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Kinako Tamis

Angel (Wind)


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Wind Element Kinako Family


Caretaker Angel[1]

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Tirol Tamis (son)


First Partner (unknown)

Sahne Tamis (wife)

Lakritz Tamis (husband)



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Angelic, Lingo

First Appearance

Slightly Damned #475 [HQTS]

Kinako Tamis is a Wind Caretaker Angel on Medius. She is not a warrior angel and did not have any combat training, or so she claimed. Rhea, Kieri and Buwaro encountered her in St. Curtis during the Spring Flower Festival. She is the wife of the Earth Demoness Sahne and the Water Demon Lakritz; who together with her son, Tirol, are a family.


Kinako is an adult Wind Angel, being several inches taller than Kieri Suizahn, who is younger. She tends to wear the standard angel attire with the primary color being green to match her elemental affinity, that being Wind. Her hair and eye color is green while two long strands of her hair are white. Her Sun Emblem hangs around her neck.

During the third day, by Lakritz’s advice she decided to wear a different outfit from her usual clothing. She wore an orange-sleeveless dress with flower patterns (both large and small) covered all over, held up by red straps over her shoulders and a red sash around her waist. She also has a brown bag that hangs across from her left shoulder down to the right side of her waist.

On her left arm is the Wind elemental affinity symbol; which was unseen until she started wearing different clothing.


Kinako is a kind woman, one of the first Angels Rhea and her friends met that wasn't critical against Demons, allowing Buwaro to have a friendly conversation without fear of being harmed. For some reason, she seems to have a little contempt towards Warrior Angels, and found the idea that someone like Kieri was a member of the Suizahn family to be silly. Otherwise most of her appearances have her interacting with Rhea's group in a friendly and often approachable manner.

While it isn't exactly clear how her viewpoint on Demons is overall, like Kieri she doesn't mind the fact that her loved ones are Demons; to the point where the creator makes it evident that Sahne and Lakritz, the two Demons she was always seen with, are more or less like her husband and wife. While not shown in-comic, various artwork involving the three show they are just as prone to cuddling and kissing as Kieri and Buwaro. She trusts them well enough to even watch over her biological son, Tirol who they all love very much, even after she was taken by other Demons. Most instances of her appearance (in-comic or through other art) shows her mostly with Sahne while occasionally having some tender moments with Lakritz. She seems to enjoy napping in the comfort of Sahne's arms, given her large size; and it has been implied that they've all had some sexual intercourse at some point when together. Otherwise she has a deep awareness of Tirol's muteness and has done well to make the best of it so long as he is okay himself.

Normally, Kinako would wear her usual Angel attire as per customs to her people. However she seems to be open to breaking such traditions in order to wear other articles of clothing, such as the dress she wore during the third day of the Flower Festival that was recommended by Lakritz. Her time away from Heaven might have allowed her to think outside of their teachings while other Angels still hold true to their ways.

Kinako appears to be a casual drinker; though, like most Angels, it doesn't take much to get her tipsy.



Sometime ago, Kinako and her son Tirol were sent down to Medius through the Counterreaction as part of a ritual that has yet to be fully explained. According to her it’s apparently a horrible ritual to even explain. At some point, Kinako met Sahne and Lakritz and eventually decided to become a family. It's unknown at this time if she was ever a prisoner prior to their betrayal to their kind or if their meeting was through other means.

The Flower Festival

Pre-Festival Events

KinakoAndSahne SD480

Kinako and Sahne making light fun of Kieri.

Kinako was walking the streets of St. Curtis with Tirol when the two are momentarily separated. She found him tugging on the tail of Buwaro Elexion, noting that Tirol usually doesn’t like other demons. At that moment Sahne arrived, and eventually the two told Kieri, who was with Buwaro and Rhea, about how her brother was sent to jail for causing the landslide in the western pass of Blossom Valley. She and Kinako even made light fun of Kieri for claiming to be a Warrior Angel of the Suizahn family.

Before leaving, Rhea asked them about how they got to Medius, in which Sahne vaguely explained was due to Hell's Ascension ritual (and Heaven's Counterreaction) which brings Demons to Medius. Kinako had apparently made her promise not to talk about it which prevented her from divulging anything specific.

Current Arc

Day 3

KinakoAndGroup SD593

Kinako and friends.

While out in the city, Kinako and the others overheard Buwaro and Kieri singing in Angelic. They go over to greet them as Sahne complimented their singing ability. Lakritz noted that Demons who speak Angelic were especially dangerous while Kinako reassured him that they were their friends. Tirol then noticed the Buwaro Hand-Puppet on the table and urged her to buy it for him. As she reached into her bag for money, Buwaro noticed her Elemental Symbol on her arm and wondered if Kieri had one too. She told him she likely did as Angels are made to get their symbols on their arms as another form of color-coding, and for many other reasons. She then mentioned that Lakritz told her to wear something different and she was happy that she did. They soon parted to further enjoy the festival.

Demon Invasion - The Gathering

Later that day, Moonshade had just vanquished Melli the Fire Bee and warded off Meeros the Mortori Bird. At this point, Moonshade speaks the code phrase “Welcome to Hell,” which was the signal for the Demons under his employ and General Iratu’s command to cause mayhem and hunt Angels. Sahne places her clawed hand on Kinako’s shoulder with eyes glowing, causing Kinako to worry. Unknown to the reader at the time, it would turn out Sahne actually tried to protect her given their familial relationship but she would still be captured, leaving Lakritz near death.

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2

As Rhea and Buwaro arrived at the Coiled Cobra Bar with Kieri, who is now captured by the Demons, Kinako could be seen with the other captured Angels. She showed concern for one Angel who was hit with a dart by one Demon, just as Kieri was placed into her group by another. As Iratu made notice of Buwaro being here, Verammi started to make fun of him for being in a relationship with Kieri, while Hakka interpreted Nikkei mentioning that Kinako had a relationship with Sahne and Lakritz. She covered her face as they made fun of the two and her fellow Angels staring questionably at them. After everything that went on she would be taken with everyone else to be loaded into wagons.

Kinako was placed in the last wagon, along with Kieri and Kazai. She would be seen near them while Lazuli talked with Dakos. She showed concern when Rhea and Buwaro returned, with the latter transformed into his Berserk State due to the effects of the Red Potion. She was frightened when Buwaro scorched one of the Demons, much like her fellow captives. Later, after Rhea and Buwaro rescued Kieri and returned for the others, she was forced to evacuate the wagon with everyone else.

Not long after having left the wagon, Dakos returned wanting to kill everyone. Kazai rallied her group of any Warrior Angels, only for her to watch one Angel flee for their life. She watched with the other Angels as Dakos is killed by Lazuli in a Berserk State, as well as the battle that unfolded.

After the battle, Kinako was surprised when Sahne showed up, freeing her from her bindings by calling out her name. She tearfully hugged her in relief.


After several days, the fires burning St. Curtis would dissipate, and at some point Kinako and many other survivors took refuge inside the Tree of Peace. At some point, Kinako was given time by Lakritz to sleep with Sahne while he watched Tirol.

Later that night, Kinako and Tirol attended a small party with Jake in the village ruins, where she greeted Kieri and told her about Lakritz and Sahne having "private Demon time"; much to the confusion of Buwaro, who seemed too innocent for Kinako to want to explain it to him. Eventually, the rest of her family arrived and they proceeded to party with their new friends. Not long after, as Rhea started talking to Buwaro and Kieri about the person behind Hell's Army, she decided to call it a night and took Tirol with her.

Journey to Port Dorade

Some time passes and while Sahne was talking with Buwaro and Kieri about their new attire, Kinako was spending some "quality time" with Lakritz. They soon approached the others, saying how they'll stay in St. Curtis and try to gather aid in order to help save the remaining Angels at Mt. Sentinel. This also shifts into a conversation about how both their kind are facing extinction, due to the continued fighting and inability to produce children. Buwaro, in his belief they should all be working together to prevent this, suggested both sides having Mixling children; though Lakritz noted it was impossible, implying that even they attempted this through their relationship with Kinako.

Eventually, Crunky flew into Kieri's hands, signaling that it was time for them to go. As they were saying their good byes, Kinako apologized to Kieri for not believing her claim as a Suizahn before and wished more warriors were like her. She kissed their foreheads before Tirol started crying, believing he won't see them again. She would then be seen trying to calm him down.

Powers and Abilities

Holy Magic: The very natural magical ability for all Angels, Holy Magic uses light to damage their enemies (especially on Demons) and even heal. Kinako has also made use of this magic on one occasion.

  • Healing: Using Holy magic, Kinako is able to restore the target's vitality to a degree. She first used in on Buwaro to heal his nose after Kazai punched him.

Skilled Linguist: Aside from her native Angelic language, Kinako tends to speak mostly in Lingo, mainly due to her two mates showing preference in that language. She speaks fluently enough to where her accent doesn't seem to show at all.

  • Sign Lingo: Because Tirol is mute and/or has yet to speak vocally, Kinako uses this method to communicate with him. She seemingly taught him the basics in performing the hand signs needed to do so and it can be assumed she is highly knowledgeable in this field of communication.


Sun Emblem: Despite not being a Warrior Angel, Kinako was seen wearing this Sun pendant. While wearing it she gains her angel wings.


  • Kinako was originally going to be one of Kieri's teachers in Heaven, who would be the one to discover that Kieri's mother was abusing her. Chu changed the character entirely and decided to have Kazai be the one to discover Kieri being abused. [2]
  • According to Chu, Kinako is named after a kind of toasted soybean powder.[3]
  • Given her relationship with both Sahne and Lakritz, they are considered a polyamory family by word of the creator.
  • In Tagalog and Bisaya, Tamis means sweet.
  • It is assumed that Tamis is Kinako's surname to begin with since demons are not known for having last names to begin with.




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