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Kieri Suizahn

kee-AIR-ee soo-EE-zahn


Snowy (nickname by Buwaro)


Angel (Water)


Female Female




16 (First appearance: 15)



Professional Status

MokuSymbol Team Rhea (Rhea and Buwaro)

HelperBadge Icon Helper's Guild

Water Element Suizahn clan

Heaven's Army (Team Kazai)


Warrior Angel (Sun Angel)

Personal Status

Khalav Suizahn (father)

Unnamed Mother

Kazai Suizahn (twin-brother)


Buwaro Elexion (boyfriend)



Weapons and Effects

Holy Water Sword

Angel Emblems

SunEmblem Icon


Angelic, Lingo

Curse Form

Snow Rabbit

First Appearance
Radio Play


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The tritagonist of Slightly Damned, Kieri Suizahn is a female Water Angel from Heaven, a member of the Suizahns, the great water Angel clan of warriors. Despite her lineage, she is actually quite shy and reserved. She is usually quiet and avoids the spotlight but, true to her roots, is actually very powerful and combat capable when angered. She has a difficult relationship with her mother which seems to have lead into her lack of self-esteem.


Kieri Suizahn Portrait

Kieri in her first appearance.

As an Angel, Kieri resembles an extremely pale human with pointed ears, white hair and a slightly frailer build. Her hair is dyed blue to match her uniform, both of which symbolize her nature as a Water Angel. She has blue eyes, and the notable distinguishing feature that the hair at the back of her head stands straight up into 2 points. Like all female Angels, only the top of her head is dyed, the sides are intentionally left with their natural white. Her Sun Emblem also grants her white feathered, bird-like wings on her back, but these only appear when she wants them to. She usually keeps her wings concealed to avoid attracting attention and pass mostly as a human.

Kieri's uniform consists of a long blue tabard (overcoat) that reaches to her ankles with the water element symbol displayed on it in light blue. The rest of the uniform is a dark blue, including the pants. Her shirt is long sleeved with a loose turtle-neck collar, and is entirely white except for a light blue wave pattern around the wrists. Her pants also feature the same wave pattern around her ankles. She wears some sort of light blue slippers on her feet.

After her final battle with Lazuli, her uniform would get tarnished and was given a shirt to wear in the meantime. It is a teal-colored shirt with rims of her sleeves having a red and darker-teal arrow pattern.

Prior to leaving St. Curtis, Kieri decided to return her hair to its natural color and don a new outfit to travel in. Her attire consists of a violet shirt with a wavy-line pattern around the rims, violet colored pants, brown finger-less gloves and long brown boots that go up to her knees. Over that is a pink garment with bright-pink rims around the neck area and lead downward, forming a large floral design on each side of the dress while flowers of varying size hang slightly above or to the side of them. The piece is held together by a light-blue belt with white wavy lines. The belt also serves to hold her sword up.

Before it was implied that she had scars hidden within her sleeves, possibly due to the strain in her relationship with her mother, or that she may have been causing self harm. Since the invasion of St. Curtis, her arms are now visible and it is shown that she has multiple cuts on both of her arms, all faded from how long they've been on her.


Kieri has low self-esteem, so she looks up to Rhea for confidence and strength. She is also very shy, often has trouble interacting with strangers and can easily be frightened. She tends to have difficulty standing up for herself when others speak, sometimes leaving her intimidated. However when pushed to, she is quick to respond to danger with a sword, acting on her instincts as a warrior to protect those she considers friends. Even then, she usually relies on Rhea and Buwaro to comfort her and lighten her spirits when able and she in turn supports them the best she can.

As of recently, while still holding onto her kind persona, Kieri has slowly started to become more assertive and grow into a stronger person. Such as when she held a Khamega at sword-point when he tried to steal Crunky, when she intimidated Rhea with a look when the Jakkai fantasized the idea of using Crunky for money, and when she grabbed a racist angel and began freezing his arm over with a frightened look in his eye after he'd confronted, scared, and threatened Buwaro.

However, this confrontation has revealed that Kieri suffers emotional scars inflicted upon her by her mother, who both verbally and physically abused her for not meeting her mother's expectations. It's also shown that her depression leads to her having suicidal thoughts; and though implied by the scars she has hidden under her sleeves she might have attempted it at some point. Whenever something relating to her past experiences is happening upfront, she tends to lose control of her well-being. Focused on whatever happened before she does not realize her violent actions, such as her beating another Angel repeatedly or unleashing a blast of magic.

Since coming to Medius, one of Kieri's biggest changes in how she views the world is how she views Demons. Before, she grew up learning that they were nothing more than monsters who exist to kill people and had no understanding of pain or emotion, just evil. This lead to her being afraid of Buwaro, the first Demon that was ever nice to her who wanted to be her friend, despite her initial reaction to him. Overtime she grew more accepting of him as he continued to defy her expectations and soon saw him as a friend, even allowing him to call her "Snowy" as at the time, she was found as a snow rabbit and took to calling her that given what he had went through. This would soon lead into her developing feelings for him, even when on occasion, she felt the fear of what Demons are capable of get the better of her despite knowing Buwaro was not like that. It took him protecting her from certain death to fully see his commitment to her, and despite what her family may think given her history, she was willing to love him just as he loves her.

However, her love with him would soon lead to more worry and fear that she may end up hurting him in some way, physically and emotionally, as when the longer they stayed in St. Curtis, the more trouble she had when dealing with Angels thinking poorly of Buwaro, and her violent response to them, and of course Demons she had no choice but to confront and even kill, since it's like she sees Demons as actual people. She believed separation from her friends was the only way to protect them, even if it meant insulting and attacking them.

Furthering her frustrations with herself are her relations with her brother, Kazai. As kids she saw him as the favorite in the family, and how she was expected to be as strong as he was. While they love each other as siblings, she felt worried about how he would see her given her relationship with Buwaro. At first, he naturally responded with displeasure as it went against their teachings, despite the fact he was in love with a fire Angel which breaks their own rules. Despite all this she still wished to stay with him to make sure he was safe, but is still conflicted as to where she belongs.

While initially, she allowed Buwaro to call her "Snowy" because of their close friendship, now (after telling him to stop calling her that due to what was going on at the time) she wants him to call her it because of how important it was to her, as it reminded her of how kind he was to her during their first meeting.

Kieri studied Median culture enough to learn their native language, yet she tends to misinterpret a lot of the things that Medians do in regards to culture, holidays and customs. During what would have been her birthday, she thought she had to "give" gifts to her friends instead of receiving them. This also tends to result in Rhea teasing her in subjects that she mildly understands to the point of embarrassment.

Kieri is considered a vegetarian, which is a natural trait Angels have and eating meat will make her physically ill.

Powers and Abilities

Water Magic: A natural ability for all Water Angels, Kieri has shown to be able to conjure up water which can be used in battle or for other things. She is also able to freeze her targets through ice-related spells, which she is often seen doing more than water.

  • Water Jet: First used while in curse form, Kieri can cause water to burst through a sheet of ice which can temporarily disorient an Earth Demon. It can also come directly from her hands.
  • Ice Encase: Along with her sword, Kieri can freeze targets or cause ice to form over anyone or anything she hits. She can also form an ice bridge she can walk on using both hands.
  • Magic Bubble: A spell that can deflect or hold off enemy attacks. However with Kieri it doesn't often hold well when faced with stronger enemies as a Seraph Angel could easily destroy it.
  • Water Bubbles: By forming a circle with her hands to form a blue outline, Kieri can blow out a stream of small water bubbles. This is considered a very easy spell to perform as it was the first spell Kieri ever learned. They seem to be durable enough to contain fire inside as when Buwaro attempted to blow out water through her hands he mixed a part of his Fire Breath into it.

Holy Magic: The very natural magical ability for all Angels, Holy Magic uses light to damage their enemies (especially on Demons) and even heal. Kieri has shown to use it on a few occasions and seems to have little skill in using it; however compared to Kazai she seems to have a better proficiency in healing magic than her brother.

  • Holy Blast: Kieri can unleash a blast of Holy Magic with her hands. A small blast is strong enough to destroy the top of a wooden flower target, leaving burn marks and smoke. However given her experience it can be overpowered by Darkness Magic.
  • Healing" Using Holy magic, Kieri is able to restore the target's vitality to a degree. However its effectiveness varies depending on the condition of the target as he/she may be in too critical of a condition to where they can be saved. Despite previous beliefs this spell 'can' work on Demons with the same results.
KieriSnowBunny SD321

Kieri as a Snow Rabbit.

Curse Form - Snow Rabbit: Kieri was cursed by Toski the Rabbit Water Guardian, causing her to randomly turn into a snow rabbit, usually when she sneezes though she later gained some control over it to transform at will. The transformation is instantaneous and makes a "poing" sound when it happens. Even in her cursed state however, she retains her magical powers.

Adept Swordsmanship Specialist: Despite her own beliefs as being a failed warrior angel, Kieri is very capable of fighting with a sword. She is capable of blocking a Holy Arrow with her sword after being fired by a Seraph Angel. She is also able to use her sword as a magical focus in order to use spells in conjunction with her sword.

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: During her fight with Lazuli, Kieri displayed some close combat capability when she swept Lazuli off her feet with a low kick. She likely has some skill in being able to fight without a weapon or if magic proves useless.

Multilingual: Kieri is capable of speaking in both Lingo and Angelic.

  • Lingo: Kieri has been learning about Lingo ever since she was young, since she never saw herself as a Warrior like her brother. Thanks to this she can fully speak in Lingo around other Medians with no problem.

Overall Abilities: While not as experienced as her brother, Kieri has displayed proficient fighting capabilities to where she is the best fighter of her friends, often protecting them from Medians who may impose them. She usually works with others when fighting Demons, however because of her depression and the traumatic experience with her mother and various others, it can cause her to momentarily freeze up in fear or go berserk.

Enhanced Durability: Kieri has shown to withstand taking damage from attacks caused by people who are more skilled and even more powerful than her. She was able to survive a battle with Lazuli, a Demon with greater skill in Water Magic as well as naturally being stronger than her, and even taking several powerful attacks by Denevol, a Seraph Angel.


Holy Water Sword: Her choice of a weapon, it is blessed with Holy Magic which prevents Demons (or essentially anyone from Hell) from holding it unless through other means. It also acts as a magic focus for her Water Magic.

Sun Emblem: Her first and so far only pendant for when she was in training. By wearing this pendant, wings will appear on her back and she can fly if needed.

  • Flight: The Angel Wings that come from wearing the pendant are large enough where she can fly and be able to carry one person.


Kazai Suizahn

Kazai is Kieri's twin brother and they have been together since they were born (it is unknown which one of them was born first). Although they have been close since their childhoods, Kieri has always felt like she was living in her brother's shadow as he excelled in combat while she fell short. Kazai loves his sister but is baffled and maybe even amused by the fact she bothered to learn Lingo, due to his low opinion of Median races.

After they reunited in St. Curtis, Kieri found out Kazai had been cursed by Broxis the Wolf and was secretly in love with their comrade Sanjulo, which is not allowed in Angel society. While she expressed her support of such a relationship, he called her crazy to think an angel and a demon could ever come together in love.

Kieri's Mother

Kieri's mother has been a rather negative influence in her life, due to her mother having high expectations of Kieri. Whenever Kieri fell short of those expectations her mother abused her, physically and emotionally. This abuse appeared to go as far as causing Kieri to attempt suicide at one point, given the way she hides scars under her sleaves, and the abuse still haunts her.

Khalav Suizahn

Kieri had a much more positive relationship with her father, Khalav Suizahn. He was kind and supportive of her, often telling her stories and singing her songs, promising he would always protect her, and hugging her with his wings, and she was shocked to see him come home one day having lost an arm to a demon.

Kieri deeply loves her father but his quiet and distant character makes it hard to talk to him sometimes.

Zahariah Sanjulo

Sanjulo is a comrade of Kieri and Kazai (the three of them having been brought to Medius together) and he was glad to see her again after the three of them reunited in St. Curtis. After learning from Kazai that Sanjulo and he are in a secret relationbship that would be frowned upon by the Angels of Heaven, Kieri expressed her support of the relationship. She was shocked to see Sanjulo die at the claws of a demon.


Lazuli is a demon nemesis who has it out for Kieri. They met after Kieri was separated from her brother and Sanjulo, and Lazuli (along with her thug Talus) captured and tortured Kieri. It was only by the curse of Toski the Rabbit that Kieri was able to get away.

After a second confrontation that resulted in Talus' death, Lazuli swore to hunt down and kill Kieri for revenge, and has been after her ever since.

Rhea Snaketail

Kieri met Rhea (and Buwaro) in her rabbit form and they took her into Rhea's house. At first, it was a confusing experience until Kieri calmed down and was able to explain her situation. Rhea and Buwaro decided to help Kieri find her brother, and they set out on their journey.

Along the way, Kieri came to respect and grow close with Rhea, considering her a sister and wishing she had Rhea's self-confidence.

Buwaro Elexion

Upon meeting Buwaro, Kieri was terrified, due to having been captured and tortured by two other demons, Lazuli and Talus. But Buwaro's kind and considerate behavior baffled her that she let her guard down and saw Buwaro for the pure and innocent soul he really was despite his being a demon.

She soon came to care about Buwaro, partly because of his childish naiveté and his constant efforts to keep her in good spirits. Upon realizing what a good singer Buwaro was, Kieri started to become attracted to him, even teaching him angelic songs. Their relationship deepened further and further until it truly became romantic. Whenever they are faced with danger or someone threatening them, Kieri, having been trained as a warrior, does not hesitate to raise her sword. She also encourages Buwaro to improve however he can, showing her supportive side.

Sinclair Family


Crunky is a baby Golden Wright Wyvern who was found and given to Kieri by Buwaro. Kieri quickly came to love the little wyvern and became protective of her (when Rhea expressed an interest in using the baby to get rich and when a Khamega tried to steal her). She gave the Wyvern the name "Crunky" as it was the only suggestion the little one appeared to like (even though Buwaro got the word wrong).

Crunky has quickly come to care about and love Kieri, being able to recognize her in her rabbit form and being protective of her whenever someone upsets or threatens her mistress.

Kinako and her Family

Kieri, Buwaro, and Rhea first met Kinako and her family when her son Tirol took a shine to Buwaro, and they met Kinako and Sahne. At first, the two found it silly to think Kieri was a member of the Suizhan Family.

They met them again the next day, along with the fourth member of their family, Lakritz.



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