Khalav Suizahn

Angel (Water)


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Professional Status

Water Element Suizahn clan

Heaven's Army


Warrior Angel (Seraph)

Personal Status

Unnamed Wife

Kieri Suizahn (daughter)

Kazai Suizahn (son)



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First Appearance

Slightly Damned #233 [HQTS] (Flashback)

Khalav Suizahn is a Seraph Angel, who acts as the current patriarch of the Suizahn Clan, who are well recognized among the Warrior Angel Clans; he is the father of Kieri and Kazai.


Most of Khalav's appearances were in flashbacks and often his face would be obscured; though through external art, Khalav's facial appearance is similar to his son, Kazai, having similar hairstyles while having his left eye covered by draped out hair. He also sports a white beard that goes along the lower half of his face, up to his mouth area. As a Seraph Angel he wears a chest-plate that covers his torso, with his Angel Emblems embroidered along the collar-line, while extending a bit to his legs while having small shoulder pads. He is missing his right arm, which was amputated due to a battle with a Fire Demon. Otherwise his general appearance resembles that of most adult Angels, though like his children he has two strands of hair sticking up on the back of his head.


Khalav is described to be quite kind and gentle when it came to his family. To Kieri especially, he would comfort her by telling her stories and singing to her and even hug her by enveloping her with his wings. He is also shown to be protective of her as he promised, after telling her how he lost his arm that he would never let anyone hurt her. Despite this, he seems to also be quiet and distant, which can make it hard to talk to him.

He is also a well respected leader of his clan, partly to being a Seraph Angel but also to his battle prowess. Even with one arm he can be quite intimidating whenever he sparred on the training grounds.[1]



At some point in his life, Khalav took part in a battle against a Fire Demon and lost his right arm as a result. He would eventually take in a Water Angel from another clan (who were destroyed by Demons), who then went on to marry her and have two children together, to which they named Kieri and Kazai.

Khalav would spend his life training his children to become able warriors themselves, often praising Kazai for his increasing proficiency in combat; though not so much with Kieri he appeared more understanding of her hesitation of inexperience. He once told her about how a Demon took out his right arm while promising he would protect her from harm.

Powers and Abilities

Overall Abilities: As a Seraph, he is presumably very strong and influential to those of lower rank. He is also as strong and intimidating as his wife even after losing one arm.


Sun Emblem: By wearing this pendant, wings will appear on his back and he can fly if needed.

  • Flight: The Angel Wings that come from wearing the pendant are large enough where she can fly and be able to carry one person. With the Moon Emblem he maybe able to carry more.

Star Emblem: By wearing this pendant, his magic power increases while also improving his concentration. A halo is said to appear while active.

Moon Emblem: By wearing this pendant, his overall strength and durability will increase beyond the normal capabilities of any Angel.


ValakFace Patreon

Khalav's face as shown outside the comic.

  • Prior to his name being said in the comic, Khalav was given the temporary name Valak; which was named after Valak Mountain in Xenoblade Chronicles and was almost named dropped in the main comic but was pulled out.[2]
    • The change to Khalav was made due to Valak being like Valac, the name of a demon in mythology.[3][4]
  • Khalav's face was first revealed on a piece of digital wallpaper that depicts Kieri and Kazai's immediate family together in a game-show setting against Buwaro's foster family.[5]
  • Khalav's name could be taken as Valak spelled backwards, with a 'h' added in.


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