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Khamega are a large, tortoise-like race native to the Dragon Island Archipelago in Medius. (The Dragon Islands are located across the sea southwest from Fragaria.)

Physical Features

They range in height from roughly 6′ to 7′. They are protected by tough brown shells which some choose to decorate by painting. They can withdraw into their shells for protection just like normal tortoises. The “spikes” on their heads are actually fleshy and flexible, allowing their head to be withdrawn. Khamega typically wear minimal clothing, but they do like to accessorize. The scales on their bodies are one of two colors. Any color combination is possible, but they tend to be “cool” colors like blues, purples, and greens or pastels. The most obvious physical difference between male and female Khamega are their hard spikes: males have them on their shells and tails. Females don’t.


Despite their formidable appearance, Khamega tend to be friendly and laid back. There are some that can be aggressive though.


Sometimes Khamega are referred to as the “Dragon People” due to their resemblance to dragons. In some Khamega cultures, dragons are considered sacred ancestors. These legends usually do not contradict belief in the Three Gods or the Twelve Guardians, but tend to complement them.

While Khamega originate from the Dragon Island Archipelago, many have made their homes in other countries such as Fragaria. Because they are cold-blooded, they prefer warm locales. Being adept swimmers, they also favor being near bodies of water; most Khamega live near the ocean. Because of this, Khamega share a particularly strong bond with the sea-dwelling Merfolk.

Life Cycle

Khamega possess the longest average lifespan of all races, including Angels and Demons: 150 years! Khamega can only produce eggs once in their life, from which at least 3 eggs are produced. The children hatched from this group of eggs are not identical. Khamega take close care of their young from when they hatch to when they are old enough to leave the proverbial nest, but their families always stay close.

Powers and Abilities

In terms of physical strength, they are stronger than all other Median races. They are also better than Jakkai at magic, but less adept than Humans. At the cost of their strength, Khamega are klutzy, slow, and lumbering on land. They can run, but not for very long or very fast.



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