Kieri Suizahn Portrait
Snow Rabbit
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Kieri Suizahn

kee-AIR-ee soo-EE-zahn


Snowy (nickname by Buwaro)


Angel (Water)


Female Female


16 (First appearance: 15)



Professional Status

Team Rhea (Rhea and Buwaro)

HelperBadge Icon Helper's Guild

Water Element Suizahn clan

Heaven's Army (Team Kazai)


Warrior Angel (Sun Angel)

Base of Operations

Sinclair Wagon

Personal Status

Valak Suizahn (father)

Unnamed Mother

Kazai Suizahn (twin-brother)


Buwaro Elexion (boyfriend)



Weapons and Effects

Holy Water Sword

Angel Emblems

SunEmblem Icon


Angelic, Lingo

Curse Form

Snow Rabbit

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Radio Play


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The tritagonist of Slightly Damned, Kieri Suizahn is a female Water Angel from Heaven, a member of the Suizahns, the great water Angel clan of warriors. Despite her lineage, she is actually quite shy and reserved. She is usually quiet and avoids the spotlight but, true to her roots, is actually very powerful and combat capable when angered. She has a difficult relationship with her mother which seems to have lead into her lack of self-esteem.


As an Angel, Kieri resembles an extremely pale human with pointed ears, white hair and a slightly frailer build. Her hair is dyed blue to match her uniform, both of which symbolize her nature as a Water Angel. She has blue eyes, and the notable distinguishing feature that the hair at the back of her head stands straight up into 2 points. Like all female Angels, only the top of her head is dyed, the sides are intentionally left with their natural white. Her Sun Emblem also grants her white feathered, bird-like wings on her back, but these only appear when she wants them to. She usually keeps her wings concealed to avoid attracting attention and pass mostly as a human.

Kieri's uniform consists of a long blue tabard (overcoat) that reaches to her ankles with the water element symbol displayed on it in light blue. The rest of the uniform is a dark blue, including the pants. Her shirt is long sleeved with a loose turtle-neck collar, and is entirely white except for a light blue wave pattern around the wrists. Her pants also feature the same wave pattern around her ankles. She wears some sort of light blue slippers on her feet.

After her final battle with Lazuli, her uniform would get tarnished and was given a shirt to wear in the meantime. It is a teal-colored shirt with rims of her sleeves having a red and darker-teal arrow pattern.

Recently it's been implied that she has scars hidden within her sleeves, possibly due to the strain in her relationship with her mother, or that she may have been causing self harm. Since the invasion of St. Curtis, her arms are now visible and it is shown that she has multiple cuts on both of her arms, all faded from how long they've been on her.


Kieri has low self-esteem, so she looks up to Rhea for confidence and strength. She is also very shy, often has trouble interacting with strangers and can easily be frightened. She tends to have difficulty standing up for herself when others speak, sometimes leaving her intimidated. However when pushed to, she is quick to respond to danger with a sword, acting on her instincts as a warrior to protect those she considers friends. Even then, she usually relies on Rhea and Buwaro to comfort her and lighten her spirits when able and she in turn supports them the best she can.

As of recently, while still holding onto her kind persona, Kieri has slowly started to become more assertive and grow into a stronger person. Such as when she held a Khamega at sword-point when he tried to steal Crunky, when she intimidated Rhea with a look when the Jakkai fantasized the idea of using Crunky for money, and when she grabbed a racist angel and began freezing his arm over with a frightened look in his eye after he'd confronted, scared, and threatened Buwaro.

However, this confrontation has revealed that Kieri suffers emotional scars inflicted upon her by her mother, who both verbally and physically abused her for not meeting her mother's expectations. It's also shown that her depression leads to her having suicidal thoughts; and though implied by the scars she has hidden under her sleeves she might have attempted it at some point. Whenever something relating to her past experiences is happening upfront, she tends to lose control of her well-being. Focused on whatever happened before she does not realize her violent actions, such as her beating another Angel repeatedly or unleashing a blast of magic.

Since coming to Medius, one of Kieri's biggest changes in how she views the world is how she views Demons. Before, she grew up learning that they were nothing more than monsters who exist to kill people and had no understanding of pain or emotion, just evil. This lead to her being afraid of Buwaro, the first Demon that was ever nice to her who wanted to be her friend, despite her initial reaction to him. Overtime she grew more accepting of him as he continued to defy her expectations and soon saw him as a friend, even allowing him to call her "Snowy" as at the time, she was found as a snow rabbit and took to calling her that given what he had went through. This would soon lead into her developing feelings for him, even when on occasion, she felt the fear of what Demons are capable of get the better of her despite knowing Buwaro was not like that. It took him protecting her from certain death to fully see his commitment to her, and despite what her family may think given her history, she was willing to love him just as he loves her.

However, her love with him would soon lead to more worry and fear that she may end up hurting him in some way, physically and emotionally, as when the longer they stayed in St. Curtis, the more trouble she had when dealing with Angels thinking poorly of Buwaro, and her violent response to them, and of course Demons she had no choice but to confront and even kill, since it's like she sees Demons as actual people. She believed separation from her friends was the only way to protect them, even if it meant insulting and attacking them.

Furthering her frustrations with herself are her relations with her brother, Kazai. As kids she saw him as the favorite in the family, and how she was expected to be as strong as he was. While they love each other as siblings, she felt worried about how he would see her given her relationship with Buwaro. At first, he naturally responded with displeasure as it went against their teachings, despite the fact he was in love with a fire Angel which breaks their own rules. Despite all this she still wished to stay with him to make sure he was safe, but is still conflicted as to where she belongs.

While initially, she allowed Buwaro to call her "Snowy" because of their close friendship, now (after telling him to stop calling her that due to what was going on at the time) she wants him to call her it because of how important it was to her, as it reminded her of how kind he was to her during their first meeting.

Kieri studied Median culture enough to learn their native language, yet she tends to misinterpret a lot of the things that Medians do in regards to culture, holidays and customs. During what would have been her birthday, she thought she had to "give" gifts to her friends instead of receiving them. This also tends to result in Rhea teasing her in subjects that she mildly understands to the point of embarrassment.

Kieri is considered a vegetarian, which is a natural trait Angels have and eating meat will make her physically ill.



Kieri was born in Heaven to the Suizahn family along with her twin Kazai. When she was a young child, her father came home from battle, and she was shocked to find he'd lost his arm to a fire demon. Five years later, her brother teased her for learning Lingo (the language of Medians) and told her they're not much better than demons. A year before the story's events, her mother, while pleased with her grades, was disappointed by her less-than-satisfactory grade in combat training. Kieri had a strained relationship with her mother who told her daughter that whether or not they lived in peace, all members of the Suizahn family were trained as honorable demon-slayers, as was their tradition. Needless to say, Kieri grew up under high expectations from her mother, who once struck her for some reason though she said she didn't mean to. At one point she hid in her room, locking the door to keep her mother out. Her mother banged on the door, demanding to be let in when she called out Kieri's failure in her star pendant qualifying exam, saying she lacked a warrior's instinct and even called her sick. During this, Kieri had bitten her hand till it bled.

And while she loved her brother, she always felt like she was living in his shadow.

At some point, in Farun, Kieri got into a fight with Kazai for reasons she had forgotten and has yet to make up with him.

Snow AngelsEdit

Arriving in MediusEdit

One day, Kieri along with Kazai, Sanjulo and a Human were pulled into a strange portal that was part of the Counterreaction and ended up in Medius, at the graveyard outside of Farun. There they buried the human and proceeded to head to Farun in order to figure out their next course of action. A few days after arriving she decided to walk around town by herself when she had a run-in with Toski the Rabbit, who was in her Human disguise stealing from a shopkeeper. She tried to intervene but Toski decided to curse her, transforming her into a Snow Rabbit. It's likely Toski got away afterwards and Kieri kept this little encounter a secret from her brother.

Eventually the three encountered a Fire Demon while walking around town and they gave chase after it. Kieri, being slower than the two, ended up falling behind and getting caught by Lazuli and Talus, two Demons who were with the other one. Lazuli placed magic braces on her to keep her quiet and prevent her from using any magic. They then took her out into the forest where she would be beaten occasionally while being their prisoner.

One night while the two slept, Kieri made a run for it while in her Snow Rabbit form. After escaping her captors, Kieri ended up collapsing from exhaustion and fell into a deep sleep. She would later be found by Rhea Snaketail and Buwaro, the latter sitting on her prior to discovering her. Rhea wanted to eat her but decided to let Buwaro keep it as during his depression he grew attached to her. Her appearance reminded him of Sakido before Rhea intervened, saying that her name was Snowy. They then took "Snowy" to Rhea and Ramirez's old house where she would remain asleep for most of the time there.

KieriFirstReaction SD107

It's a little crowded in here.

Later that night, "Snowy" had a nightmare about Lazuli killing her before awaking in her Angel form right next to Buwaro and Rhea, who were still sleeping. She fell out of bed and awoke Buwaro, who was half-awake and didn't know what to make of this. She made her way out of the room and got a hold of a knife to defend herself with. She thought to herself about where she could be and what she would do given her situation. Suddenly Buwaro surprised her, turning her back into her rabbit form while trying to ward off Buwaro. Soon Rhea came into the room, wondering what's going on and tried to calm "Snowy" down herself. When she still didn't cooperate, Rhea threatened to eat her, causing her to transform back to normal.

Rhea soon tried to introduce herself and Buwaro and what they did for her, even thinking that she was a Human, not knowing what she really was. "Snowy", unable to speak, didn't know whether to trust them or not, especially since Buwaro was a Demon. Rhea then decided to go grab some food to eat, leaving Buwaro alone with "Snowy". "Snowy" felt scared to be left alone but then Buwaro started to apologize for being scary to her. She later heard him scream in pain and decided to check on him, since he was nothing but nice to her despite what he was. She saw his new wings and how much blood there was and decided to grab a towel to clean him up.

Rhea returned from getting food and saw the two together. She started to rant about "Snowy" starting to get along with him when earlier she was crying in a corner. As they started eating and healing each other's wounds, Rhea tried asking her about who she is. Unable to respond she did her best to make it seem like she can't reply. Regardless, Rhea decided to help her to the human village since she was nice to Buwaro.

BuwaroAndKieri SD121

She's no Angel, she's a Snow Bunny.

The next morning they started to set out for the village when Buwaro told Rhea that he gave the map and supplies to Thadius, causing her to go back for them. Buwaro and "Snowy" then started to explore a little, arriving on a cliff to see the forest below. Just then Lazuli showed up, speaking in a strange language meant for "Snowy" while confusing Buwaro. Lazuli tried to explain that "Snowy" was actually an Angel but Buwaro knew nothing at all, surprising even "Snowy". Eventually Talus arrived and soon punched Buwaro off the cliff, leaving "Snowy" to her captors once more. Before they can do anything to harm her, Buwaro returned to try and stop them. As Lazuli argued with him about Angels being the enemy of Demons and demanding his Star Emblem, "Snowy" bit her in the arm and escaped with Buwaro.

They later reunite with Rhea, after having found Thadius and their supplies, forcing her to run with them as well. They end up getting cut off in the middle of a frozen lake as Lazuli prepares to finish them off. Through mishap, Lazuli ends up shouting "Snowy's" real name, Kieri Suizahn, which removes the bindings that were on her; allowing her to speak and use her magic once more. The two sides begin fighting each other, with Kieri focusing on Lazuli while Rhea and Buwaro fought Talus. Initially they seem even until Lazuli starts overpowering her, forcing her to transform into her rabbit form again.

Kieri escapes her to help her friends, blasting Talus with water, causing him to drop her sword wrapped in demon cloth. She tries to grab it but cannot touch the cloth since she is a Holy being. Talus reclaims the sword but Rhea bites him, making him drop it again. Buwaro grabs it and opens the wrapping, allowing Kieri to wield her sword and activates her Sun Emblem to form her wings.

KieriVsLazuli SD139

Kieri vs Lazuli.

During the fight, Lazuli traps Kieri in ice in order to allow Talus to cut her with his axe. Buwaro goes to help her, almost succeeding and taking a hit for her, while Rhea tricks Talus into falling through the ice. After Buwaro frees Kieri from the ice, she then goes to save Rhea by stabbing Talus in his arm. The fight seems to end with Buwaro pushing Lazuli into the water and having Talus sink on top of her. However Lazuli then bursts from the water and forces Kieri under with her, but not before grazing the right side of her body with her sword.

KieriExplainingHerself SD148

Kieri revealing what she really is.

Kieri later emerged from the water, having defeated Lazuli and passes out, transforming back into her rabbit form. Rhea decides to have Buwaro carry her stuff while she carries Kieri to Farun. She later wakes up in Buwaro's arms and wonders what happened. She then started to apologize for everything that happened to them and that she doesn't deserve their kindness. Rhea tells her she doesn't need to feel like she owes them anything, apart from who and what she really was. Kieri then explained that she is an Angel from Heaven and that she came to Medius through a strange portal, along with her brother Kazai, his friend and a human who they later buried at the cemetery they arrived at. She also explained the reason she turns into a snow rabbit is because of a curse set on her by Toski the Rabbit.

Eventually they arrive in Farun. Rhea decides to take Kieri into town while leaving Buwaro behind since he would easily frighten the people with his appearance. While in town, Rhea decided they should separate and asked if she would be alright. Kieri replied that she didn't want to trouble her and Buwaro any further. She thanks Rhea for what she thought would be the last time before heading to the Inn where her brother was in last.

Upon arriving at the Snow Drop Inn, Kieri learned from the Innkeeper that her brother and Sanjulo had already left. She was allowed to stay in one of the rooms for free and was even given a nightgown to wear. Disappointed and saddened by this, Kieri went to her room and sulked for awhile, until Rhea and Buwaro showed up to greet her.

KieriFavoriteColor SD161

Her favorite color is Purple, so embarrassing.

The two try to cheer Kieri up and learn things about her and her kind; such as why they have matching color clothing and hair, how her favorite color was purple (just like Buwaro, to her embarrassment), and how the Angel Emblems work. This also confirmed to Kieri that the two did come from Hell while learning that Buwaro's sister, Sakido, died on the way up, which made her feel sorry for him. Through Rhea and Buwaro's bantering, Kieri started to warm up to the two.

Later that evening, after Rhea and Buwaro left to their own room to sleep, Kieri had a nightmare about Kazai, Lazuli and Toski. She dreamt that Lazuli and Toski were one being and that Kazai wouldn't accept her after she had been cursed by Toski. Fortunately the nightmare went away when she dreamt Rhea and Buwaro saved her and assured her they're friends.

The next morning, she brought the two breakfast, with Rhea joking how the innkeeper brought them a Snow Rabbit to eat since she was one at the moment. The three ate while Kieri finished her story on how she was separated from Kazai and his friend Sanjulo. Buwaro offered to help while Rhea was reluctant at first. She decides to chance it through a coin toss, whether to help find her brother or not. While landing on Heads, which was to do nothing about it, she decides to help anyway.

The three go around Farun to collect supplies and satisfy Buwaro's curiosity of the world. While at a book store, getting a map, Kieri noticed Buwaro reading a book about the Great War. He told her that he couldn't read but Kieri didn't mind and even offered to read to him, just not the book they currently had. They then visit Jake again at his shop. Upon seeing Kieri he started to flirt with her but was interrupted by Rhea, saying that she was leaving with them to travel around Fragaria together. Disappointed that she was leaving, he granted her a few favors from her, one of them being to sell them a sheath for Kieri's Sword, though the one he had turned out to be Kieri's original sheath.

River-Side StoriesEdit

Search for KazaiEdit

FrozenBandit SD203

"Bandit on ice." nice!

The next day they set off on their way to Riverside City as they head eastward. Along the way they stay at an old rest stop where Rhea and Buwaro learn more about the Great War as well as Mother Gaia and Syndel. As they continued the following morning, they run into a couple of bandits, who Rhea and Kieri easily beat. The three eventually arrive at Riverside City after a day of travel.

The three get a room at the Chipper Mudskipper Inn and after dinner, Rhea asks Kieri if she could read the book that she brought from Hell, as a way for Kieri to make up to them for everything thus far, who of course tells them that it's a diary from an Angel named Darius Elexion. Rhea and Buwaro both find the name familiar, though Buwaro found it similar to the name Thadius. They convince Kieri to read it, learning a bit about him before deciding to quit for the night.

They begin searching for Kazai the next morning with no luck at all. Trouble arises when Rhea sees some kids playing on the frozen river where there are cracks. Remembering something from her past and not wanting it to happen again, Rhea goes out to stop them, only for one of the kids to fall through. Kieri, while in Snow Rabbit form, used her Water Magic to freeze a path on the lake for her and Buwaro to use while they try to save Rhea and the child. With the aid of a member of the Helper's Guild they save her and take her to the hospital where she later awoke from nearly drowning, but was now ill. The man who helped out had Kieri sign a form as proof of his deed and also gives her a business card.

KieriAndBuwaro SD227

Together they walk among Medians.

While Rhea is bedridden, Kieri and Buwaro decide to try and earn some money from the Helper's Guild, heading to the Trouble Center to see about helping. They are turned down because of the "Pimpin' ain't legal" rule they had and Buwaro was dressed as one. Rhea, groggy and half-awake, told them to take off the suit then; thus the two head out as themselves despite risking Buwaro being found out.

Despite this, Kieri and Buwaro started helping out an old lady named Mrs. Green with getting her groceries home. After which, Kieri started transforming in and out of her Snow Rabbit form, stating how much she hates it and that it's a sign of weakness for someone who comes from a family of strong warriors. Buwaro told her that she wasn't weak and that he likes her regardless of having a curse or not. Kieri was still upset and they just head back to the Inn.

When they got back, Rhea was initially angered by how they went out casually without any disguise. She learned that Kieri was upset over something so she and Buwaro tried to cheer her up.Through misunderstanding she causes Buwaro to think that Kieri's 'crush' on him was a bad thing when really it meant she really liked him. When Buwaro told Kieri this, she replied that she didn't hate him at all and that she does like him. Rhea then got her to read more of Darius' Diary and learn more about him; like how he had a crush on Kieri's uncle and how he eventually got pulled into Medius to fight.

Over the time they stay in the city, Buwaro and Kieri would continue to help people with problems through the Trouble Center while Rhea stayed in bed to recover from her illness.

During their regular round of helping people, Buwaro and Kieri learned from an old woman that she saw two people like Kieri, who were heading to either St. Curtis or Weyville. Kieri recognized them as Kazai and Sanjulo and hope started to return to her.

After receiving money for their work, Kieri suggested they had enough time to maybe help one more person. They overhear someone complaining and Buwaro went to greet him in order to see about helping him. The man, surprised to see a Demon, threatened him with Magic before Kieri stopped him. Not sure what to make of this he decided to back off and leave. Knowing that he knew his true form, Buwaro and Kieri decided to head back to the Inn.

On the way back, they see a little girl run past them while holding a jar. Kieri used her Water Magic to freeze her legs and stop her from escaping. However as the Jakkai Shopkeeper she stole from arrived to take back the jar and pay them for returning the jar, Kieri realized that there was a Fairy inside the jar, much to Buwaro's confusion. The girl blamed her for stopping her from saving the Fairy, remarking she's no good since she hangs out with a Demon. After the girl leaves, Buwaro suggests they get Rhea to help find a way to save the Fairy.

Initially, Rhea didn't believe them as she thought Fairies didn't exist, but through some convincing (and some puppy dog eyes from Buwaro and Kieri), she decides to help out; especially now that she was well again.

Buwaro and Kieri waited outside as Rhea went to haggle with the shopkeeper. Eventually the little girl from before returned, surprised that they were back here. Soon Rhea had finished her business as when none of what she offered would work, she simply socked the guy and stole the fairy. They all ran off just as he started calling out for her.

After losing the shopkeeper, Rhea opened the jar containing the fairy, surprised that there really was a fairy inside after all. The blue Fairy then joined up with it's sister, who was hiding inside the little girl's hat. She introduced herself as Samantha "Sammy" Kailum, who is currently traveling with her family in a wagon. She recognized Buwaro and Kieri as a Demon and Angel and found it weird that they're all friends. The three escort Sammy and the fairies back to her wagon where her aunt, Miranda Sinclair, was waiting.

As everyone was drinking tea and eating cookies, Cliff, the head of the family, arrived only to be surprised that the Demon and Angel he met earlier was in his home. After a short argument from Cliff and Miranda, they properly introduced themselves, along with another fairy named Duster, though Rhea found the name "Sinclair" familiar. Miranda offers the three to travel with them to Weyville, despite Cliff's protests, however Rhea says they had to go for the evening in order to cover for Kieri who nearly transformed in front of them.

MailWyvernandBuwaro SD268

"Can I keep him?"

At the Inn, Rhea pondered whether they really should take up their offer because of the trouble it'll be to keep Kieri's curse a secret, and that Cliff doesn't like Buwaro. With consideration they decide to go for it. Before leaving they stopped by the Trouble Center to let them know they were leaving. Though sad to see them go, the receptionist told them to keep the buttons for the next time they come across one of their centers. Rhea later got her letter from Jake (as well as brush off a Wright Wyvern that followed Buwaro) and soon they ended up traveling with the Sinclairs in their wagon.

Love and WarEdit

Search for KazaiEdit

As they traveled, Buwaro and Kieri happily walked together outside the wagon. Kieri noticed the tear in his right ear and asked if it hurt getting it. Buwaro tried to reply, despite not remembering how he got it, but otherwise said it doesn't hurt now. Kieri's compliment made Buwaro happy that she said something nice.

As days went by, nothing eventful happened, other than a few close calls regarding Kieri, who was also reading more of Darius' Diary. After reading about how Darius Elexion adopted Iratu and Sakido she was ready to stop for the day; but then she noticed that Buwaro was mentioned in the text so she kept reading. She learned that Buwaro was born a berserker and could only be calm while asleep. She wondered if Darius found a way to cure him or fix him but eventually she learns that it was because of his Star Emblem. Slamming the book shut, she asked to speak to the two outside. Rhea was reluctant about telling her the truth, however Buwaro ended up telling Kieri that everything about his Star Emblem controlling his Berserk State was true. This caused her to become upset as she truly thought he was different from other Demons. Rhea then scolded her for treating him like a monster and how she was nothing but a "cold-hearted b****". This caused Kieri to fly off in tears and Buwaro to get into an argument with Rhea. Rhea, feeling bad for what had happened, went out to search for Kieri.

RheaAndKieriMakeup SD320

Rhea and Kieri make up for earlier.

As a Snow Bunny, Kieri started to remember her family, specifically how they all expected her to remember how dangerous Demons are and that she needs to work hard as a Warrior Angel. Rhea then popped up behind her, startling her and causing her to run. She grabs her before she could get away, even after transforming back into Angel form. Rhea starts to apologize for some of the things she's said while Kieri admits that she's just terrified of what Buwaro could become. Rhea tells her that Buwaro would never remove the Star Emblem and that he is what he is. As they head back, Kieri expresses her concern about how because Buwaro is a Demon, while she is an Angel, it would be like betraying her family. Rhea tells her that if she truly cares for him then it shouldn't matter what anyone says.

Rhea and Kieri later return to the wagon where Buwaro was waiting for them, only now he was acting differently from before. He rejected Kieri's hand as if he wanted to keep away from her. Rhea was bothered by his strange behavior and wanted to talk to him, but Kieri stopped her, saying it was her own fault she rejected Buwaro in the first place and that she will try to handle things for now on.

The next day, Rhea (in an attempt to get the two to talk to each other at least) asked Kieri about how she found out about Buwaro's problem. Kieri told them everything she read from the diary up to this point, which only confused the two of them. Rhea wondered why she was never told while Kieri suspected something happened to Darius when Buwaro was young. Buwaro was saddened that he couldn't remember him or if he was family to him, however Kieri and Rhea told him that if he were to think of his father, it'd be through his last name which was Elexion. Buwaro proudly accepted his new full name, Buwaro Elexion.

The Weyville IncidentEdit

The group slowly arrives to where Weyville as Buwaro is told he needs to stay in the wagon now that they were getting close to town. Kieri, though denied by Buwaro at first, forced herself to go with him, saying she would rather go with him, causing him to blush.

RheaCantSleep SD342

"Some of us are trying to sleep!!"

They stop for the night, just outside of town, where they discuss their plans for tomorrow. Kieri would go with Sammy, Willow and Eve, Cliff would go with Miranda and Duster to see someone about a certain item, while Rhea and Buwaro stayed in the wagon. Rhea decided to use that opportunity to chat with Buwaro about Kieri. Later as everyone was sleeping, Kieri was having a nightmare about killing Buwaro, who woke her up after to try and figure out what happened. This only woke up Rhea who angrily told them that everyone was trying to sleep.

The next morning, Kieri went with Sammy and the fairies to go look for her brother while Cliff, Miranda and Duster went to Trader Moe's and Rhea and Buwaro stayed at the wagon. During that time, Sammy started to explain why it was hard to see through the jar that had Eve in it, but the whole time Kieri could not stop thinking about Buwaro and is left speechless on what she should do; Sammy's choice of words do not help her either as it unintentionally makes it worse.

Shortly after, Buwaro caught up to Kieri and Sammy as he said he felt safe with the Trouble Center button. He was about to tell him about what he learned when suddenly Kieri pushed him out of the way of an oncoming Holy Arrow, which was fired by an old Angel, who wanted nothing more to do than kill Buwaro because he was a Demon. Kieri tried to protect him and urged Buwaro to run but he refused, saying he couldn't leave her to a psycho. This only increased his anger as he kept attacking them with Wind Magic. Kieri, though greatly wounded, told Buwaro that no matter what she'll always protect him. Eventually, Buwaro thought to himself that he wasn't worth protecting and took the blow for Kieri during one powerful spell which left him badly burnt to the point where he collapsed; to the point where he was thought dead.

Kieri, desperately trying to save him tried healing him with Holy Magic, while constantly telling him not to die. Through what little healing she could muster he was barely able to breathe, however it wasn't until after Cliff and Duster had dispatched Denevol was Miranda able to use a vial of green liquid on him which would help in recovery. Kieri was initially surprised by how powerful Cliff was, though he admits that Denevol let his guard down; Duster added that he needed him to use the magic he demonstrated during the battle. They then took him back to the wagon for further recovery.

Forgive MeEdit

Journey to St. CurtisEdit

Almost two days after the incident, Buwaro finally woke up, and started making his way to Kieri; who was staring at her uniform. As he stumbled up to her, he asked how she was doing and how he was sorry things had to happen like this. She explained her family's history and how Denevol was affected by Demons as well. She admitted she still didn't like Demons and was afraid of the things that come from liking Buwaro despite that; though regardless Buwaro told her that he loved her and that he wanted to grow stronger, smarter and better than her even if he can't change the fact he's a Demon. He understood if she didn't liked him back but was happy when he heard that she loved him too. She expressed her concerns about her family possibly attacking him but Buwaro, unsure of everything she is saying, decided to kiss her on the cheek. After a moment they decide to truly kiss each other.

RheasConfession SD378

Kieri learns the truth about Lazuli.

Rhea later dropped in on the two, hanging from a tree by her tail and having watched them the whole time they talked. She told them that Cliff returned and that it was dinner time, so they headed back together. As they did, Kieri expressed concern about how they might encounter Angels that may try to kill Buwaro. Rhea took the opportunity to tell them that in addition to Demons wanting to kill Kieri as well, Lazuli was still alive and after them. Naturally Kieri was upset that Rhea kept this a secret from them though Rhea replied that they wouldn't have been able to do anything about it anyway. Kieri was still unsure about keeping the truth from the Sinclairs, so Rhea made a compromise: If they don't hear anything about Kieri's brother in Weyville, they'd keep traveling to St. Curtis where they'll separate from them there, since it was the biggest city in Fragaria.

RheaDefendingSnowy SD384

If there's any problem with this, they can leave.

As they arrive back at the wagon, Kieri apologized for putting her in danger as well. While saying it was no big deal, she accidentally revealed that she was murdered, surprising Kieri even more. Rhea tried dodging the truth by questioning about the Jakkai egg that Cliff got while in Weyville, and getting dishes for dinner. Kieri scolded her about how she shouldn't lie to her friends. Before Rhea can say anything about Kieri, Buwaro accidently caused a loud crash when trying to touch the egg. The sudden shock caused Kieri to transform into her rabbit form while the Sinclairs look on in shock.

Cliff prepared a spell in his hand but Miranda stopped him, but still argued that there is still something suspicious about her turning into a Snow Rabbit. Kieri started to break down in tears but Rhea gently wrapped her with her tail and told them the truth, saying that if there was a problem they'd leave. Miranda understood the whole situation and told them about how Cliff was cursed by Meeros the Mortori Bird once, which Cliff was ashamed of having revealed to them. Since they were going to St. Curtis they might run into a guardian or two and hopefully break Kieri's curse.

The next day, the group started the journey once again, as Buwaro told Kieri that he would get stronger and would protect her; although he was still overtaken by Rhea who jumped on him and even surprised Kieri enough to draw her sword. As the day went on, Kieri would join Rhea, Miranda, Sammy and the fairies for a picnic while Buwaro tried learning Fire Magic from Cliff since Kieri is unable to teach him any. She would put out a fire that Buwaro started on accident. Later she would help teach him how to read and spell.

Days later, Kieri started to remember how back in Heaven, she was the only one who studied Lingo. She was interrupted by Rhea, who was testing Buwaro in spelling out names in Lingo, asking how to spell her last name. Despite Rhea wanting to spell it differently, this cheered Kieri up.

Buwaro eventually got Kieri to start reading Darius' diary again. After awhile it seemed like there was nothing left and all that was left was a blood stain and the words "I love you, my children." Rhea worried about what might have happened when Kieri noticed more pages. Rhea then decided they should go outside and read the rest as it was all written by Sakido. They soon finished reading the diary and how Darius supposedly met his end. Buwaro cried in Kieri's arms was Rhea, although shortly after she transformed and warned Rhea that Buwaro was about to hug her now.

As they continued to St. Curtis, Kieri would be asked to sing for everyone and was amazed that Buwaro could sing well. In her culture, those that sing well are considered attractive. Kieri and the others would later arrive at a river just in front of the deeper parts of the Southern Woods, where they say good bye to Willow and Eve and receive a Fairy Kiss from Eve.

Later, Rhea told Miranda about their plan to separate once they got to St. Curtis, though Miranda insisted they stay longer since it would be hard to find lodging when they get there. Rhea then explained to Buwaro more about the Twelve Guardians, while being held by Kieri for holding her by the tail, what they can do and how some took part in the Great War. Cliff returned just as they started talking about Meeros and was not in the mood to talk about him since he had enough to deal with. Rhea asked if there was anyway they could repay them for helping them so much. Miranda replied by asking to harvest some materials from their bodies (such as Demon horn and nail clippings, Angel feathers, tears and some hair from all three of them) to use in brewing the Rainbow Reverie; to which Kieri misunderstood the harvesting joke and was ready to protect her friends. Cliff then agreed to let Kieri and her friends tend the shop with him while they are in St. Curtis, and that they stay with them until the festival was over, or until they meet Meeros.

The Flower FestivalEdit

Pre-Festival EventsEdit

Kieri and her friends would spend the next few weeks traveling, while she taught Buwaro how to sing in Angelic. While traveling through Griffin Pass, Rhea noticed a large statue of Melli the Bee and wondered if it was like the statue of Fuzen'ro the Bat back in her forest. She then told Buwaro and Kieri the history of St. Curtis, regarding how it got the name and how the Jakkai and Humans got along.

The group later arrived in St. Curtis and not long after they discovered that Angels and Demons are able to walk in public without any sort of problem, which would allow Buwaro to freely be out in the open as well. Sammy offered to take Rhea, Buwaro and Kieri to the Trouble Center while Cliff told Duster to watch over the three in secret.

Over the next few days the three worked together on helping people while trying to find information about Kazai and his friend Sanjulo. They then met a small Wind Angel named Tirol who was oddly fascinated by Buwaro. They were then greeted by his mother, Kinako, as well as her Earth Demon friend Sahne; especially surprising the three. However they soon ask the two about Kazai and Sanjulo, only to be told that they caused the landslide blocking the western pass into Blossom Valley. When Kieri told them that she was his sister they merely laughed, not believing she was a Suizahn Warrior Angel. Before leaving, Rhea asked the two about how they got to Medius. Sahne explained that Demons use the Ascension to leave Hell while Angels use the Counterreaction, while being vague about 'why' they go through the ritual of coming here. Before she could elaborate further, Kinako asked her to stop and they left for home.

FlowerFestivalBegins SD488

And thus the Spring Flower Festival begins!

Later that day, as the flowers started falling and the Flower Festival officially began, the three stopped by the jail house where Kazai and Sanjulo might have been, only to learn that they were already let out after cleaning up the mess. Disappointed by this turn of events, the three returned to the wagon where Cliff and Duster were waiting. Despite Kieri's objections, Rhea told them about what happened and even teased her about how her brother was now an 'ex-convict,' causing Kieri to spray her with water. Buwaro however, found a small wright wyvern and tried to give it to Kieri to cheer her up, which she happily accepted. Cliff commented on the wyvern and how they have no idea what they just found, before leaving the wagon to them. Kieri then remembered that today was her birthday, however she gave Rhea and Buwaro gifts, thinking that she was the one to give gifts to people. Rhea and Kieri even allowed Buwaro to share the same birthday as Kieri since they couldn't figure out when he was born.

Day 1Edit

The next morning, on the first day of the festival, the three helped Cliff in selling his merchandise in return for living off him for a while. During the time she learned about Mixlings, meeting a Hukai named Toby. Rhea even teased her about her future Mixling with Buwaro.

Later a large Khamega appeared, wanting to purchase Crunky (while also revealing that Crunky was a girl) from them. Kieri denied his offer since it was a gift from Buwaro, thus he decided to steal her by blasting them with water. He didn't get far as he was shortly stopped by Kieri. Rhea remarked how Cliff did nothing to protect 'his' stand, while he replied that he knew Kieri had things covered since she was someone who would "defend anyone from anything." Rhea doubted that since Kieri still had self-esteem issues, right as she was watched by other people after that.

KierisAnger SD527

You may not sell Crunky!

Soon, Sammy and Toby returned with Cliff's lunch, who the latter discovered there was barely any food left, as apparently Sammy gave most of his lunch away to a baby earth dragon, as Toby stated. Cliff decided to eat anyway but it was already eaten by Buwaro. He yelled for Sammy, who decided to take Buwaro to the popcorn stand to avoid punishment. While the two were gone, Toby was fascinated by what Crunky was, he wondered why she is the way she is. Cliff then began to explain that Golden Wright Wyverns are considered to be very valuable, especially on the black market, because their scales are practically gold and can be used to make coins and jewelry like the real deal. Rhea once again teased about selling her, to which Kieri was not amused. Cliff also noted that because Crunky has such a small body (thinking she's either a baby or just deformed), she can fly because of magic; the reason because Wright Wyverns are said to be what's left of any actual Wind Dragons while possessing the ability to use Wind Magic, Golden Wyverns being the most powerful.

After Buwaro and Sammy returned and told them what they learned, Buwaro asked if they had a name for Crunky yet. Kieri initially suggests an unpronounceable Angelic name, but decides to go with something the others can say and asks for suggestions. Rhea was the most enthusiastic but least helpful before Buwaro suggests "Crunky". The reason being that she looked like a Honey Popcorn Ball to him, and that he thought a sign he saw read "crunky" while Sammy corrects him as saying "crunchy", leaving him embarrassed. Regardless, when Kieri called Crunky by that name, she happily accepted it.

BuwaroandKieri SD535

Buwaro tells Kieri not to worry so much.

That evening as Rhea was sleeping, Kieri talked to Buwaro about something that happened between her and Kazai. Apparently she had a fight with Kazai and never apologized to him. She feared that when they were separated he didn't notice or if he did he didn't care; especially wondering if he was even looking for her at all. Buwaro then told her to stop saying things like that and not to give up on him; since he especially isn't going to give up on her family as he doesn't have any other family left apart from them. He ends up flubbing his words about loving them but not the same way he loves Kieri, but before long she stops him, kisses him and tells him good night; feeling better about earlier.

Day 2Edit

The next morning, on the second day of the festival, Rhea tells Kieri that she and Buwaro can search for Kazai even if they're at Cliff's stand all day. Kieri asks if she was listening into their conversation; Rhea sarcastically implies she did and right before sniffing Kieri, saying that she could probably track him down using her scent since it's possible that they share the same scent. However Rhea ended up finding Jake who was sleeping beneath the wagon and Kieri watched as he tried to make Rhea admit that she and Buwaro were a real Angel and Demon. Jake even tried flirting with her afterwards, until Buwaro stepped in, causing Kieri to blush. As Jake left to check on his animals, Kieri asked about the promise that Rhea apparently made to him, to which she responds that he will be joining them.

TsavoEnraged SD550

"Now you've done it!"

Later Cliff arrived at the stand after visiting his horses so that the three can sell Miranda's merchandise, including the now complete Rainbow Reverie set. When Buwaro started to sulk about how bad he is in magic, Kieri told him that when she was learning magic that she started with a really easy spell; even showing him by blowing out Water Bubbles with her hand. She then allowed him to blow a bubble from her hands only to trap a part of his Fire Breath inside it. A gust of wind blew the bubble into the side of Tsavo's head, angering him as he approached the three. She and Buwaro held hands, the sight of which disgusted Tsavo but his attention was shifted to the Rainbow Reverie. Kieri witnessed a confrontation between Tsavo and Cliff, the former wanting the potion set, the latter demanding money. When it almost escalated into a fight, two male Angels, one of the wind element and the other of earth, stepped in and got into a "cussing" fight with Tsavo when a female Seraph-ranked Earth angel by the name of Verammi forced Tsavo to stand down and fly off.

Kieri grows a pair

Kieri's anger.

Kieri and Buwaro had some relief until the male Earth Angel approached Buwaro and grabbed his Star Emblem, demanding what he was doing with it. Rhea and Kieri both objected, the Earth Angel however believed Buwaro was holding something over Kieri and offered to get rid of him. Seeing Buwaro afraid reminded Kieri of her experience when she as Lazuli's prisoner, and she grabbed the Earth Angel's arm, using her magic to slowly freeze him over, with a fierce look in her eyes. She let go of him as soon as he did of Buwaro's pendent, however he then yelled at her, thinking she was sick, and proceeded to attack Buwaro. This caused Kieri to snap, due to the trauma she had with her mother and attack in an uncontrollable rage; beating him as he bled and even after Rhea yelled for her to stop. The Angel told her that he was only going to use a Sleep spell on Buwaro and that he didn't mean any harm. She allowed them to leave, in which she started to panic again; wondering why she reacted the way she did to another Angel. Feeling as though everyone is against her for what she did, she ran inside the wagon and slammed the door shut.

For most of the day after that she remained in her Snow Rabbit form as she sulked over what happened, not even wanting to talk to Buwaro about it. Temporarily she returned to normal after overhearing Buwaro talking to Meeros the Mortori Bird, wondering who it was. They would all go inside the wagon and talk about whether Meeros can help with removing Kieri's curse; all while eating cookies. Shortly after Cliff returned, Meeros started talking about how Angels and Demons had higher magic resistance than the average mundane Median. Cliff then told them all about his new baby daughter Florina in which everyone was happy for him for.

Current ArcEdit

Day 2 - NightEdit

To celebrate the new arrival, Meeros convinced Cliff to go out into the city and party. Before leaving, Buwaro asked him if there was truly nothing he can do to help Kieri. Meeros reassured him that he cannot do anything and that he didn't know where Toski is; however he tells them that Milothys the Dolphin might have a better understanding on her magic since he is also a Water Guardian and even told him where he was, much to Kieri's interest.

As Rhea and Jake prepare to leave, she asks if Buwaro and Kieri wanted to come along. Buwaro initially wanted to but when Kieri said she was going to bed, possibly still distraught from earlier, Buwaro reasoned with Rhea about him staying and they seemed okay with it.

Kieri asked why he decided to stay behind and he replied that he wanted to be with her. She then told him that she just wanted to sleep and without arguing he went into a corner and began reading "The Big Book of Fairy Tales". Crunky ended up sitting on top of Kieri, much to her dismay.

KieriDepression SD586

Her depression worsens.

Later that evening she started having suicidal thoughts; such as drinking a potion of death, allowing Lazuli to kill her and even incineration. Buwaro, worried about her, asked what was wrong since she was still in her rabbit form. Not wanting to worry him she try to reassure him that things were alright since it's easier to control her curse form while in it. Buwaro told her she was worried about Rhea and Jake, who were experiencing hangovers from their night out. Rhea tried to remember what happened and what she told them freaked them out for how crazy it was.

While still in her hangover, Rhea gave Kieri a souvenir from when they were out. It was a T-shirt with a bee on it. Rhea wanted to have her wear it under her tabard but as she moved the sleeve she noticed Kieri's scars on her arms. Shamed by this, Kieri told her they were old and not to worry about it; as well as not tell Buwaro about them.

Day 3Edit

KieriandLakritz SD594

You should probably wear something else too.

While at the stand, Kieri read a book on Wyverns and was confused on the kind of instructions that were found in it. Buwaro, who appeared to be drowsy, started singing a song in Angelic; right before Kieri joined in with him. Afterwards they were surprised to see Sahne who complimented them on their performance. As Kinako was getting out her purse so she could purchase the Buwaro puppet for Tirol, Buwaro noticed the elemental mark on her arm and asked Kieri if she had one like it and if that was what Rhea saw last night. Kinako explained that she likely does, what it meant to have such a thing and that Lakritz recommended she wore something other than her usual clothing. Lakritz then advised Kieri to do the same as it might help her.

Shortly after the group left, Buwaro asked Kieri if he could see her mark. Afraid to show him she hesitated to say no but fortunately was interrupted by a Jakkai couple, who asked if they sold potions by the Sinclair Family. They were both in need of something that could remove the partial winter coat they had since it's Spring and they still had it. Soon Cliff, Miranda, Duster and Sammy arrived with their newborn daughter Florina to answer their questions. Kieri and Buwaro congratulated Cliff for the baby and then started to notice a lot of Mortori Birds starting to gather. This sparked the arrival of Meeros, who explained that the birds were considered a good omen because of him. Kieri asked what he meant and explained the amount of work he did to ensure the bird's were a sign of peace and love. He then forced the two to leave the stand and enjoy the festival, taking Crunky with them.

Unsure of what had transpired, Kieri thought maybe they should head back. However Buwaro insisted they do as he said and have some fun. He told her to wait in front of a fountain while he went to get some Honeyswirl Frozen Ice Cream. As she watched she noticed several Median couples that were different from the norm; such as two human males and their daughter, a black male human and a white female human, and then a female Khamega receiving flowers from a female Jakkai. While she felt happy for them she still felt depressed that her situation is different from theirs.

Buwaro returned with only one ice cream cone. She asked what happened to the one he dropped but Buwaro tried to make a white lie by saying that he ate his already; however a burp from Crunky (who had eaten the dropped cone) and seeing part of her ice cream already licked (and with some of his hair) proved otherwise. This triggered her depression once again as she felt him lying was part of being a Demon. Not only that but because she thought of this she was no different from other Angels. Before she could say anything to Buwaro, he panicked and asked if he can take her to the Midway to play some games.

The two arrive at the midway and see the many different games available; including "Pin the Tail on the Pegadonk", Water Dragon Balloon Race, and "Ultimate Skee Ball". Buwaro chose to go to the Archery stand and she went with him. As the owner started to get angry over his presence, Kieri stepped in, apologized and tried to leave. The owner asked if the two were friends and after Buwaro said he was her boyfriend, the owner allowed them to play the game.

Kieri tried to help Buwaro learn to play but the bow string snapped due to his claws. Kieri decided to try, despite her claiming she wasn't very good, but was only able to hit the target once. She felt something was wrong and that she should be better than this, causing her to become depressed again. This was made worse when the owner gave her a Toski finger puppet as a consolation prize for hitting the target once, considering who she's with. This triggered another traumatic moment involving her mother, where she forced her to learn archery. Buwaro snapped her out of it just after she had subconsciously unleashed a Holy Blast on the target, making the owner mad. The owner started to yell at them and threatened to get rid of them. Before Kieri could try to apologize for what happened, another Jakkai arrived and told them to run away, as they should not fight her and that he knows they're good people. Buwaro thanked him as the three made a run for it.

KieriDepression2 SD614

Spiraling further into depression.

Not long after getting away, Buwaro asked Kieri if she was alright. She replied that no one was chasing them, but he meant that there's been something wrong with her as she was acting weird all day. She started to think that he knows now and continually doubts herself to the point that she constantly wishes to die, all while simply telling Buwaro "nothing". She picked up Crunky while looking depressed, which seemed to have an affect on Buwaro as well. She soon saw that he smelled someone as he grabbed her hand and ran toward the crowd; with Buwaro asking if the person standing out was her brother. Sure enough they can see Kazai amongst the crowd.

Kieri approached him and called out to him. After a brief pause of shock, he gave her a big hug, delighted to be back with his sister. He asked where she had been and what happened back in Farun. When she mentioned two Demons he overreacted; blaming himself for not catching the red Demon earlier and cursing them for being involved. Kieri tried to tell him she had help from friends, he again overreacted over leaving her in "this awful world of ruffians".

He told Kieri what he thought about why they were sent to Medius; to eradicate the Demons terrorizing the land and corrupting the people, as that was the only reason he believes that everyone in St. Curtis is treating them like "people" and not caring that there are Demons at all. He also mentioned how when he and Sanjulo chased the red Demon a rock-slide occurred and they were blamed for it, confusing Kieri because of what Kinako told her about it. Kazai then hugged his sister again and said that as long as they're together they'll get through this and that no one could stop the twins, leaving Kieri not very enthused.

Shortly after their reunion is interrupted when Melli the Fire Bee crashes down near them. Shocked by what happened Kazai wondered what she was; while Kieri exclaimed that it was Melli. Watching her dealing with a giant snake, he asked Kieri who they were. Kieri thought the snake was Moku the Snake, however Kazai interrupted her as he armed himself and asked to just tell him who to attack. She and Kazai then watched as Melli died and exploded in a large ball of fire.

Shortly after Kazai noticed Buwaro and Rhea across from them. Thinking he looked suspicious he wanted to take him out, but Kieri restrained him, much to his confusion. They were further surprised by the arrival of Meeros the Mortori Bird who had arrived to fight the giant snake. Toward the end, Meeros would run away, much to the shock of everyone, including the twins.

Demon Invasion - The GatheringEdit

With Melli dead and Meeros gone, the signal was given for all the Demons in the city to begin their operation. Kazai shouted loudly over how much of a coward Meeros was despite being a Guardian. However, Kieri noticed that he has sprouted a white tail. He tried to cover it up and explain that they needed to stop the snake, but ended up exposing his hand that had turned into a white paw. He quickly hides it as Kieri tries to question him, but are interrupted by the arrival of Sanjulo, which Kazai was thankful for. Sanjulo happily greeted Kieri before talking to Kazai about flying off on his own, while holding his hands in a manner that confuses Kieri. She watched as the two attacked the snake, who had reverted back into a Jakkai, before Tsavo arrived to aid his partner.

As Kazai is overpowered by the Demon, he freezes its nose before being tossed aside; causing him to transform into a white wolf. Kieri rushed over to him as he tries to maintain his original form; horrified by his appearance and insistence on killing them. the Demon then tossed Sanjulo onto them and zapped them with magic, before taking his partner and flying away.

The three recollect themselves and Kazai walks off to keep control of his curse form. Just then Verammi arrives, who informs the three to go join with the other Angels in the northwestern part of the city. While Kazai and Sanjulo comply, Kieri, worried about her friends, asks that she should help them. Verammi replies by saying that it should be fine given her orders and the three take flight.

While in flight, Kieri notices Kazai didn't properly heal his right wing and they set down on a roof so she can apply her magic on it. At first Kieri is happy to see that her brother and Sanjulo have a very close relationship but after hearing how he wants to watch him kill the next Demon they find, she decided that now would be a good time to talk in private. While Kazai insists Sanjulo should listen too, she nearly reveals about his little secret and he quickly goes along with her. While on the other building she apologizes for the fight they had, though he had forgotten about it, and he hugs her stating how he loves her regardless. She asks about how he was cursed by Broxis the Ice Wolf Guardian and if Sanjulo knew, despite the two being in love. Before Kieri can reveal her own curse, Kazai asks about Crunky, in which she replied that she was given to her by her boyfriend.

At first Kazai was happy to hear she was involved with someone, she then tells him that her boyfriend was a Demon, much to his shock and confusion. Despite her saying her love is real, Kazai believes she is being manipulated and even more so when Kieri expresses concern over how trusting Verammi can truly be. He yells at her for accusing Verammi of any wrongdoing and for turning back on her family. Kieri started to breakdown into tears as Crunky attacked Kazai with Wind Magic, nearly pushing him off the building. Afterwards, he decided to let her do whatever she wanted and went back to Sanjulo. Saddened by what had happened, Kieri decided to continue following him anyway; because even though she is worried about Rhea and Buwaro, she cannot abandon her brother and wishes for Gaia to keep them safe.

Kieri, Sanjulo and Kazai made it to the town square and found it empty of all but the passed out angel Denevol. Azurai then jumped out and attacked them. In the fight Kazai chopped off one of Azurai's horns, which sent him into a rage. Azurai proceeded to slash Zahariah's hands and neck. Zahariah fell to the ground and Kazai called out his name. Iratu showed up just in time to stop Azurai, claiming that they needed the angels alive. Kazai lashed out with water magic, the seraph Verammi showed up and trapped Kazai using her earth magic. After Kieri told Verammi she wouldn't betray her brother Kazai told her to fly away. Kieri reluctantly did as she was told.

Eventually returned to where her friends were and struck down the Water Demon Abyset before he could kill Rhea and Buwaro. She seethed with anger until she saw Buwaro's scared look on his face and started to break down a bit. Buwaro hugged her to comfort her as everyone gathered around to take in what happened.

After Rhea went off with Duster to find Sammy and Florina, Kieri healed Buwaro's injuries despite him insisting she heal herself first. She then healed Cliff and Miranda of their injuries just before Rhea returned with the rest of the family. They then noticed that all the Demons they fought have gotten away, and were surprised when they heard someone behind them, only to be relieved that it was Jake; who in his time had retrieved all of their animals. Kieri proceeded to heal Rhea and Buwaro's injuries before being asked about her brother. She then told them what had happened while she was gone.

Afterwards, Buwaro and Rhea wondered why Iratu was here. Realizing that this was his brother, Kieri was completely shocked. Even after Buwaro told her he and Rhea would still help get her brother back, without the Sinclair family's aid, she went and thanked everyone for helping her thus far before she started to run off on her own. Buwaro stopped her, begging to let them help, before blasting him with Holy Magic. She then told Rhea and Buwaro that they were weak for not being able to defeat a single Demon and that they were not warriors. Buwaro tried calling her by her usual nickname before calling him stupid and to not call her that anymore. With a broken heart, Buwaro just turned around to hide his tears from her as she turned and flew away.[1]


Lazuli bites Kieri's shoulder.

Kieri later arrived to save Buwaro from an attack by Lazuli, thus engaging battle with her. However almost immediately after a failed attack, she started to envision all the bad times she had involving her and was mauled in the process. Before Lazuli could finish the two off, she is stopped by Azurai, who told her that they needed the Angel alive and that he didn't want to get into more trouble. As they argued, Kieri reached for her sword, despite Buwaro's warning and the arrival of yet another Demon, and was prepared to charge forward. Buwaro embraced her, however, and cried that he had captured her. Immediately, Kieri started to feel despair and the thought of betrayal, as even Rhea seemingly joined him in this act.

After removing her equipment and putting on the braces like last time, she started to break down in defeat. She was then escorted to where the Gathering would be, while noticing Rhea giving her a wink of assurance.

Demon Invasion - The Gathering: Part 2Edit

Kieri remained silent and gloomy as they arrived at the Coiled Cobra Bar. Inside they saw many Demons, the Angel she told them about, and a Jakkai in the corner. Hakka pushed her toward the rest of the Angels but landed on Rhea in an awkward way. Rhea tried to command her off but Buwaro reacted in a worryingly manner. She embraced her brother, who had been there as well, who glared at her friends for bringing her here. Verammi started to make fun of her for being in love with Buwaro, and along with Kinako felt shamed by the Demon's words and the Angels staring at them. After Verammi explained her reasons for betrayal, Buwaro tried to continue on the act that he was fooling everyone by coming up with an insult for Kieri, but because of the time spent with her he is unable to come up with any. She watched as Buwaro started tearing up and Iratu laughing at him and saying he always couldn't do anything right.

Iratu then asked for Buwaro and Rhea to come into the backroom to talk more, but before they could, Lazuli dumped booze on Kieri which caused Buwaro to attack her. Kieri wanted to stop them but was held back by her brother. After everyone learned about how Sakido died, Tsavo started to blame him for it and attack him. This set off a chain reaction that lead to a free-for-all. Kieri stood over him as he woke up, and given her expression he believed that despite everything she still loved him. Soon it was time for everyone to leave for the ritual site, and Buwaro tried one last time to stop Iratu from taking Kieri away, but was swatted away.

As the last wagon is loaded up, Rhea and Buwaro rushed out to try and save Kieri. Tsavo told Lazuli to catch up with the others while he, Iratu and Azurai (with Moonshade in tow) stayed behind to confront the two. During the trip, Kieri stayed by Kazai's side with Crunky in her arms. Lazuli is still upset at Kieri over the death of her friend Talus, that she planned to kill the angel. But suddenly, they heard a distant roar. Soon enough, Buwaro, now in a Berserk State, started running toward them and attacked the demons onboard. Kieri is in shocked that Buwaro is in that state, mostly because he was still wearing his star pendant which was supposed to contain his Berserk form. Kazai quickly shielded Kieri, thinking he was going to hurt them, even after Buwaro was subdued by Rhea. After the two were knocked off, Dakos and Lazuli realized they were going after Kieri; grabbing her while holding Kazai back. Dakos then threw her off shortly after, and the angel transformed into a snow bunny as Buwaro caught her.

Upon being close to the berserk demon, Kieri feared for her life, until Rhea freed her from her braces and hugged her. Rhea shouted at Buwaro for repeating "Snowy" again, causing him to grumpily hug them, and the jakkai cheered that they actually managed to save her. Rhea explained that Buwaro was in a Berserk State because he drank the Red Potion so that they can rescue her, only for Kieri to hop away toward the direction of the wagon before sobbing. Rhea tried to reason with her that this was all they could do and it was a miracle they survived. But after Rhea received a flashback of how helpless she was to save her own nest-sister, she decided to do something about it and reached for the two remaining potions they have.

Rhea drank the Blue Potion and took Kieri in her tail. Rhea then lead Buwaro after the wagon again, gaining tremendous speed as they once again approach it. Rhea charged forward at blinding speed and punched Lazuli in the chest. While Lazuli was distracted, Buwaro snuck up on her and bit her; thrashing her about until he threw her off the wagon, causing Rhea and Kieri to be slightly horrified. Afterwards, Buwaro tried to confront Dakos but the effects of the transformation wore off, allowing Dakos to strike back. Kieri ran up to Buwaro's side while Rhea kicked Dakos and knocked him off the wagon. Kazai, in his wolf form, walked up to her, confused. Kazai was soon shocked after Kieri showed him that she too was cursed by a guardian.

After she freed him from his bindings, he tearfully tried to approach her about what happened but were interrupted by the wagon rattling with no driver. Rhea warns everyone to leave the wagon as the flames begin to rain down on them. Hesitantly he decides to help her carry Buwaro on their shoulders so they can leap off the wagon safely. Shortly after he tried to approach her but was bonked on the head by Crunky, flying in after catching up to them. Rhea then approached her, her face disfigured from falling off the wagon, telling her that everything was fine. Kieri tried to heal her but was interrupted midway, and told to heal Buwaro instead. As Dakos returns to enact his plan to kill them all, Kieri struggled to stand so she could face him; however she was still suffering from her previous injuries to keep her form and transformed again. Rhea decided to take her place by wielding her sword for her. Kieri remained at Buwaro's side, watching the fight unfold after Lazuli returned in her Berserk State.

Kieri would watch from the sidelines as Rhea and Kazai fought Lazuli, even witnessing Rhea's strange transformation that severely wounded Lazuli. Seeing that it wasn't enough and that it looked like Rhea would die, Kieri pushed herself to stab Lazuli, ensuring that she died from the injuries she sustained but not before tearing off part of her sleeve, revealing her scarred arm. Kieri then collapsed from exhaustion, just before Sahne arrived.


After several days, the fires burning St. Curtis would dissipate, and at some point Kieri and many other survivors took refuge inside the Tree of Peace. Kieri would stay with Kazai and Crunky inside an apartment room where she presumably remained miserable for what happened lately. Eventually, Buwaro would attempt to visit her again and this time she told her brother not to hurt him, indicating she wants to let him in. Kieri was seen under a blanket, in her curse form, as Buwaro started to apologize for what he did, from having to lie about his actions to drinking the red potion. Trying to hold back tears he told her that he was sorry for failing to protect her like he promised; just as how he couldn't save Sakido or help Kieri from Denevol and Lazuli. She peered out at around that time as he admitted that everything she did for him he wished he could repay her with the happiness she deserves. At that moment, Kieri reached out to him, revealing herself despite the scars she had and kept him quiet, as all she wanted to do at the moment was embrace him tearfully.

She asked him to continue calling her "Snowy", much to his confusion, as it reminded her of when she first met him and how despite who she was he was willing to be her friend. Buwaro tried to say that she was amazing for even liking him despite the reputation Demons had, though she added that it was when Buwaro got his wings for the first time that she learned Demons could cry.

After Buwaro turned on the lights, he asked her about the shirt she was wearing. She explained that an acolyte gave her it while they were repairing her uniform, which has been repaired and sitting on a nearby trunk. She stated she did not want to wear it, before breaking down and crying she didn't want to kill anymore. Once he realized that this had to do with her killing Lazuli, he hugged her and tried to persuade her that it wasn't her fault; that it was Lazuli's choice to do what she did, just as it was their choice to protect themselves. He also mentions that they and the Tamis's are proof that things can change and they all did what they could; though he started to have self-doubts about how he couldn't do anything, which caused Kieri to hush him and ask why he would think that. The two had a little "argument" over what they did to each other before realizing they were "fighting" again.

Buwaro then suggested they should both apologize, but is concerned that she isn't expecting more out of him and that they should be able to do that for each other. In addition, just as she taught him many things, he wanted to teach her how to love herself more and began to instruct her on what she could say to apologize. She became too blustered to try, so Buwaro opted to have her kiss him a few times before they started laughing happily.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Water Magic: A natural ability for all Water Angels, Kieri has shown to be able to conjure up water which can be used in battle or for other things. She is also able to freeze her targets through ice-related spells, which she is often seen doing more than water.

  • Water Jet: First used while in curse form, Kieri can cause water to burst through a sheet of ice which can temporarily disorient an Earth Demon. It can also come directly from her hands.
  • Ice Encase: Along with her sword, Kieri can freeze targets or cause ice to form over anyone or anything she hits. She can also form an ice bridge she can walk on using both hands.
  • Magic Bubble: A spell that can deflect or hold off enemy attacks. However with Kieri it doesn't often hold well when faced with stronger enemies as a Seraph Angel could easily destroy it.
  • Water Bubbles: By forming a circle with her hands to form a blue outline, Kieri can blow out a stream of small water bubbles. This is considered a very easy spell to perform as it was the first spell Kieri ever learned. They seem to be durable enough to contain fire inside as when Buwaro attempted to blow out water through her hands he mixed a part of his Fire Breath into it.

Holy Magic: The very natural magical ability for all Angels, Holy Magic uses light to damage their enemies (especially on Demons) and even heal. Kieri has shown to use it on a few occasions and seems to have little skill in using it; however compared to Kazai she seems to have a better proficiency in healing magic than her brother.

  • Holy Blast: Kieri can unleash a blast of Holy Magic with her hands. A small blast is strong enough to destroy the top of a wooden flower target, leaving burn marks and smoke. However given her experience it can be overpowered by Darkness Magic.
  • Healing" Using Holy magic, Kieri is able to restore the target's vitality to a degree. However its effectiveness varies depending on the condition of the target as he/she may be in too critical of a condition to where they can be saved. Despite previous beliefs this spell 'can' work on Demons with the same results.
KieriSnowBunny SD321

Kieri as a Snow Rabbit.

Curse Form - Snow Rabbit: Kieri was cursed by Toski the Rabbit Water Guardian, causing her to randomly turn into a snow rabbit, usually when she sneezes though she later gained some control over it to transform at will. The transformation is instantaneous and makes a "poing" sound when it happens. Even in her cursed state however, she retains her magical powers.

Adept Swordsmanship Specialist: Despite her own beliefs as being a failed warrior angel, Kieri is very capable of fighting with a sword. She is capable of blocking a Holy Arrow with her sword after being fired by a Seraph Angel. She is also able to use her sword as a magical focus in order to use spells in conjunction with her sword.

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: During her fight with Lazuli, Kieri displayed some close combat capability when she swept Lazuli off her feet with a low kick. She likely has some skill in being able to fight without a weapon or if magic proves useless.

Multilingual: Kieri is capable of speaking in both Lingo and Angelic.

  • Lingo: Kieri has been learning about Lingo ever since she was young, since she never saw herself as a Warrior like her brother. Thanks to this she can fully speak in Lingo around other Medians with no problem.

Overall Abilities: While not as experienced as her brother, Kieri has displayed proficient fighting capabilities to where she is the best fighter of her friends, often protecting them from Medians who may impose them. She usually works with others when fighting Demons, however because of her depression and the traumatic experience with her mother and various others, it can cause her to momentarily freeze up in fear or go berserk.

Enhanced Durability: Kieri has shown to withstand taking damage from attacks caused by people who are more skilled and even more powerful than her. She was able to survive a battle with Lazuli, a Demon with greater skill in Water Magic as well as naturally being stronger than her, and even taking several powerful attacks by Denevol, a Seraph Angel.


Holy Water Sword: Her choice of a weapon, it is blessed with Holy Magic which prevents Demons (or essentially anyone from Hell) from holding it unless through other means. It also acts as a magic focus for her Water Magic.

Sun Emblem: Her first and so far only pendant for when she was in training. By wearing this pendant, wings will appear on her back and she can fly if needed.

  • Flight: The Angel Wings that come from wearing the pendant are large enough where she can fly and be able to carry one person.

Other AppearancesEdit

The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of TimeEdit

Kieri SoT3

Kieri as she first appears in Soprano of Time.

Kieri appears as one of the three main characters, alongside Rhea and Buwaro, taking on the leading role of Link. She usually acts like she does in the main comic, while often breaking character, for the sake of humor. At the beginning she mainly wore a plain green shirt and pants while her hair was pure white, but after the seven month time-skip her appearance changed to match her main comic self.


Kazai SuizahnEdit

Kazai is Kieri's twin brother and they have been together since they were born (it is unknown which one of them was born first). Although they have been close since their childhoods, Kieri has always felt like she was living in her brother's shadow as he excelled in combat while she fell short. Kazai loves his sister but is baffled and maybe even amused by the fact she bothered to learn Lingo, due to his low opinion of Median races.

After they reunited in St. Curtis, Kieri found out Kazai had been cursed by Broxis the Wolf and was secretly in love with their comrade Sanjulo, which is not allowed in Angel society. While she expressed her support of such a relationship, he called her crazy to think an angel and a demon could ever come together in love.

Kieri's MotherEdit

Kieri's mother has been a rather negative influence in her life, due to her mother having high expectations of Kieri. Whenever Kieri fell short of those expectations her mother abused her, physically and emotionally. This abuse appeared to go as far as causing Kieri to attempt suicide at one point, given the way she hides scars under her sleaves, and the abuse still haunts her.

Valak SuizahnEdit

Kieri had a much more positive relationship with her father, Valak Suizahn. He was kind and supportive of her, often telling her stories and singing her songs, promising he would always protect her, and hugging her with his wings, and she was shocked to see him come home one day having lost an arm to a demon.

Kieri deeply loves her father but his quiet and distant character makes it hard to talk to him sometimes.

Zahariah SanjuloEdit

Sanjulo is a comrade of Kieri and Kazai (the three of them having been brought to Medius together) and he was glad to see her again after the three of them reunited in St. Curtis. After learning from Kazai that Sanjulo and he are in a secret relationbship that would be frowned upon by the Angels of Heaven, Kieri expressed her support of the relationship. She was shocked to see Sanjulo die at the claws of a demon.


Lazuli is a demon nemesis who has it out for Kieri. They met after Kieri was separated from her brother and Sanjulo, and Lazuli (along with her thug Talus) captured and tortured Kieri. It was only by the curse of Toski the Rabbit that Kieri was able to get away.

After a second confrontation that resulted in Talus' death, Lazuli swore to hunt down and kill Kieri for revenge, and has been after her ever since.

Rhea SnaketailEdit

Kieri met Rhea (and Buwaro) in her rabbit form and they took her into Rhea's house. At first, it was a confusing experience until Kieri calmed down and was able to explain her situation. Rhea and Buwaro decided to help Kieri find her brother, and they set out on their journey.

Along the way, Kieri came to respect and grow close with Rhea, considering her a sister and wishing she had Rhea's self-confidence.

Buwaro ElexionEdit

Upon meeting Buwaro, Kieri was terrified, due to having been captured and tortured by two other demons, Lazuli and Talus. But Buwaro's kind and considerate behavior baffled her that she let her guard down and saw Buwaro for the pure and innocent soul he really was despite his being a demon.

She soon came to care about Buwaro, partly because of his childish naiveté and his constant efforts to keep her in good spirits. Upon realizing what a good singer Buwaro was, Kieri started to become attracted to him, even teaching him angelic songs. Their relationship deepened further and further until it truly became romantic. Whenever they are faced with danger or someone threatening them, Kieri, having been trained as a warrior, does not hesitate to raise her sword. She also encourages Buwaro to improve however he can, showing her supportive side.

Sinclair FamilyEdit


Crunky is a baby Golden Wright Wyvern who was found and given to Kieri by Buwaro. Kieri quickly came to love the little wyvern and became protective of her (when Rhea expressed an interest in using the baby to get rich and when a Khamega tried to steal her). She gave the Wyvern the name "Crunky" as it was the only suggestion the little one appeared to like (even though Buwaro got the word wrong).

Crunky has quickly come to care about and love Kieri, being able to recognize her in her rabbit form and being protective of her whenever someone upsets or threatens her mistress.

Kinako and her FamilyEdit

Kieri, Buwaro, and Rhea first met Kinako and her family when her son Tirol took a shine to Buwaro, and they met Kinako and Sahne. At first, the two found it silly to think Kieri was a member of the Suizhan Family.

They met them again the next day, along with the fourth member of their family, Lakritz.


  • Kieri's favorite color is purple, which prior to becoming Buwaro's girlfriend, she was embarrassed about since it matched Buwaro's fur color and she had a crush on him.
  • Despite having scars on her arms, Kieri's curse form constantly lacks them, possibly due to being covered by fur. Then, as a likely way of keeping any art of her from being saddening to the viewer, any time her arms would be seen they would be gone altogether, similar to how it is with Rhea's scar.
  • Often the main characters of Slightly Damned would be drawn in a different racial form, either in-comic or outside it. In one case where it was asked what Kieri would look like as a Demon, she was drawn as a Water Demon, resembling an anthropomorphic version of her snow-rabbit form, given blue fur.[2]
  • On page 186, Kieri states that eating meat makes her sick after Rhea thanked her for giving her and Buwaro some roast chicken, which was originally a gift from the innkeeper for Kieri.[3]



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