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Kieri's Mother

Angel (Water)


Female Female

Professional Status

Water Element Suizahn clan

Heaven's Army


Warrior Angel (Seraph)

Previous Occupation

Caretaker Angel

Personal Status

Khalav Suizahn (husband)

Kieri Suizahn (daughter)

Kazai Suizahn (son)



Weapons and Effects


Angel Emblems

SunEmblem Icon StarEmblem Icon MoonEmblem Icon



First Appearance

Slightly Damned #233 [HQTS] (Flashback)

Kieri's Mother is a Seraph Angel, acting as the current matriarch of the Suizahn Clan, who are well recognized among the Warrior Angel Clans, having been married into after losing her clan to Demons; she is the mother of Kieri and Kazai.


Most of her appearances were in flashbacks and often her face would be obscured. Through external art her facial features have shown her to appear similarly to her daughter, Kieri, albeit without the two hair strands that both Kieri and Kazai have. She also has two additional blue hair bangs that overlap her two white hair bangs while part of the left side of her face is covered by her hair. As a Seraph Angel she wears a chest-plate that covers her torso, with her Angel Emblems embroidered along the collar-line, while extending a bit to her legs while having small shoulder pads. Otherwise her general appearance resembles that of most adult Angels.


Her mother is very aggressive, as a result from her upbringing. Born from a different clan, her family was slaughtered by Demons which caused her to grow an immense hatred toward them. Her aggressive nature often becomes a major problem for Kieri, as she has no interest in becoming a warrior but is still forced to anyway. She also would beat her daughter out of anger, and although she says she didn't mean it she would still show some bewilderment as to why Kieri doesn't listen, hinting that she is emotionally unstable or otherwise suffers other psychological problems.



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Long before the main events of Slightly Damned, Kieri's mother was considered a Caretaker Angel. However the clan she was in was massacred during the Great War, leaving her as the only survivor. While she wasn't a Warrior Angel herself, the event would cause her to become one and gain an immense hatred toward Demons. She would later marry into the Suizahn Clan and have two children.

Powers and Abilities

Overall Abilities: While having been born into a clan of caretaker Angels, she was able to work her way up among the ranks of Warrior Angels and become a Seraph by her own right. As a Seraph, she is presumably very strong and influential to those of lower rank.

Expert Dual-Blade Specialist: It can be presumed that the matriarch is highly skilled in dual-wielding weapons, given her position in Heaven's army, though her actual skill has yet to be seen.


Holy Water Katanas: It can be presumed that, based on the one piece of artwork depicting her frontal body features, that the matriarch possesses and uses them in combat. The blades resemble how traditional katanas would look, with a blue guard in the shape of the Water element, with a light-colored handle and blue tip.


  • The name of the Suizahn matriarch has yet to be revealed and humorously enough, while an opportunity arose in the same way that her face was shown (a digital wallpaper of the Suizahn family and Elexion family on a game show)[1], her name on her name tag was obscured by her hair while having little detailing to it where it doesn't display a letter at all.


  1. The matriarch's frontal features are shown.


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