from her mouth. The shards were larger in size and were easily able to puncture even Demon hide.
      • Dark Breath: An enhanced version of her Dark Blast, she could breathe out a stream of darkness from her mouth. The blast was strong enough to overpower a Holy Blast from an Angel under the effects of the Star Emblem.

Expert Hand-to-hand Combatant: Like most Demons, Lazuli was very adept in melee combat. She was shown to be highly skilled to the point where she could react to being attacked from behind with a sharp weapon by catching it with her arms.

Multilingual: Lazuli was capable of speaking in both Lingo and Angelic.

  • Angelic Language: Despite being a Demon, Lazuli showed that she can speak in Angelic fluently. Apparently, most Demons sent to a Medius from Hell are supposed to have this ability (she initially assumes that Buwaro can speak Angelic as well) in order to carry out their mission, whatever that is.

Overall Abilities: Lazuli was shown to be very dangerous, especially given her temperament. Her range of spells known exceeded what most characters have demonstrated, and even in melee she was easily capable of killing anyone she sees. While initially having difficulty with handling Kieri, Rhea and Buwaro, she ended up at a point where she came close to overpowering the three with minimal injuries.

Enhanced Durability: Lazuli was shown to be quite resilient, as with most Demons, more notably during her second fight. While being defeated by Kieri, receiving a scar on her abdomen and having been submerged underwater for a while, she was able to come out with enough energy to make it to Farun and cause significant damage to the butcher shop there, killing the owner. Her skin also appeared durable enough to receive a cut from something as sharp as a scythe without it cutting too deep.


Magic Restraining Braces (formerly): Special magical restraints designed for use against Angels. By placing them on Kieri, Lazuli was able to prevent Kieri from using her magic and rendered her mute so she couldn't call for help. The braces have size-shifting power; when Kieri transforms into a Snow Bunny, the braces shrank to remain firmly on her neck and wrists. The braces could not be removed unless someone says the full name of the victim wearing the braces.

Demonic Cloth (formerly): A "handkerchief" imbued with a Darkness spell. The cloth had the Darkness equivalent of the Holy Protection Spell on an Angel's Sun, Star and Moon Emblems. It hurt any Holy being (angel) who tried to touch it. The cloth also protected the Demons from the effects of the Holy Spell so they could safely carry holy protected objects around. Kieri's sword and Sun Emblem were wrapped in this which prevented her from using them until they were unwrapped by Buwaro.

Other Appearances

The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time

Lazulidorf SoT12

Bow to the future Queen of Hyrule.

Lazuli appears as the main antagonist, taking the role of Ganondorf from the games. Like in the game, she would end up taking over Hyrule, though thus far the amount of gags involving her were minimal.



  • (to Buwaro Elexion) "Kid, look. This is an Angel, NOT a snow bunny or whatever. As Demons, that automatically makes her our enemy. Demons hate Angels, and Angels hate Demons. It's only natural."[2]
  • "Stupid Medians. I'm not gonna let anything get in the way of my revenge! For my wasted time... For this scar... For... for Talus... For that I'll kill her! I'll shred her wings! I'll tear her limb from limb! Gouge her eyes! Rip off her face! I'LL DESTROY THAT STUPID ANGEL!!"[3]



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