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Lakritz Tamis

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Wind Element Kinako Family

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Hell's Army (Unknown Squad)

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Tirol Tamis (adopted son)


Kinako Tamis (wife)

Sahne Tamis (wife)



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Lingo, Angelic

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Slightly Damned #469 [HQTS]

Lakritz Tamis is a Water Demon who was first seen walking around openly and being friendly with the people of St. Curtis. He is the husband of an Earth Demonness, Sahne, as well the Wind Angel, Kinako; and along with her son, Tirol they make up a family.


Lakritz appears to be a reptilian-looking Demon (likely based off a salamander), with mostly black skin with blue markings and belly. He also has blue spikes on his back and tail (with one on his back and two on his tail resembling a dolphin's dorsal fin and tail). His eye color is red with no irises. He wears brown leather shorts and a black belt around his waist.


When first introduced, Lakritz appeared to be very friendly with non-Demons, evident when he stopped to greet a human who walked up to him. He is also good with Angels like Kinako as he is staying with her, Tirol and Sahne, an Earth Demoness, who are also in St. Curtis. As it would turn out, this stems from a much deeper relationship he, Kinako, Tirol and Sahne share. He considers himself, Sahne and Kinako to be in love with one another to where, along with Tirol, they are a very happy family and would do anything to protect each other. While not shown in-comic, various artwork involving them show they are just as prone to cuddling and kissing as Kieri and Buwaro.

Knowing fully-well about the habits of his kind and possibly every plan that his former comrades had at the time, he acknowledges the dangers brought on by Demons and was even suspicious of Buwaro when they first met. Whenever Kinako acknowledges him for something relating to his worries, he seems to frown, either out of guilt or discouragement since he and Sahne are Demons; especially since now that he was in a relationship with an Angel, their natural enemy, he would continually run the risk of being attacked by his own kind and nearly died as a result of it.

Since the invasion, his opinion on Buwaro has changed to where he finds him similar to Tirol, where he wasn't taught to hate or show animosity toward Angels. He shows patience in answering his questions and while addressing serious issues regarding their kind, he also tells him of the hope that comes from his relationship with his family and Buwaro's relationship with Kieri.

As a parent, Lakritz is very affectionate with his adopted son, Tirol. He will often play with him and compliment him whenever he draws a picture of him or any of his family. This contrasts the usual behavior of Demons who don't show this sort of behavior but because of the life he and his family lead, he and Sahne are free to be more open with their love than those who wish to behave to normal Demon standards.

Like many Demons, he seems to have a preference for meat, which he says he loves eating; while also saying he doesn't care for vegetables. However, he can be easily intimidated by his wives to eating them anyway if it means encouraging Tirol to eat them, much to his dismay.[1]



According to Lakritz, he supposedly met Father Syndel prior to leaving Hell. The reason for his skepticism is that the Syndel he met looked nothing like the statue that he would see in St. Curtis long after.

Lakritz would serve as a member of Hell's Army alongside Sahne and an unknown third Demon and left Hell to accomplish their goal of gathering Angels and using them to perform Ascensions. However, at some point for reasons unknown, he and Sahne would kill their third member.[2] It's also unknown when and where it would place with them meeting Kinako and Tirol as he and Sahne would form a family with the two Angels.

The Flower FestivalEdit

Pre-Festival EventsEdit

Lakritz was first seen by Rhea, Kieri and Cliff, walking casually through town while greeting a human who stopped by him, giving them the impression that it's okay for Demons and Angels to walk among the other Medians during the Flower Festival. This action even confuses Tsavo as Demons sent for the gathering would normally be in hiding.

Current ArcEdit

Day 3Edit

KinakoAndGroup SD593

Lakritz and his family.

Lakritz joined Kinako and the others during an outing of the festival. They overhear Buwaro and Kieri singing in Angelic and go to greet them. Buwaro wasn't sure about who he was while Lakritz corrected him, introducing himself and saying this was their first time meeting. Lakritz noted that Demons who speak Angelic were especially dangerous while Kinako reassured him that they were their friends. She later told Buwaro about her Elemental Mark and that Lakritz recommended she wear something other than her usual clothing. He then advised Kieri to do the same as it might help her. Soon after he left with Sahne and the others.

Demon Invasion - The GatheringEdit

After Moonshade killed Melli the Fire Bee and seemingly drove off Meeros the Mortori Bird, the signal was given for all the Demons in the city to begin their operation. At that moment, Lakritz grabbed Tirol just as Sahne grabbed Kinako while their eyes glowed ominously.

While what followed is currently unknown, it is clear Lakritz had no intention on capturing Tirol, however after an attack by Demons he and Sahne lost Kinako, leaving Sahne with Tirol and Lakritz severely injured. When Rhea and her friends arrived where they were, Sahne believed they betrayed Kieri and was ready to attack them. However she stopped when Buwaro (tried) talking her out of it.

Sahne then explained what happened and was distraught that she may lose him too, but then Rhea decided to give Lakritz the vial of green potion she had to help him recover. With Lakritz healed, they show their love to the group and revealed that all three of them were in love and with Tirol they considered themselves a family. After Sahne explained about how they betrayed their own kind to be with Kinako, Buwaro urged them to try and fight to get her back, though Lakritz sadly noted that they're too injured to do so and have to protect Tirol. Before leaving they left Rhea and group with the whereabouts to where the Gathering would take place.

Sometime later, Jake and his animals regrouped with them while bringing a male Earth Angel with him. Thanks to Rhea and Buwaro's interference, the Angel's partner, a male Wind Angel, returned and received a kiss from him while Jake watched happily. Sahne told Lakritz she was starting to reconsider what she said earlier and wanted to go help them and Kinako, but didn't want to leave him or Tirol. Lakritz was surprised to hear Jake and the Angel couple willing to volunteer to stay with the two while she was out.


After several days, the fires burning St. Curtis would dissipate, and at some point Lakritz and many other survivors took refuge inside the Tree of Peace. Carrying Tirol in his arm, he greeted Buwaro and inquired about his condition before letting him know about Sahne and Kinako. After boasting about his trident, he offered to take Buwaro to see Kieri and her brother for protection before Cyran called out for them to leave her alone; because they were all Demons and they wouldn't be able to be together with Angels. Lakritz scoffed at them for still being here which caused them to leave. He then offered to take Buwaro down to see Kieri in the temple below.

As they traversed the tree and into the temple, he reminded Buwaro that while the monks were at peace with them, they and the Angels would still be afraid of them so they couldn't stay inside the temple grounds. While passing by the altar, Buwaro asks about the statues of Mother Gaia and Father Syndel, which prompted Lakritz to explain who they were and how they were involved with the Great War. Buwaro then asked if Angels and Demons were born to hate each other, which Lakritz denies as it's due to how they were raised and taught, and that Tirol was proof that no animosity exists this early. While Buwaro laments wanting to try understanding Kieri's pain, Lakritz reminds him that their history is comprised of an endless cycle of hate, but tells him about the hope they have with their respective Angel companions.

Just before they leave to where the Angels are, Buwaro asks if he ever met Syndel; after a brief pause he replies that he may have, but only that he looked nothing like the statue below them.

As they enter the apartment area for Angels, the three watch a couple of the rescued Angels flee at the sight of them, before proceeding to the room housing the Suizahn twins. Lakritz asked Buwaro to hold his trident while saying he would approach the door first. Tirol even offered to help, prompting Buwaro to ask about Sign Lingo. He then proceeded to knock on the door and tried talking to the siblings in Angelic. Kazai opened the door and attacked shortly after; Lakritz even having to pull back Tirol after the latter attacked Kazai with a book. Once he heard Kieri say not to hurt Buwaro, he decided to let him in, but not without a warning to not harm her or else; which Lakritz translated for him. Once Buwaro entered, Lakritz forced the door shut so the two can be left alone.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Multilingual: Lakritz is shown to be able to communicate in three different languages, including Lingo.

  • Angelic Language: Despite being a Demon, Lakritz has shown that he can speak in Angelic fluently. How or why he is able to despite acknowledging how dangerous it is for a Demon to know it is still unknown.
  • Sign Lingo: After becoming family with Kinako and Tirol, he was taught how to perform Sign Lingo to better communicate with Tirol. He finds it a little difficult due to only having three fingers.


Trident: Lakritz owns a trident that he is seemingly proud of, as while commenting about how he didn't have it during the invasion, he was kissing the side of it. The pole has a light-dark shade of blue while the metal prongs are melded into one shape at the very top. It's unknown how proficient he is at using it, though given his comments he may have had a better time protecting his family.


  • According to Chu, Lakritz's name is based after a kind of licorice.[3]
  • "Lakritz" is actually the German word for licorice.
  • Given his relationship with both Sahne and Kinako, they are considered a polyamory family by word of the creator.
  • Lakritz's favorite food is revealed to be fish, according to a voting incentive that also had him eating sushi.
  • Lakritz and Sahne are the second known Demons to adopt Angelic last names. The first being Buwaro and his siblings.
  • Lakritz is the second named Demon to wield a weapon, the first being Talus.



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